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German Steam 1974 DVD
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German Steam 1974 DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-190 604435019097
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Flying into Luxembourg we began seeing steam in the Apach to Trier region of West Germany with mostly 2-10-0's on both freight and passenger trains. We also spent some time in Lebach shooting some footage on the line to Saarbrucken. This segment features a rather nice cab ride in 023-075 (2-6-2). These were the most modern engines in Germany, some being built as late as 1958. Brother Randy was on this trip, so we used film from both cameras throughout the video including the cab ride. In one scene Greg is shoveling coal into the firebox for instance. We made 2 different visits to Lauda, and the big attraction here was the dual departure of two passenger trains normally powered by class 23 2-6-2's. We dubbed this 7:00 event as the "Racers". We captured this 3-4 times over the two different visits. It was an incredible thing to witness with one train going to Wertheim, and the other to Wurzburg and on two different lines of course. We also saw various other passenger trains and freights in this region including some doubleheaders.

In between our Lauda visits we spent a bit of time with trains out of Hartmannshof where normally a 2-10-0 was used as a pusher to the top of a grade. We see several trains including a German military train, and a U.S. Military train. There is also regular freights and a coal train. At the top we even get the pusher cutting off on the fly in one scene. This is a nice segment thats different from the other areas.

A good bit of time was spend on the Rheine-Emden line as we see a lot of those great and speedy 4-6-2's (class 012) in action. These were 3-cylinder oil-fired engines that were rated for 72 miles and hour. A few years prior to this, the speed was 84. We see a lot of ore train action as ore comes into the docks at Emden and the railroad hauls it to the industrialized Ruhr valley, south of Rheine. On this line one doesn't chase but rather pick your spot for a couple of hours and wait for the next train to go north or south on this double-track mainline. Most all of our footage is trackside except the aforementioned cab ride in a 2-6-2 from Lebach. However we finish our coverage while riding behind an 012 pacific on our final day just hours before heading for the Luxembourg airport. If you like REAL, regular service steam action, then the variety here will be a welcome change from the usual U.S. cuisine! Shot on silent Super 8 movie film. Music & Narration.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-190
Runtime:1 Hour, 22 Mins ($0.33/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:604435019097
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German Steam 1974 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-06-14 18:00:59.

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In this installment of Greg's European steam in the '70s trilogy, it starts with a short pacing sequence of class 052 2-10-0 number 616 between apach & trier/ehrang on August 6, 1974. The map of the entire country is shown, then it's back to pacing again, this time it's at the moselle river valley. Finally 616 passes by the depot alongside the road way. At trier/ehrang, 2-10-0 number 607 backs up for service. Then the pacing sequence continues with number 272 on a freight. The Next morning on August 7, another 2-10-0 is on the 6:45 passenger run at Oberbillig. Note the electric poles during the entire visit. At Wustweiler, class 023 2-6-2 number 072 is running light on the Lebach to Saarbrucken line. The following day on August 8, the scholl brothers took a ride inside the cab of class 023 number 075 from Lebach to Saarbrucken. Greg's angles were used as far as Wemmestweiler. The train left Lebach at noon, & arrived at its destination at 1:00 in the afternoon. Throughout the cab ride, it passes by semaphore signals, crossings, fields, bridges, hills, & lovely villages. Arriving at Wemmestweiler, 075 ran around the coaches, & continues to Saarbrucken. Then it cuts to Randy's angles of the entire cab ride from Lebach to Wemmestweiler. The train arrives at Wemmestweiler with Randy recording the entire run around. Back to Greg's angles however, the locomotive runs tender first to Saarbrucken. From here it goes to a tunnel, makes a passenger stop, & arrived at its destination. Moments later, the Scholl brothers got another cab ride on another class 023 as they head for Volklingen on the return trip to Lebach. But first, a visit to the Saarbrucken shed area was made As 075 is taking on water. Back on the Wustweiler S curve, a passenger train leaves the tunnel & negotiates the bend.

