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Great Layout Adventures Vol 4 DVD
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Great Layout Adventures Vol 4 DVD OGR Publishing V-GLA-4
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Glenn Pinta's Railroad Empire!

Bill Stolfa's Family Layout!

Moving The Freight on Brad Markosky's Railroad

Alan Goldman's Unbelievable Bridge Route Railroad

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DVD Item#:V-GLA-4
Producer:OGR Publishing
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

  • This producer has been known to change the cover design, so the cover image you see here may differ from the actual product.
Great Layout Adventures Vol 4 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-11-29 10:54:30.

  •  5 of 5

In volume 4 from 2006, this 63 minute DVD contains 4 main features. The first segment is the layout of brad markosky's Midwest central railroad. Brad has an incredible knowledge of modeling skills. He has a early Baldwin built diesel in New York central colors hauling freight, a coal train led by a Pennsylvania 2-10-4, a Pennsylvania consolidation hauling freight, a unique Missouri Pacific F.unit hauling freight, a new York central Niagara hauling passengers, a Canadian national GP9 hauling freight, and many more on the display walls. For track, brad uses lionel tubular track. He also has an incredible amount of realistic buildings. Take note at the ice depot facility that was inspired by the real thing in Yakima Washington for example. A New York central 0-6-0 shunts the ice car in the loading dock.

Just halfway between the 11 & 12 minute mark, the OGR team heads for a 3 rail layout of the Stolfa family. The layout contains realistic structures which was inspired by the older Chicago area. For power, they used lionel TMCC, and a single ZW transformer. An Interview with Bill is included. There are plenty of freight trains on union Pacific, CB&Q, and many more.locomotives and cars on display. The layout is on a small L shape design. For track, they used atlas. The Stolfas also.have an elevated subway system. On one of the buildings, a replica of the white castle hamburger slider drive in is included. One of their sons Nicholas scratched built the crossings. Their other son Ron designed a replica of Denver union station. An interview with Barbara is included. Plus the twins Jim and ron. The pizzeria is the most difficult project on the layout. Nicholas is the master of the lights and wiring. There is also a good amount of diecast cars and figurines. A CB&Q NW2 switcher picks up its own empty boxcar and leaves the warehouse. Under the small L shaped layout, Bill has a small lionel military and space display layout. It uses a ZW transformer, ran on Super O track from 1957 or 1958, a 175 rocket launcher, the rotating radar tower, a cherry picker car, a freight led by a 2-4-2 motorized industrial diesel switcher, and a motorized mistle launching car.

Halfway between the 27 and 28 minute mark of the program, the OGR crew heads to the layout of Glenn Pinta, which not only he was shown in great lionel layouts part 2 from TMBV in 1996 or 1997, but also has a story of his cancer troubles back in April of 1990. Glenn has 2 steam engines hauling freight from the Virginian: a C&O Kanawha resemblance, and an articulated engine on the top. A pair of union Pacific Alco FPA4s with a little red caboose is on the service track. Running alongside the berkshire is the Allegheny hauling coal. A set of Atlantic coast line R units hauls passengers. Plus he has a pair of the FM trainmaster diesels, and a pair of Erie alco FPA4s hauling freight. For track, Glenn uses lionel tubular track. A Virginian erectifier is on the elevated portion of the layout. He also has an intermodal Mi-Jack crane. For power, he uses a trio of Lionel ZW transformers with TMCC. Glenn also has an outstanding collection of lionel accessories. Which includes the 397 coal loader, the 456 coal ramp, the 464 sawmill, a horse car, the iconic but troublesome milk car, tons of stationary bridges, although there are some by MTH, and plenty of lamposts. Glenn's layout is 26x22 feet. On the elevated siding, a motorized CSX industrial switcher with a coal train is shown. Plus he has a trolley. In the other maintenance shed, a reading T1 northern is serviced as a great northern rotary snowplow is on the siding. A Virginian articulated Mallet number 741 is stopping for water. Other accessories includes the rotating yard tower, the original diesel refueling station, the 264 log unloader, the ice depot, a 282 gantry crane, and plenty of signals and crossings.A pacing sequence of engine 900 is shown plus some riding footage.

The final layout in the main feature is Alan Goldman's Alabama empire. Which starts halfway between the 42 and 43 minute mark of the program. For trains, Alan operates an MTH New York Central dreyfuss hudson, a set of Rio Grande alco FPA4s, a set of Atlantic coast line E units, a union Pacific northern number 844 with a real recording of the SP 4449 bell, a hillcrest lumber company climax number 10 which oddly enough, the real engine is operating at the mount rainier scenic railroad in Elbe Washington, a set of black widow SP F units, and a circus on the layout. For power, Alan uses the MTH DCS. Alan also has a Pennsylvania articulated 4-4-6-4 steam locomotive number 6193 with some pacing. The room was built in 1996, and the construction on the layout began in 1997. There are plenty of scratched built bridges on the layout, as well as scratched built buildings. Alan also.has a mural backdrop of the mountains. The room is 1000 square feet. A head on Chase of the black widow is shown as well as 844 with a nose cone. Alan also has a Union Pacific big boy number 4012 hauling freight on the elevated level. A short pace of the ACL is shown. Bill also have lots of cars in the union station portion of the layout. In the oil refinery, a great northern SW1 hauls a pair of green tank cars. A Pennsylvania B6 class 0-6-0 with a slopeback tender is in the coaling portion of the layout. Besides the DCS remote, Alan also has 5 MTH Z-4000 transformers. 3 of them power the DCS, while the 2 operates the accessories and lights. There are blazes going on at the fireworks factory.

There are 2 bonus segments on volume 4: Martin Fitzhenry of the Boston area where he later appeared in TM's short lived toy train revue reboot number 5 For only 10 minutes, and also 11 minutes of unique o gauge action with Jim Ford, James Marter, and Rege Schilken.

Overall, NKP 765 engineer Rich Melvin did a decent job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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