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Heritage Unit Roundup DVD
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Heritage Unit Roundup DVD Pentrex HUR-DVD 748268006579
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Mergers have been a part of railroading even before the driving of the golden spike in 1869. In recent years, several railroads have started to recognize the importance of paying respect to their past. In this fascinating show, you'll join us as we pay tribute to the fallen flags whose identities were lost after the larger roads merged their systems together.

You'll see how each railroad pays tribute. Union Pacific gave the major players from the previous quarter century a unique paint scheme that was applied to half a dozen SD70ACe locomotives. Norfolk Southern painted 10 GE and 10 EMD locomotives from its fleet, each one for a smaller road that merged with it. Amtrak honored its past by painting several P42's in a scheme previously used by Amtrak in its 40-plus year history. Pentrex has gathered a colorful collection of footage of Heritage Units from Amtrak, Union Pacific, and even a few Norfolk Southern units as they visited Southern California. Enjoy scenes along the BNSF Needles and Cajon Subs, as well as UP's Yuma and Mojave Subs, and more. This show includes breathtaking runbys and pacing, passenger specials, manifest and intermodal trains, as well as plenty of narration describing each unit. This exciting show is a must-have for any railfan's collection.

Come join Pentrex in watching each railroad pay tribute in Heritage Unit Roundup!

1 Hour 54 Minutes
Beautiful Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Presented in Widescreen Standard Definition Format
Copyright 2015 ISBN: 1-56342-374-x
UPC: 7-48268-00657-9

Special features:

This DVD includes chapter menus and the option of watching the program with or without narration.

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Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
DVD UPC:748268006579
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Heritage Unit Roundup DVD
Steamboy l (Revere MA US) on 2019-05-31 17:53:18.

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In this 2015 dvd, stock footage from northeast sampler, Houston a decade of difference, and the ultimate Chicago is used for the opening clips. First up is Amtrak 156, arriving in Chicago pulling the cardinal. The date is March 16, 2011 (the day that the season 15 Thomas episode Spencer the grand aired in the uk). Next, Engine 66 is on train number 3 out of riverside en route to Los Angeles. Afterwards the phase 2 unit is on The southbound Pacific Surfliner in Anaheim. A brief mention of Santa Fe 3751 is included. At orange California, 66 is in push mode rolling through the quiet zone. Phase 3 unit 145 is shown as it leaves riverside on train #3 the southwest Chief. 145 debuts on January 30, 2011. On another day, 145 is at Prato dam. Note one of the private cars in the consist. Remember that this footage was shot way before Amtrak�s worst president created the no private car ban. Next 145 is southbound at San Clemente. Afterwards phase 4 unit 184 is on the southwest Chief at Prato dam. 184 debuts on April 13, 2011. Later 184 is at corona somewhere in late 2014. This concludes the pentrex footage of the Amtrak heritage units.

The majority of this nearly 2 hour program contains Union Pacific heritage units. Starting at Beaumont hill near el casco, Missouri pacific painted unit 1982 leads an eastbound intermodal train. The diesel debuts on July 30, 2005. Before 1982 heads west, a regular eastbound train is blocking the unit�s view. At last the MOPAC unit arrives on time. Next, several highlights of 1982 is shown on Beaumont hill. Beginning with a 2 unit westbound doublestack at fingal, followed by a 3 unit lash up through Beaumont, with helpers on the rear, blaring its horn at the Redlands on its way east to Houston with a 5 unit mixed freight, plus a 3 unit doublestack at west Palm Springs, which has helpers on the rear, and finally 1982 is one of the rear helpers on a 3 unit freight in garnet. Moving right along to Olympic unit 2002, it is between the doublestack freight and Southern pacific 1996 which we will see later, but the next engine shown in that segment is Western pacific 1983 as it is seen from the pacing angles in Yermo. The 1983 segment is the longest segment in this program. Next 1983, 1996, and 2002 is on BNSF track at cajon pass in frost. The Victorville mountains are seen in the background. This doublestack had 2 mid train helpers in regular UP paint. Afterwards, the trio is in silverwood, as it crosses their own lines in Mojave summit. Listen to 1983�s horn. Moving to Beaumont hill, 1983 is the helper unit on the rear of the eastbound doublestack at ordway pushing backwards. Next, 1983 is on a 2 unit doublestack train as the sun is setting at windy point east of fingel with a helper on the rear. Afterwards, 1983 leads 1996 on cajon, in the early morning light. On the rear of the doublestack is Chicago and northwestern 1995 with a regular up painted unit. We�ll see 1995 later in the show. At canyon siding on Sullivan�s curve, a regular 3 unit manifest is on the Mojave subdivision, making a meet with an all heritage unit doublestack, that contains 1983, 1996, and 1995. Cajon pass in Southern California is indeed a busy railroad hotspot. Olympic unit 2002 is the mid train helper unit. The tail of an all regular up train leaves the pass as the heritage units are still struggling down the mountain. Next 1983, 1995, and 2002 are at CP walker, on a horseshoe curve. This train had rear regular painted units. Afterwards 1983 leads a north platte to west Colton mixed train. Later some pacing is shown on old Route 66 at hodge, and 1983 is the third unit. Afterwards 1983, leads the west Colton to north platte 4 unit train between blue cut and cajon. SP 1996 is the rear helper. The final shots of 1983 are at Yuma Arizona with a 2 unit doublestack that contains wind turbines in the background, and also on a 2 coach special over the BNSF line at Colton as it heads for Bakersfield. The final shot of 1983 is at canyon siding. This scene is mostly silent, but it is interrupted by 1983�s horn and bell.