The following day, August 9, Greg & Randy filmed a 2-10-0 on a freight which is somewhere near Kaiserlauten, Bad Kreuznach or Alsenz. In the same area, another 2-10-0 is on a freight near Alsenz. A map of the lauda area is included. A 2-6-2 is on a passenger run. The Next day August 10 finds class 052 2-10-0 number 481 is on a southbound freight as it heads to heilbronn. It's 9 minutes after 11:00 as class 023 number 061 leaves lauda as it heads for Crailsheim with 3 coaches. 2 days later on August 12, we are near the lauda area as a class 023 is on passenger train 5886 to Wurzburg at 6:16 in the morning. 4 minutes later at 6:20, another 2-10-0 is on a freight to wertheim. As the clock stroke 7:00 Greg recorded 2 trains at the junction known as the racers. The track on the right goes to wertheim, & the wurzburg line goes to the left. These 2 trains are led by a pair of 023 class 2-6-2s. At 7:35, class 023 number 001 is making a stop at lauda as it arrives from Osterburken. Then we see another 2-10-0 running light at Bad mergentheim as it heads for Crailsheim with only 2 minutes before 10:00. Note the automobiles in the background. 7 minutes after 11:00, we are on the grade at Boxberg-Wolchingen as the Heilbronn bound passenger train is rolling down the line after Konigshofen split. At 1:40, we are at.Konigshofen as another passenger train heads for Crailsheim with a 2-6-2 leading. This scene concludes the August 12 footage. On August 13, we are back at the racers as the 2 trains rolled through the junction at 7:00. South of lauda, an 023 is heading to Crailsheim. A repeat of the same train from the same location is shown, but it's from Randy's angle. Some of the electric poles are in place as 023 number 081 heads to Wurzburg. A doubleheader with class 052 number 481 & 023 number 029 leaves lauda as it heads to Crailsheim. The lauda station & yard is at milepost 115.9. 023 001 arrives from Crailsheim. A split second panning scene was shown, & We are somewhere on the Wurzburg to lauda line with doubleheaded 2-10-0s on a freight. During the pacing sequence, the lead engine is number 096, & the second engine is 759. Near darkness, a short freight heads for lauda. Followed by a passenger train concluding the August 13 films. The following day August 14, we are on a Grade as a freight train is on the wurzburg to lauda line. Moments later, a doubleheader is on the fish train (the flying kipper) which it was traveling from the north seaports to heidemburg. 4 scenes were made for this doubleheader which includes pacing. The August 14 films were finished as a freight train is led by a class 052.

Moving Onto the Rheine to emden double track mainline, an 012 4-6-2 is heading north. This line was made between August 16-20 1974. Next up is the different passenger train with another class 012 Pacific, followed by class 012 number 082 on a passenger run, as well as a southbound loaded ore train with a 2-10-0, & another ore train which this time is led by a class 043. A 3rd ore train with another 2-10-0 is included, followed by a class 012 Pacific on a passenger run. At Sandy cut, a class 042 Mikado heads for Rheine on a passenger run. Following behind is a class 012 in the afternoon. The same train from the same scene is shown from a different angle. At lathen, a northbound express with an 012 Pacific roars through The station. Moments later, a southbound 042 Mikado passes by the depot. A few miles away from the depot, an 042 Mikado is on a freight. Afterwards, another 012 Pacific is heading south with a passenger train, followed by a northbound with an 012 Pacific racing at 72 miles per hour. Following behind is an ore train with a class 043 2-10-0, with another 043 2-10-0 this time it's on an empty ore train. This location is at milepost 283.8. At the same spot, a southbound with a class 043 2-10-0 is on an ore train. Another class 043 2-10-0 number 321 follows behind with an ore train. Afterwards, an 012 Pacific is on A passenger run. At Aschendorf, a 2-10-0 is on a southbound ore train south of papenburg. Back at lathen station, an 042 class Mike is on a southbound passenger run, then we see a northbound 042 on an ore train, as well as a southbound doubleheader with a class 043 & a class 042 running light. Back at Sandy cut, an 042 is on a southbound coal train. Following behind is a class 012 Pacific on a passenger train, as well as an 043 on an ore train. Another ore train with another 043 follows behind, as well as an 012 Pacific on a passenger run. Next up is an 042 on a short ore train, as well as a 2-10-0 on an ore train. An 012 Pacific heads north on a passenger run, then we witnessed a class 043 over the canal bridge as it runs light. At Aschendorf, an 042 is on a southbound local on August 20th. 2 men waited at the crossing. Another southbound with an 042 is at the curve & overpass which is south of Aschendorf. A northbound passenger train with A class 012 Pacific is shown as well as southbound passenger train with an 012 Pacific leaving the depot. A repeat of the same train is shown, but it's from Randy's angle. This scene concludes the rheine to emden line.

