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F-Units Winter in Canada DVD
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F-Units Winter in Canada DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-055 604435005595
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This video was originally shot in 1987 during 2 weeks in February. The cold was brutal reaching -25 to -35 degrees F for a solid week. We mostly had nice blue skies for that time though. This was a follow-up video to our "Via F's In The Rockies" which we had shot in Western Canada during the summer of 1986. Most of the F-units were removed from western Via Rail trains, but many soldiered on in the east for the winter of 1987. We enjoy several trains west of Toronto, on the lines to Stratford, and to London via Woodstock. Along the way we see a few newer units, including LRC's which are now also a thing of the past. The power on the older units is primarily FP9, and Alco FPA-4 units. Most trains have steam heating cars as well. This video was also shot on the same trip as our "Snow Plow With CN F7's"(See Snow Plow videos).

We'll also see a few CP and CN freights along the way, plus visit the ONR yard at North Bay. There is also a nice scene of a snow sweeper along the CPR at Dorval, clearing snow on a cold morning between scenes of commuter trains and VIA. There are a lot of things you will enjoy in this one. As always there is a lot of trackside action scenes which we are known for in our video programs. See an FPA-4 blowing snow past you at 70-80 mph west of Montreal is pretty wild!!! All diesel and vintage railroad enthusiasts should enjoy this show.

The original video was 57 minutes, and the re-edited version has the same voice, but we were able to include a few extra scenes or extend some shots slightly. Back in 1987 we were someone restricted to keep the show under 60 minutes.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-055
Runtime:1 Hour, 15 Mins ($0.36/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:604435005595
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Disc Type:DVD
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F-Units Winter in Canada DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-02-22 13:16:52.

