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Daylight Delight 4449 DVD
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Daylight Delight 4449 DVD Hopewell Productions HV-4449
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Here is one of the most beautiful steam locomotives ever built, the Southern Pacific Daylight #4449. Follow this big 4-8-4 down the coast on her break-in run and later on the "Shasta Route".

You'll see some breathtaking scenes of steam in the Pacific Northwest.

52 minutes

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DVD Item#:HV-4449
Runtime:52 Mins ($0.26/min)
Producer:Hopewell Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

  • This producer has been known to change the cover design, so the cover image you see here may differ from the actual product.
Daylight Delight 4449 DVD
Nikhil Murthy (Washington) on 2015-12-09 12:29:40.

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This program opens with footage from "Sacramento Steam Spectacular" when the Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 ran to Sacramento in 1981 for the opening of the California State Railroad Museum. Then the main action begins as the 4449 begins one of the longest steam excursions in American history as it travels from Portland, OR to New Orleans, LA. This program only covers the segment from Portland to Los Angeles as well as the final day of the excursion back to Portland from Klamath Falls since this is a 44-minute production.

Additional remarks by Nikhil Murthy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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Daylight Delight 4449 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-05-26 08:55:02.

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In the Hopewell productions version of the red and orange northern's journey to the 1984 worlds fair, it starts with 4449 being paced in the opening titles, followed by clips from Sacramento steam spectacular in 1981 despite that the editing crew make a mistake and typed 1979 instead. Here we see 4449 & 844 back when it was renumbered to 8444 making a year on shot at the museum grounds. Back in Portland, there are preparations before the transcontinental journey at union station as well as a short interview with engineer Doyle McCormick. Between 1981 & 1984, many of the parts on 4449 were donated from other parts of the world especially in London. A late 1984 test run is included as 4449 is heading to Junction city and back. At last, the big party at union station is included as thousands of crowds and some people are saying bon voyage to the 1941 lima ohio built northern as the clock stroke 8:00. Besides hopewell, Video rails, WB video productions and pentrex were also there for one of the most important American steam events of 84. Roaring at 60 miles per hour, 4449 is at South Portland in milepost 758.1 at 8:30. Then it whistles at Woodburn, followed by a quick scene in a helicopter, and back on the ground where 4449 crosses the Santian river bridge at Jefferson near milepost 699 as the clock stoke 10:00. The speed limit is 40 miles per hour. Another quick scene from a helicopter, and we are back on the ground as the highway runs along the rails while a downpour is happening in halsey. Moments later, 4449 is passing by the grain elevators at milepost 673 while roaring at 55 miles per hour as the clock stroke 10:35. Back in the sky once again, more planes joined the chase. A service stop and more crowds are gathered in Eugene. In no time at all, a slow departure was made As Doyle tugs the whistle cord. Everyone wanted to get a good look at the special leaving the town itself. Back on the mainline, 4449 is at Dexter on the .8% grade near milepost 604. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour. At Oakridge, a diesel helper: SD45 number 7399 assists the red and orange northern over the cascade mountains. Listen to the horn on this unique diesel. A dramatic battle on the grade is shown as rain returns to the mountains while 4449 chugs hard as well as a horn show for the helper. Still in Oregon at McCredie springs, the special decreases to 25 miles per hour on the 1.7% grade near milepost 565.5 as a curved trestle is shown along the way. You won't believe how many coaches there are for the entire journey to new Orleans. At last, the diesel has been removed at cascade summit while 4449 whistles through the junction at crescent lake. Afterwards, the locomotive is still Highballing and whistling through Oregon which includes more helicopter quickies, then it's back on the ground as 4449 whistles through Mowich on the .3% grade at milepost 514.3 while still Highballing at 60 miles per hour. At Klamath lake, the clock stroke 5:30 as 4449 is getting really close to the California state line near milepost 440.8 as the speed is increased to 65 miles per hour. More people showed up at the Klamath falls station which is a service stop for Amtrak's coast starlight. Owners of vintage cars showed up for the occasion, then it's onto the state line. This concludes the day 1 chase (Saturday may 5, 1984).

