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Great Layout Adventures Vol 6 DVD
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Great Layout Adventures Vol 6 DVD OGR Publishing V-GLA-6
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Neil and Barbara Kresge's Roanoke Valley Railroad.

Bill Dischinger's Fantastic Logging and Freight Operation

Joe Fiore's Scale 2 Rail Empire

Gayle Rotsching's Beautiful Layout In a Small Space

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DVD Item#:V-GLA-6
Producer:OGR Publishing
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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Great Layout Adventures Vol 6 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-09-24 09:17:18.

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In volume 6 made in 2007, this 79 minute video begins with a look at Jestjamo railroad from Neil and Barbara Kresge. It�s the multiple O gauge layout and collection with buildings and airplanes hanging on the ceiling. All of the tracks on the layout are MTH. Some of the engines on this layout includes a Shay, a 2-8-8-8-2 triplex, a model of hillcrest lumber company climax 10 which surprise surprise, the real engine is still operating at the Mt. Rainier Scenic railroad in Washington state, plus the Milwaukee road�s streamlined Hiawatha in Hudson form, as well as other variants of the Hiawatha in tinplate form. Neil�s layout also has real water, plus an operating water wheel. He also has a maintenance of way set, which is painted green. Not to mention a large number of vintage automobiles. One of the Lionel accessories on Neil�s layout is the oil barrel loader. Plus there is the fire department, an n scale train used as a park train, plus the conveyor belt from Lionel�s 397 coal loader is used to be modified to load logs that is hauled by one of the case scenic railroad Shay number 5 the oldest operating Shay on the West Virginia tourist line. Next an mth N&W 274 backs into the loading dock to Wait for the logs, then heads on its way. At the same time, Shay 5 leaves. Another Lionel accessory on Neil�s layout is the 464 sawmill. Going over the model of the hell gate bridge is the MTH model of one of the most famous steam excursion Stars to be ever manufactured after World War II-Norfolk & Western 611. Plus there is also a model of 1218 running light although the engine operated from 1987-1991. Despite the wrong whistle on the 1218 model. Next 1218 is carrying flatbeds of automobiles with 2 cabooses on the rear: one work, and one wood sided. The real and toy comparisons of the H & C coffee and the Dr. pepper clock as well. On Neil�s layout l, there is an animated playground, and construction zone. Plus there is a trolley loop.

As we say farewell to Neil�s layout, the OGR team heads to the sugar creek valley railroad of Bill Dischinger. Bill�s layout has models of the southern pacific cab forward, a doubleheaded shay Of Western Maryland Big 6 and number 5, plus The triplex once again. This layout looks 100% realistic. Some flashback photos of bill are included, as well as a pacing sequence of Detroit & Toledo shore line 0-8-0 111. Next the weverhaeuser timber company Shay number 5 made by Lionel heads backwards as it arrives at the loading yard, then it uncouples and departs. A head on chase of The Shays doubleheading are included. Afterwards, Pennsylvania 4-4-0 number 178 heads into the tunnel. The shays must wait for 111 to pass by. Next the Virginian triplex crosses over the Shay doubleheader. The 2 shays pass by the sawmill. Afterwards, Pickering lumber company 3 truck heisler number 5 enters the tunnel. Pennsylvania 178 curves at a bend. A ride on one of the engines are shown, plus the 2 shays pass by a coal train. In the 2 stall engine house, Norfolk & Western Y6B number 2174 arrives as a model of Nickel plate road Berkshire 759 is being serviced. Another look at the ride on the layout is included. A model of cab forward 4294 pokes out of the tunnel. Thankfully the real 4294 is on display at the California state railroad museum in old Sacramento. Over the cab forward and under the Shay, is a 4-6-0 camelback with a slopeback tender hauling freight. The shays go inside the tunnel. The layout is 12 by 25 feet. Next the 111 passes by a waterfall. Next the triplex approaches the camera but it�s actually making a turn on the switch. Next the shays are passing by a Forest. Some building photos of the layout being assembled is shown. There are 5 trains operating at a time as well as a look at the map of the layout. Plus there are 5 tv screens to get an Engine�s eye view of the layout. Next the triplex makes a meet with the shays. Bill uses both the Lionel train master command control, and the MTH DCS. As the imaginary lightning storm approaches into the night, the OGR team heads south to Birmingham.

Here a visit to the southern keystone by Joe Fiore is shown. This is one of the biggest individual home built layouts ever built. It�s a 2 Rail O gauge layout. Multiple steam and diesel powered freight and passenger trains are included which contains a work train, a coal loader, detailed scenery, and scratch built bridges. There is also a turntable to store Joe�s Steam engines. The house was built in 1979. Some building photos of the layout are shown. A 3 way meet is included at the curves heading into the tunnels. Now here�s something you never saw in real life: a pair of Santa Fe freights: one prewar/postwar articulated 2-8-8-2 number 1797 on the upper level, and the modem blue and yellow diesels on the bottom level. Next, a Southern mountain class 4-8-2 is on a really long freight. Keep your eyes open for the 2 figurines on the side of southern 3008. Joe also has a model of the Rio Grande Zephyr, as well as more equipment on display in his walls and shelves. Another look at the roundhouse and turntable is included. You won�t believe how many steam locomotives joe has collected over the decades. For example, a model of the Union Pacific big boy 4004 approaches the turntable and takes a spin. Thankfully the real 4004 is sitting on display at holiday park in Cheyenne. Joe also has a diesel service area. A last ride on Joe�s layout is included.

From Birmingham, the OGR team heads to the Allegheny Cincinnati and western railroad which was built by Gayl Rotsching. The layout is in a 16x16 foot room. There are various 3 rail engines on the layout. Which includes a flashback photo to the original Lionel layout that he used to own. On this layout, a 2-8-4 Doubleheader is shown, as well as a roundhouse and turntable to store various steam engines he collected over the years, as well as the Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-2 number 494 pulling the George Washington, with a circular Vanderbilt tender. On display is a model of the two tone gray 844/4 sitting right behind the SP daylight. Another shot of the 2-8-4 doubleheader with NKP 759 in the lead as it carries coal in the hoppers. Next Boston and Albany 1407 passes by the camera crew, followed by a look at the yard area. Moments later, great northern 2-6-6-4 number 4000 leaves the turntable and arrives at the coal loader. The main station was scaled after the Dubuque Iowa depot. A Southern pacific 4-6-2 with a Vanderbilt tender is hauling freight. An SP SW-1 switches cars. Next there is a steam meet at the bridge with the SP and the B&A. Another ride on the turntable is included. Here the B&A 1407 leaves the roundhouse. Next the SP steam freight makes another meet with the 1407. There is also a trolley on the elevated section of the layout. Despite its on 2 rail track. A pacing sequence with the NKP doubleheader is shown. Thankfully 759 is still with us today, despite it used to operate between 1966-1973. Back at the turntable, it�s the SP steamer�s turn to go for a spin. A short ride is included, followed by a pace. Afterwards a head on chase of 759 is included. At last with coal in the tender, GN 4000 leaves the area. After a final spin at the turntable, there is a close up look at one of the Berkshires, as well as the details of the layout skyline. The SP switched heads back into the shed, and 494 is being paced briefly. Not to mention a trolley being paced, as well as SP 15 uncoupling the cars. The video comes to a close with a ride on the layout.

Overall, NKP 765 Engineer Rich Melvin did an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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