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In this 1987 videotape/2014 DVD, there is a ton of early diesel action in Ontario and Quebec. This program was shot during production of Snowplow with CN F7s which was also shot in February of 1987. During Greg�s visit to Canada in 1987, there is some transitions from post World War II f units to the modern F40s. In downtown Toronto, there are streetcars and push pull commuter trains. First comes the Fp9 at st Mary�s crossing the bridge on train 83. Next a short freight is shown with alco RS18 number 8737 pulling 3 boxcars and a caboose. Note the camera shadow from Greg. A little speeder is shown following behind. The freight is heading from Woodstock to tilsonburg British Columbia. Next an FP9 with a b unit is shown at Ingersoll on train 76. This was the opening clip to the 2014 DVD version. A look at the station is shown as a pair of F40s are on train 75 in the going away shot. Back at Woodstock, the F40s are on train 71 heading to Toronto. Train 81 had a failed Amtrak FP40 on its way from Montreal to Chicago. An LRC comes to the rescue. Note the weird coach on the rear. Next Train 71 is shown at oakville with an alco FPA4 on the Toronto to Windsor line crossing the bridge over the road and water. Moving onto Paris Ontario, train 171 is shown with a different FPA4 that is also on the Toronto to Windsor line. Back at Woodstock, train 72 is being led by fp40 number 6414 as it arrives and departs the platform. Note the semaphore signal from the steam days, as well as some dirt spots on Greg�s lens. Crossing the Thames River at thamesford, a Canadian Pacific freight is shown. West of thamesford, the same freight with a GP38 leading as well as a trio of alco c424s or the big six motors, blares its horn through the crossing. It is shown again at London Ontario, which is 10 miles from thamesford. Moving onto ingersoll ontario, train 84 led by F40 number 6406 is making a stop and departs as it is on the journey from Sarnia to Toronto. Note the CN boxcar Parked on a siding, as well as a look at a building for Motown Motors used cars. A faster shot of Amtrak�s international on train 89 is shown. Moving to Quebec, a westbound CN freight is shown with A pair of Alco M630s. In the Montreal area, which is 12 miles west at Dorval, train number 1 the Canadian led by Alco FPA4 number 6775 is making a stop. The stationmaster�s voice is heard in the background as LRC number 6905 is on train 33 is making stop from Montreal to Ottawa. Some birds are trying to rest their wings until the diesel scares them away. Afterwards alco FPA4 number 6764 is on train 32 from Ottawa to Montreal making a stop to pick up more passengers. Again some birds are trying to rest their wings but are scared again from the noise of the diesel. The alco on this one is only carrying 2 coaches, and in the going away shot, there is a blast of white air coming from the rear of the coach. Moving to St. Lazare, a CN freight is heading to Montreal. Next train 35 with an alco FPA4 is heading from Montreal to Ottowa. This scene was the opening clip on the 1987 vhs version. A westbound with an LRC is shown heading to Montreal. Train 30 with LRC number 6912 is blaring its horn at a crossing. Most of these clips in this video was shown in other titles. Such as all aboard the Potomac eagle, early diesels 3, Lots & Lots Of Trains the classic series volume 1 by Marshall publishing, and Of course Choo Choo Christmas. Moments later, a westbound CN freight is shown. Listen to that incredible horn on the lead locomotive. Next train number 1 the Canadian is being led by none other than one of the future famous surviving alco FPA4s which was 6780. Since the 90s it was painted in Baltimore & Ohio colors, renumbered to 800, worked on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad from Cumberland to Frostburg, and now it is one of the main diesels to operate on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in northeastern Ohio. An eastbound CN freight is shown led by 2107. A bilingual railroad crossing sign is shown as train 32 with A fast FPA4 is heading to Montreal from Ottowa. The Lake Shore Commuter service with Canadian pacific FP7s from dorian to Montreal. First 1305 is passing by Greg�s camera, followed by some service in the yard, as it crosses the switches at Dorion. In Dorval, the LSCS� first FP7 number 1300 passes by the station. Afterwards, 1305 is shown again this time its heading backwards. Note the telephone booth at Dorval station. Not all snow removal machines have to be on the rails, as a snowblower is shown removing snow for automobiles. 1305 have suddenly switched directions, as it is making a stop, then it leaves the depot. A long freight with a caboose is shown in the parked track as the commuter passes by. On the morning of Friday the 13th (bad luck day), the clock stroke 6:40AM as Soo line 6613 is shown, followed by a look at the storage yard with 1303 and 1304. The morning rush hour begins at Dorion with 1306. Following behind is 1303 as some birds are trying to block Greg�s view, but instead got scared away from the noise of the early diesel. A 2 unit Canadian National Grain Train is shown, and after that comes 1304, followed by 1305 with its quartet of Bi-Level commuter cars. Moving to North Bay Ontario, Train number 2 the Canadian with 6780 (now B&O 800) is going east. This is the only VIA train in daylight hours. It is seen between Sudbury and Montreal. At the Lake Nipissing area, 6780 (B&O 800) is leaving North bay. A look at the station is shown, then comes CP Alco RS18 number 8796 doing some yard chores with the caboose. 15 miles west of north bay, FP9 number 6541 is on train number 2 heading east. Back at North bay, 6541 is arriving at the depot for some service. At the Ontario northland railway, GP7 number 1605 is shown as well as the northlander, which was originally built for The trans-Europe express. The northlander is shown with FP9 number well, it is the year that this program was recorded as it idles at the maintenance yard, followed by engine 1985 arriving and departing Temagami station. Next the northlander with 1985 arrives at North bay, with the station sharing service for both the Ontario Northland, and Canadian National. The Sunday only train is #124 as it is seen here rolling down from the yard to the station. Note Greg�s shadow in the foreground. At the CN transfer yard, train 124 is heading from north bay to downtown Toronto. At Sudbury, the eastbound #2 train is split into 2 trains. One goes to Montreal, the other goes to Toronto. Montreal remains number 2, while the Toronto train is number 10. Prior to the split at Sudbury, FP40 number 6410 blares its horn through the crossing at Levack Ontario. Levack is the headquarters for the international Nickel company electric railroad, as an European built electric switcher number 117 is shown. Arriving at Sudbury, 6410 is about to do a lot of switching . It uncouples some of the coaches, then the 6410 leaves the platform, the brakeman throws the switch, FPA4 number 6785 from Sudbury to Montreal goes backwards to couple up to the coaches that 6410 brought, and then comes the service. With the switching completed, 6785 is shown at Markstay Ontario heading east to north bay. Canadian Pacific SD40-2 number 5776 is assisting FP9 number 6507 on train number 2 at Benny Ontario. The same train arrives at Cartier station. Note the caboose on the right side of the screen. The train leaves the station and the freight yard behind. A snowmobile is seen at Cartier. Back at Sudbury, there is some more switching to be done, as 6536 leaves the station. Next 5776 and 6507 is slowly passing by Greg as it moves back and forth to do some switching chores. Once some of the coaches are removed from 6507�s train, it is now the property of 6536. Back at Markstay, 6536 is heading to north bay. This concludes a look at some incredible early diesel action in Easter Canada during the winter. For closing credits, there are differences. On the original 1987 VHS version, it shows the Northlander leaving the station. On the DVD version, it shows an Alco FPA4 leaving Dorian.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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