The following Sunday May 6, 4449 is south of worden Oregon as the next service stop on the list is black butte California, and onto the grounds of the California state railroad museum in old Sacramento. At the state line lake, it's located at milepost 411.8 on the.1% grade while the speed limit is 35 miles per hour. This is the location where noteworthy railroad video producer Greg Scholl shot 4449 on it's way to los Angeles in 1989 as well as Amtrak's coast starlight going in the opposite direction in 1995. A scene from this program was later used in the OGR DVD: steamed! Moments later, a meet with a 3 unit northbound mixed freight is shown. Listen to the radio communications. This location is at Andesite California on the 1.4% grade at milepost 360. With the freight stopped, 4449 passes by the northbound train at 35 miles per hour. Afterwards, 7399 helps the red and orange 4-8-4 once again with mount Shasta in the background. With the helper removed, the northern rolls through The forest of pine trees at soda creek during a 25 mile per hour speed restriction near milepost 318 as the clock stroke 10 minutes before 1:00 in the afternoon. As the clock stroke 2:25, 4449 is still at a 25 mph restriction while crossing the Redding trestle at milepost 259.3 and also whistling at the same time. Listen carefully for the rarely used air horn. About 10 minutes after 3:00, 4449 is at red bluff while picking up speed at 45 mph near milepost 225. A Quickie from a helicopter is included, and we are back on the ground as 4449 is Highballing at 60 mph near milepost 111 north of Roseville as the clock stroke 10 minutes before 6:00. Another quickie from the sky is included and we are at Sacramento as a freight passes.by the Amtrak station. At last 4449 whistles into California's capital city. More crowds gathered around from far and near as another SP steamer is also saying hello to its big sibling: 0-6-0 number 1269 (the sister engine to 1233), and E9 diesel number 6051 are also sitting on display at the museum grounds. Listen to the 6 chime whistle on 1269 which was later used in union Pacific 4466. A horn and whistle show is included as 4449, 1233, & 6051 say hello to each other for a small reunion.

5 days later after an almost week long reunion with 1269 & 6051, a scene from the san Francisco golden gate bridge is shown as 4449 heads for the city by the bay on May 11. There's plenty of diesels switching back and forth at mission bay yard. The indicator board number 98 is installed to represent the original route for 4449 during her years of normal service as it heads south. Our first scene is at a holding pond near south bayshore. At college park near San Jose, a double diesel commuter train is shown heading east, while 4449 is running late. The reason? Mechanical issues with the auxiliary tank was overheating in mountainview. South of san Jose, there is more pacing going on, then it crosses the bridge over the highway, followed by more pacing, and also whistling through some fields of hay. Zig zag to pacing again, it doesn't get any better than this. Next it crosses over a wooden bridge, with flowers in the ground, then it's back to pacing the engine and also from the ground alongside the highway. The zig zags from pacing to trackside continues. On one scene 4449 is at milepost 227. From San Jose to new Orleans, the water tender was removed. On the Tehachapi mountains especially the big loop, more diesel helpers are included as not only 7399 joined in again, but also SD40-2 number 7342. More aircrafts joined the action. At last, the special leaves tunnel 9 and enters the loop at walong. Almost 10,000 people wanted to witness the special as it exists the tunnel and curves around the loop. Over the top of the grade, the special is running downhill to Mojave. East of Mojave, the diesels have been removed and the journey to the world's fair continues. South of Palmdale, the climb on the 2.4% grade is shown at Vincent. This was the steepest grade that 4449 has ever encountered alone. It took 6 miles to reach for the summit as the sound of the helicopter is shown off screen. On the 1.8% grade, 4449 is at milepost 436 in Soledad canyon. Note the helicopter in the background as 4449 negotiates a bend. As well as the highway and tunnel. Out of Newhall, 7399 & 7342 joined in to help 4449 at sawdust while heading for los Angeles. In LAUPT, the coast starlight with SP 8276 arrives, followed by the San diegan express which has since been renamed to the surfliner, and finally: the train that everyone wanted to photograph the most: 4449. As the red and orange 4-8-4 arrives in the largest city of California, note that some of the rails on the crossing were removed. Like the Sacramento layover, 4449 would be on display at los Angeles for several days before heading east to new Orleans and the world's fair itself.

Days & weeks have past, as 4449 is back in the cascades for the long trip home. It's already June as a passenger stop was made in Eugene. Before that happens, there are some trackside quickie from the pedestrian bridges. With service complete, Doyle tugs on the whistle code as 4449 makes a nice departure. Still on the road to home, 4449 passes through lush green trees. Listen to that incredible whistle. The big 2 month journey to the deep South and back is already finished as 4449 is finally back in Portland. Before the program comes to a close, a quick interview with Doyle is included.

Overall, noteworthy NKP 765 engineer rich Melvin did an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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