On the hartmannshof area, some scenes were previously used in military trains from 2008 but with the late John Edward hingsberhen narrating. First we see a freight with a class 052 2-10-0. The same train arrives & departs Hartmannshof. This visit was made on August 21 & 22. Away from the station, the same train is working up the grade with no helpers on the rear. A map of the Hartmannshof area is shown with the Nuremburg line to the west, & the Weiden line to the east. A coal train leaves Hartmannshof that is led by class 044 number 657 in the lead with class 053 number 063 pushing on the rear. Halfway up the grade, both engines are working hard. At last, the coal train has made it to the summit of the grade where number 063 is expected to be removed & would run light as it heads back to Hartmannshof. Back at the area, another coal train leaves town, & On August 22, a military train from America with a class 044 number 197 leads the important consist with the same pusher from the coal train. Away from the depot, they negotiate a curve, & are climbing to the top of the grade with 2 angles in the same spot. After saying goodbye to the military train, a look at the pusher being cut off from the coal train is included. Another military train is included as its descending the grade. Followed by an unidentified locomotive running light, an uphill bound empty flatbed train, a mixed freight crossing over the high with a 2-10-0 in the lead, a diesel powered freight with a 2-10-0, & a coal train with class 044 number 597 waiting for its helper at Hartmannshof with a passenger train making a stop at 1:15. The first Hartmannshof segment ends with the light helper arriving at the depot as well as some clips from another title of the European steam in the 70s trilogy: steam in 3 countries.

Back at Hartmannshof, the date is September 9, as a freight to Nuremburg with class 050 number 674 arrives, followed by the departure of a military train with class 044 number 667 as it heads for Weiden while the clock stroke 8:20. Note the hard working/hard serving men onboard the 2 coaches behind the engine. The same train is seen again which is a couple of miles from the depot, then it passes by the depot at Itzeiwang, as well as climbing uphill with no helpers on the rear. At the bend near milepost 41 we bid farewell to the military train & also on the Hartmannshof area.

Back at the racers, the Mike Lynch music of the Yosemite national park segment from America by rail: the west coast route in 1995 was used as the 2 engines are almost side by side on September 10. Another repeat was shown from a different angle. 5 minutes after 7:00 at milepost 117, a passenger train arrives at lauda from Wurzburg. It's led by class 023 number obviously 023. At 11:31, a doubleheader with a pair of class 023's departed lauda for Crailsheim. This scene concludes the September 10 films due to the rain. On September 11 (37 years before we know what happened), a pair of 2-10-0s are on a doubleheader freight to wertheim while running tender first. It's very foggy in this scene. Afterwards, the 7:00 passenger train leaves town with a doubleheaded fish train arriving. The sun is finally out as we are on the Wurzburg line beginning with a meet Of a 3 coach passenger train & an unknown engine. Away from lauda, a short freight is heading to Crailsheim, followed by a passenger run. A doubleheaded passenger run with a pair of class 023s are shown. Note the second engine going backwards as well as water spilling out of the tender. A ballast train is shown at Edelfingen, which is led by a pair of 2-10-0s as they head for Crailsheim. The lead engine is number 890. The same train is at Elpersheim crossing, a crossing at an unknown spot, A bend for slow orders at Niederstetten with a repeat from a different angle, & also climbing a hill at an unknown spot. At last, they arrived at Schrozberg. The doubleheader must wait for a passenger train with a 2-10-0 to clear the line from Crailsheim, as well as a freight with another 2-10-0. In no time at all, the ballast train gets the right of way as this scene concludes the 9-11-74 films. The Next day September 12, we are back at the racers as the railway police told the Scholl brothers that they must leave before 7:05. First they captured the Wurzburg bound train leaving, as well as the passenger train leaving to the right. Leaving the racers, a freight with a 2-10-0 heads for Crailsheim. Near lauda at milepost 128, a short backwards doubleheaded freight makes a meet with a short military train. Next up is a 2-6-2 backing into the depot to pick up a passenger train as it heads for wiltrum on the Crailsheim line. It's 10 minutes before noon. Note the second engine going backwards. The final 7 minutes of this program is on the rheine to emden line on September 13 & 14 which features the cuesta grade to Oakland portion from the west coast route. First we see a passenger train that is led by a class 042 Mike on the Sandy cut, followed by 012 number 055 as it follows behind. Next up is a meet with a southbound 012 on a passenger train & a northbound freight. Afterwards, an 012 is on the express as it heads south at Lotten. Followed by a class 044 2-10-0 on an ore train as it makes a meet with the passenger train that is led by An 012 Pacific number 080. A repeat from Randy's angle is included. The program comes to a close with some onboard footage from the coaches on September 14 heading North with number 055 & on the return trip with number 100. This segment concludes the 1974 visit to Europe before Greg & Randy flew home to America.

This is the longest program in the European steam in the '70s trilogy.

Overall, Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) did a decent job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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