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Geared Triple-Header on DVD by Valhalla Video
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Geared Triple-Header on DVD by Valhalla Video Valhalla Video Productions VV56 9781888949513
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This program features 4 steam logging "lokies" operating at the Mt. Rainier Scenic R.R. at a special railfan weekend event. Steam action and steam whistles like you've never seen or heard before, set against the beautiful mountains, woods, and streams of Mt. Rainier! Featured are Hillcrest Lumber CLIMAX No. 10, Pickering Lumber SHAY No. 11, West Coast HEISLER No. 91, and Hammond Lumber "Minaret" Mikado TANK-TYPE No. 17. Non-stop action featuring triple-headed passenger trains, fabulous freight train runbys over the Nisqually River Trestle, and geared "drag races" at Mineral. Also includes cab ride aboard No. 91, and great close-up views of the running gear of each locomotive. Received rave reviews in Timber Times #10, and Sn3 Modeler. Hi-Fi stereo audio with narration. Packaged in a durable plastic library case with a colorful printed cover. Running time: 75 minutes.

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DVD Item#:VV56
Runtime:1 Hour, 15 Mins ($0.24/min)
Producer:Valhalla Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:9781888949513
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Geared Triple-Header on DVD by Valhalla Video
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-18 07:48:37.

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In this recently turned 25 year old videotape from 1995, the program starts with the special climbing uphill while whistling, followed by heisler 91 on a tank car train while going over the bridge as well as another tripleheader this time with engines 17, 91, & 11 on a passenger train. The entire coverage was shot on April 29 & 30th of 1995. Afterwards, the first tripleheader with climax 10, shay 11 & heisler 91 arrives for a stop, then comes a map of the route with the snow covered mountain itself in the background that the railroad was named after. The morning trips would be south to mineral while crossing the nisqually river bridge while the afternoon trips would be facing north to Eatonville over the mashel river. The morning special gets underway with engines 10, 11 & 91 leading which includes a cab ride on the heisler. The climax whistles first for the crossing. Moments later, the camera cuts to the cab ride on the heisler while engines 10 & 11 whistle for the crossing first, followed by number 91's turn. Back on the ground, The special is shown at park junction where a tank car is stored on the right. The logging engines whistle for the next crossing together. Meanwhile in the cab of the heisler, the lead engines whistle for the nisqually river bridge. Note the American flags on the bridge. Beyond the previous location, the special continues South to mineral while the cab ride on the heisler is still shown. Back on the ground, The special arrives at mineral where the first photo runbys of the day would be held. With everyone out of the train except for the open air car, the logging locomotives backs up for the first runby. As the cameras are in position as well as the whistles of 10, 11 & 91, the first runby of Saturday April 29, 1995 gets underway with a wild whistle show. Shay 11's whistle sounds almost exactly the same as Nevada northern 40. This 5 car consist, has a modified open air car, & 4 coaches on the rear. With the first runby finished, the special backs up for the preparations of the side by side runby with climax 10 on the first track, followed by shay 11 on the second track, & heisler 91 removing the coaches as it heads for track 3. At last, all 3 engines are stopped for the 3 way side by side race and are slowly backing up together for the preparations of the highlight for railfans. Then they whistle off while approaching the cameras. Moments later, the locomotives are racing again for the Sunday April 30 special, followed by a wild whistle show, & The climax whistles off for the preparations of the runby at the bridge. Pushing the coaches is 2-8-2 tank engine number 17. Meanwhile, the climax continues to go back while running light. At the bridge, heisler 91 whistles with a maintenance train. Unfortunately, the afternoon runbys for the Saturday trip was in a downpour. With the first runby at the bridge finished, the heisler backs up. Moments later, shay 11 whistles for the bridge while carrying empty flatbeds, then it backs up as more rain falls from the sky. A look at the river itself is included, & The climax whistles with tank cars, followed by a back up movement. The Sunday special finds climax 10 on a maintenance train as the weather is getting better. Afterwards, the engine backs up. Moments later, shay 11 whistles with empty flatbeds just like the Saturday trip, then it goes backwards with a little red caboose in the consist. Afterwards, heisler 91 whistles with tank cars, followed by a back up movement. Moments later, tank engine 17 runs light, then we see heisler 91 whistle for the crossing with shay 11 & climax 10 on the rear. All 3 logging engines are coupled up to the 2-8-2 tank engine as engineer Harold Bourovec gives the team the signals. The Quaddruple header is slowly going backwards, then pauses for a whistle show, and switched directions at a much slower pace. With the 4 engine show finished, number 17 couples up to the coaches while the other locomotives are tripleheading backwards. Meanwhile, a ride from the rear of the observation car is shown as number 17 heads bunker first while whistling for the crossings & passes by park junction until it arrives back at Elbe for a lunch stop. With the run to Eatonville underway, the number 17 joins the heisler & shay due to climax 10 having some mechanical issues. Here we see the tripleheader running backwards with shay 11 first, followed by heisler 91, & tank engine 17. The afternoon trip would be tender first. Afterwards the going backwards only special whistles through a farm, then it whistles for a narrow overpass, followed by a ride on the open air car as it continues to the Mashel river bridge while negotiating a bend. Back on the ground, the overpass is seen in the background as The engines whistle for Eatonville. Moments later, the special passes by an empty siding with shay 11 whistling, then it stops at Eatonville, where the locomotives would run around the coaches for the trip back to Elbe with number 17 leading. Listen carefully for a dog barking offscreen. Underway now, the rain is back as the special whistles for the crossing while struggling on a hill. As the train gets closer and closer, note the flickering fire under the tank engine. Afterwards, the sun is out again as the special whistles for the next crossing, followed by A going under scene at the overpass. A rock lies alongside the rails as the special continues to whistle for another crossing while heading back to Elbe. Moments later, number 17 whistles by an empty siding. In the late afternoon, there are some damaged trees along the way as the tripleheader continues home. A baggage car, a caboose, and several blue boxcars are on the right side of the screen with more cabooses & coaches as the tripleheader arrives back home while the sun starts to set. Down at the maintenance shops, toner number 500 is parked while heisler 91 gets uncoupled, followed by a whistle show on Friday April 28, 1995 during the preparations for the weekend long special. With grease lubricated, the heisler backs up While shay 11 whistles offscreen. Afterwards, the heisler whistles for the nisqually river bridge on its way to Elbe. Shay 11 follows behind while carrying a blue tank car to park junction, then it arrives at the station as it couples up to a pair of little red cabooses while heading to park junction for the preparations of the Saturday runbys. At sunset, the Shay whistles with the coaches tender first as it arrives at Elbe. Meanwhile, heisler 91 pulls out of the station as there is an orange glow coming out of the Firebox followed by a credit roll.

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of the coronavirus from China as well as tons of financial loses, one of the most popular steam powered tourist railroads in the western region of the United States has since been out of business after carrying passengers in the Pacific northwest for 40 years.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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