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Great Layout Adventures Vol 2 DVD
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Great Layout Adventures Vol 2 DVD OGR Publishing V-GLA-2
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Jim Bengert's beautiful Lionel powered layout. Jim uses Lionel's TrainMaster Command™ on his layout. Frank Miller's wonderful recreation of Frank Ellison's famous Delta Lines!

Whimsy and reality make for a wonderful combination on Dr. Bill Bramlage's gorgeous layout. Bill uses TMCC and DCS command systems on his layout.

Modular Railroading in 3-rail scale with the Midwest Division of the Independent Hi-Railers!

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DVD Item#:V-GLA-2
Producer:OGR Publishing
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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Great Layout Adventures Vol 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-11-15 12:02:19.

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In volume 2 from 2006, this 55 minute video begins with a look at Frank Miller�s cascade valley railroad. But first a vintage photograph of Frank Ellison (1887-1964) is shown, which includes a look at vintage magazine covers and articles. The layout itself is a 2 rail O gauge. Commentary by Frank Miller is included. The layout contains mountain scenery, unique pacing of a Pennsylvania railroad steam powered freight, and also a collection of scratch built buildings, houses, bridges and other unusual things. A New York Central Hudson powers the passenger as it passes by the reading hopper. While the other Pennsylvania steam powered freight rolls through the crossing and station. The same NYC train passes by the boxcars, while the first Pennsy steam freight rolls through the crossing. Next: a 3 way head on shot of the Pennsylvania, the southern, and the Baltimore & Ohio are racing. While the Hudson approaches the bridge. An interview with William Harry is included. An unknown freight exits and enters different tunnels. Next an overview of the layout is shown. Which includes the map of the layout. Afterwards, the second Pennsylvania freight passes by the siding. As darkness falls, the Hudson passes by the yard. Next day, the Hudson races through the station and crossing. Next, a Chicago & northwestern steam powered freight crosses over the double track line, and enters a bridge. At the same time, the nyc Hudson goes under the freight, and makes a meet with a first Pennsylvania freight as it turns left on the wye. Next a northern pacific steam powered freight goes under the bridge with the NYC Hudson going over it as it exits from the tunnel, then crosses different bridges. Afterwards, the C&NW freight crosses the bridge. The NP freight passes over the yard while crossing the bridge. Next the Hudson passes by the scratch built buildings. Photographs of the stone bridge on the layout is shown, as well as the wooden trestle, plus a musical montage of the original layout. Later, the Hudson enters the mountain in the background. The NP freight crosses the Bridge, as it makes a meet with a camelback powered freight at the same time. From this point on throughout the segment, a musical montage of the2 rail O gauge layout is included.

Leaving the cascade valley layout behind, the OGR team heads for the Midwest division independent hi-railers layout at the Hyatt hotel in rosemont Illinois. At the same time, another layout is shown at the Illinois railway museum with Milwaukee road 265(the sister engine to 261). This hi-rail Lionel layout at the hotel is included with riding footage, early to mid generation diesels, and a bunch of steam. An animated demonstration of the module standards are included. Back to the main layout itself however, there are many buildings at the hotel: both store bought and scratch built. The rear of the Union Pacific passenger train left the station. While there is a little pacing of Lionel�s model of the New York central 5444 J3A Hudson from 2001. For switching movements, A Burlington NW2 is switching cars, while the NYC steam switcher with a slopeback tender hauls freight. A brief head on ride is shown, while back at barns 8 & 9 in Union, there is a set up of the layout. One by one, the men hauls every piece of the assembled layout inside the barn. With the track set up, the MTH Z-4000 transformer is installed, as well as various items on the layout. Back at the hotel, a pacing of a 55 car freight with a model of a Big Boy. Next the 5444 makes an extreme close up look while it�s being paced. A CB&Q freight passes by the depot. Next, a two tone gray challenger number 3977 is hauling passengers. The real 3977 is at Cody park. Moments later a New York central Niagara is also on a passenger run. At the same time, a Southern pacific diesel switcher moves flatbeds of piggyback trailers. The Niagara makes a pair of going away shots. Afterwards a pacing sequence of the Santa Fe F3 is included. A head on shot of 5444 is shown. The Niagara is being paced from station limits. Note the reflection work on the coaches used on the Empire State express. A fast meet between the F3 and the big boy are shown. Then comes the pace of the CB&Q freight. A Great northern GP9 hauls freight. Followed by a mostly 3 unit lash up of 2 dash 8s and a Southern pacific SD45 hauling auto carriers. At the same time, one of the models of the southern pacific daylight 4449 by MTH makes a meet with the auto train. The 5444 makes a splendid going away shot, while the MTH Dreyfus Hudson passes by the camera. Burlington 610 is on a container train. The red CB&Q diesel with a freight passes by the station. While the locomotives are the stars of the show, there are plenty of figures, signs, and landscapes around the layout during the musical montage of the layout at the hotel. On one scene, 3977 passes by Hanks country store. More pacing from 5444 is shown. This concludes the musical montage of the layout itself and the club at the hotel.

The final layout in volume 2 is the reality and whimsical display of Dr. Bill Bramlage. This is the longest segment in the main feature. The Doc himself has a big collection of 3 rail O gauge engines and rolling stock. Which includes a model of the Southern pacific GS-2 by MTH, A Rio Grande Alco FPA4, tons of bridges both scratched built and store bought, a carnival, outer space aliens, and much much more. A photo of John Allen�s gorre and daphetid railroad is shown, as well as a clip from great model railroads volume 2 by Allen Keller in 1988. Dr. Bill also has a model of the Canadian National 4-8-2 Class U1F number 6060. The real 6060 is at the Alberta prairie railroad. He also has a GG1, an 0-8-0 which both are from the Pennsylvania railroad, and even an Erie 2-8-8-8-2 triplex by MTH. At the control center, Dr. bill has 3 remote controls: 2 from MTH, and Lionel�s train master command control system. He also has lots of people figurines on the big layout, as well as a deep look at the carnival itself. He also has farms, flea markets, and even some Christmas themed events. Plus there�s also a golf course. Dr. bill also has lots of lights during the darkness portion of his layout, as well as a collection of buildings, which includes some subliminal destinations that He owns. With a look at the buildings on the layout completed, another look at the carnival is shown. Which includes N gauge trains for the children�s section. The Pennsylvania B6 0-6-0 switcher with a slopeback tender passes by the carnival with the circus train. Of course, you can�t have a train layout without the carnival. Dr. Bill also has some emergency vehicles batting flames. A model of Union Pacific�s goodwill ambassador number 844 by MTH with the 4449 bell recorded. What�s also cool, is that he has mirrors all over the layout. A head on shot of 844 is shown. He also has model displays of random train shows in his layout. Plus there are aliens and Dept. 56 buildings. Stars and Stripes forever is played, with fireworks in the sky. Plus the American National anthem is played as well. Dr. Bill also has a GM&O E unit passenger set, a model of a west side lumber shay hauling logs, and much more during the musical montage.

There are 3 bonus features on volume 2: Brooke Evans� 2 rail O gauge circus layout with a real carnival which ran for 15 minutes, Frank Battaglia�s Lionel layout in the attic which ran for 11 minutes, and has a painful tragedy on August 22, 1990 when most of the house burned down in flames. Plus there is also an On3 layout of David Birmingham which ran for 9 minutes.

Overall, NKP 765 engineer Rich Melvin did an incredible job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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