Moving onto Missouri Kansas Texas 1988, the red diesel is on the Yuma sub near Palm Springs. In the going away shot, dark clouds loom over the mountains. Next, 1988 is on an eastbound doublestack between ordway and el casco. Most of the containers on this doublestack are painted red and have the K-Line logo. On BNSF rails in bryman, 1988 and 1996 led a doublestack. This train has 2 regular painted helpers. Next 1988 and 1996 are on a 3 unit doublestack at an unidentified location. Mid train helper 5503 is shown. Afterwards, Some pacing of the same train is shown on Route 66. Listen to the red diesel�s horn. Back on the Yuma sub, 1988 is passing by a lake near el casco. This one has a rear helper. Next the red diesel is shown on Beaumont hill as more pacing continues. Afterwards the red diesel is seen in the morning hours. This train had 2 rear helpers. On a different day 1988 is on a doublestack. This concludes the MKT 1988 segment.

The next UP heritage unit is Rio Grande 1989. The diesel is shown descending the grade on the same day as 1988. It is leading a 4 unit doublestack. A brief mention of Colorado�s moffat tunnel was used. Next, 1989 is on a different 4 unit mixed train through cajon pass as it heads for Denver. The diesel made its debut in 2006. Afterwards, 1989 is shown on a 3 unit west Colton to Fresno manifest as it is on once southern pacific tracks. Next 1989 is shown at hinda on the Yuma subdivision, as it is on the rear of a 2 unit doublestack pushing backwards. Finally, the 1989 segment comes to a close as more pacing is shown.

The next UP heritage unit is Chicago and northwestern 1995 as it is shown on an 11 coach special in Beaumont hill west of el casco. Later, 1995 is on a 4 unit doublestack toward the LA basin. Union Pacific purchased the C&NW on April 27, 1995 which is about 24 days after I was born. This train had 2 rear helpers. Later on, 1995 leads a different stack train through the desert. 2 helpers bring up the rear. The diesel made its debut on July 15, 2006. The final shot of 1995 is on an Early morning autotrain as it heads for Colton. Listen to 1995�s horn.

One of the most popular UP heritage units is SP 1996. The final heritage unit delivered in Union Pacific property. First 1996 is being paced on Beaumont hill. The diesel made its debut on August 21, 2006. Like WP 1983, this was also one of the longest segments in this program. On the Mojave sub, 1996 is sandwiched between the 4 regular painted units as it leaves tunnel #5 at cliff. Later, 1996 is on a 3 unit piggyback with SD70ACE #8444 on the Tehachapi loop. Afterwards, 1996 and 8444 is at the town of Tehachapi. The last scene of the 1996/8444 duo with 4227 in the middle of the 2 units are at Soledad canyon. At the 84 minute mark of the show, 1996 is at the 10 MPH zone in the Yuma sub on a 7 car special. Next, 1996 is picking up speed near west Palm Springs. At the 86 minute mark of the show, 1996 is on a westbound doublestack with a trio of CSX units. Not all mainline freight trains in Southern California have to be Union Pacific and BNSF. A meet with an all UP 3 unit eastbound is shown. Later, 1996 is on Donner pass as it is the 4th unit of this train. The diesel was heading to meet never retired steam locomotive 844 for the now 10 year old western heritage tour at sparks Nevada. This freight had 2 helpers on the rear. Back on the Yuma sub, 1996 and 1995 led a westbound doublestack. Many of these scenes in this program were shown in other pentrex titles. Such as the Southern California Rail journal collection, UP 844 western heritage tour, 844 New Mexico and Arizona centennial special, Houston a decade of difference and more. Afterwards 1996 is passing through west Colton. Some pacing footage of 844 is shown in the fall of 2011. Out of Beaumont, 1996 operates the operation life saver special, as it heads for west Colton. The other diesel on this special is 7872. Next it is seen through some trees. Listen to 1996�s horn. The final shot of 1996 is passing by some weird trees.

Before the UP heritage segments come to a close, George H. W. bush unit 4141 is on the front of the double-stack with 1996 and 1988. In December 2018, 4141 was the lead engine for the 41st President�s funeral train in Texas. The national media and some Railfans were there to pay their final farewells to the 1989-1992 president.

The beginning of the show contains Amtrak units, and most of the show contains all of the Union Pacific units, but the final 17 minutes on this program contains some Norfolk Southern visitors. First an all Union Pacific train is shown with standard cab C40-8 #9188 in the middle between the 2 wide cab units. After the UP train clears the crossing, NS heritage unit 1065 in the Savanna and Atlanta colors is making its first trip to the west coast. Next 1065 left Long Beach just 2 days later. 1065 made its debut on May 9, 2012 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Norfolk Southern�s debut. Listen to 1065�s horn. A couple years later after it�s debut, 1065 was involved in a daily or weekly railroad crossing collision. This doublestack is running shallow due to the regular NS unit broke its generator. Later on the pacing sequence is shown as 1065 is on the Santa Mateo canyon line. After a cross at the railroad crossing, the pacing team recorded 1065 from the other side. A BNSF freight from Texas contains Mopac 1982, and Virginian 1069 are shown on the needles subdivision with a pair of Burlington Northern cascade green units. This one has a BNSF helper on the rear. Next Pennsylvania 8102 is shown with a regular NS unit and a Santa Fe red and silver warbonet across the needles subdivision. More pacing on Route 66 is shown. The show comes to a close as 8102 makes a meet with an eastbound BNSF generation 2 freight at Ash hill. There is also an error in the closing credits.

Additional remarks by Steamboy l:
Narration: Just enough.
Narration CAN be turned off in special features.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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