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Hudsons Along the Hudson
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Hudsons Along the Hudson Sunday River Productions DVD-NYC1
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This feature celebrates one of the best-known steam locomotives in history: the high-speed, high-stepping thoroughbred passenger engine, the New York Central Hudson. The first 4-6-4 engine ever developed, they delivered the speed which powered the crack streamliners over the "water level route" from New York to Chicago. These beauties are seen racing along the shore of the Hudson River, and elsewhere around the system. The great luxury trains of the Central are all here: The Twentieth Century Limited, The Commodore Vanderbilt, The Pacemaker, The Empire State Express, and a dozen others.

This feature was made from films that were old, but crystal clear. Only the best footage was used. Also includes brief views of hump yard and branch line operation.

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Runtime:30 Mins ($0.90/min)
Producer:Sunday River Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
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Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:1 US & Canada NTSC

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Hudsons Along the Hudson
Nhuntley on 2013-10-30 14:18:09.

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The "Hudsons along the Hudson" DVD is a classic and exciting example of New York Central modern steam power. This DVD will certainly be a favorite in your collection!

Additional remarks by Nhuntley:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Hudsons Along the Hudson
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-04-03 15:58:36.

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In this 1988 program it starts with A pair of boxcars, followed by a Mohawk leaving one of the tunnels with a really long line of boxcars complete with a caboose. In the service yard, 4-6-0 ten wheeler number 1290 backs up with a water tender behind the locomotive, then it switches directions and heads for The branch line with a freight. There is a combine coach on the rear of the train, as well as a semaphore signal in the going away shot. Back on the double track mainline, a pair of coal trains make a meet on the Norfolk and western, then we see some hump yard action in black and white as 0-8-0 7656 pushes them. Crossing the road after picking up a single Jersey central hopper, a 2-8-2 switches forwards and backwards as it leaves the plant passing by various signals. Some cars are parked as the engine backs up to move the other cars to the siding, then we see an engine leaving the yard with a mixed freight train. Moments later, more yard work continues as another engine is waiting with a caboose, then we see a pair of diesels on the hump track as 1328 goes backwards while the boxcars run light. Other locomotives that operate in the yard includes 1488 & 1367. Here 1367 switches tracks, while a black and white shot of 7099 is shown pushing a boxcar, then it leaves light. Winter came as 7109 and other engines are switching and working hard whatever the weather. Back to color however, 7653 goes backwards passing by hopper cars, and a lone dog while it moves the caboose to the rear of the hoppers, then it switches directions and runs light. More black and white scenes are shown once again, this time it's in Altamont Indiana. The signal box and the coaling tower are standing as an engine squeezes between them, followed by another engine on a different train, a hudson with a long string of boxcars, a hudson on a mixed freight, a Mohawk on a mixed freight, and another engine as it leaves the yard. Along the hudson river, a Mohawk passes by the depot. Next, a boxcar train is led by a hudson. Mohawk 2894 switches tracks with a freight, as another Mohawk passes by a factory with a freight. A hudson is hauling gondolas and hoppers. A Mohawk is hauling boxcars followed by some still images, and a red and gray boxcar train led by a Mohawk with a caboose on the rear. From the bridge, the same train goes through the triple track line as it arrives at break neck point. Here it backs up into the tunnel, and performs a runby. The Mohawk on this one is either 3000 or 3002. More black and white scenes are shown. This time it's For passengers only. The first is led by a Niagara. Then a Pacific passes by the signal box. A hudson heads for the crossing. Highballing through is another hudson. In Syracuse a hudson is street running. The last time it ended, was on September 24, 1936. At a busy junction, a hudson goes by the cameraman, followed by a Niagara on the same track. Another hudson goes under different bridges. Back to color, a man looks at a Niagara on the hudson river line, then there is some riding footage from the rear of the train and another Niagara is shown along the river, then comes a quickie of a hudson, and another hudson at the bends. A Pacific goes in the opposite direction, then we see a hudson going over the bridge. Another hudson goes alongside the hudson river. From the bridge, a hudson goes underneath, then we see a pair of hudsons doubleheading light. A Pacific follows behind, then comes a hudson under the suspension bridge, and we see a Niagara on commuter service. Another engine is in the going away shot, then we witness another hudson passing by the water tower. A Niagara is seen in passenger service, followed by a hudson wheeshing steam. Heading to new England, we are at South station in Boston Massachusetts as a hudson is being serviced. 5203 leaves the depot as it rolls through The junction. Note the new haven coach. There are various freight cars in the yard, as a Boston & Albany engine assembled cars, while another B&A engine handles the freight. A Berkshire crosses over the bridge. The Laurentein is led by a northern and a challenger type locomotive. Next a hudson is passing through the trees. In Detroit, a man and a woman buys tickets at the station while the mercury leaves the once auto built city, and passes by the cameraman in the going away shot. The tail of the freight is meeting a hudson. Another hudson passes by a station. Back to the black and white scenes, 5207 passes by the station. Back to color, 5240 arrives as the truck carries the baggage. One of the most iconic trains of both prewar and post-war eras are the empire state express led by 4-4-0 999. Today it's on display at the Chicago museum of science and industry alongside the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Pioneer Zephyr. A hudson passes by the cameraman in black and white. The empire state express passes by in the city, then we see another one as it heads down the line. A doubleheader arrives at the station. Then we see the empire state express alongside the hudson river, followed by a Niagara on the pacemaker. Another Niagara leaves the LaSalle street station with the Chicago skyline in the background. Mohawk 3008 arrives as it makes a meet with a hudson. More black and white footage is shown as one of the most iconic streamlined trains the 20th century limited is being led by a Dreyfus hudson as it was taken from the sky. One shot of the few cup in the dining car is shown, and it's back outside to witness the Dreyfuss hudson entering and exiting the twin tunnels. Another Dreyfuss hudson passes by the cameraman and ends with a scene in the cab of the locomotive.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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