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Cumbres & Toltec 5 Disc Collection DVD
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Cumbres & Toltec 5 Disc Collection DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-075 604435007599
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This special offer gets you the entire 5 dvd set for bigger savings. You get Riding the C&TS, 489 Cab Ride, 463 On The C&TS, Passenger Trains On The C&TS, plus Special Trains on the C&TS. Thats the entire set of discs in one special stackable case. Over 7 hours of action content.

Enjoy class K-27 number 463 steaming on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in New Mexico and Colorado during September of 2014. The railroad sponsors "Engineer & Fireman School" trains whereby patrons can pay to work on real steam operated trains. First we see 463 on one of these trains which includes freight cars and the short caboose. This locomotive is currently the oldest engine that regularly operates on the railroad, and is the sole surviving example of a K-27 in the region. Our coverage of this train takes us from Chama, NM to Cumbres, Colorado.

The second part of our 463 saga is the "Advanced" Engineer & Fireman School train, which is similar to the regular train, except these folks get more hands-on work learning train handling like switching cars, and working in sidings with switches and back-up moves. On this run we see switching freight cars at 2 different locations, plus later see the train on the Chama wye being turned.

Our third and final segment is 463 in passenger train service as it works with K-36 number 487 on the first Doubleheader of the fall season on the railroad.

The duo looks great and sounds just as good climbing the 4% grade to Cumbres. At Cumbres the helper comes off and takes water(487), and after that we catch-up to 463 as it travels through the Los Pinos Valley headed for Osier and Antonito with the whole train.

This is a fine show with everything from steep grades to whistle echos with 463's hooter whistle. Get your copy today. 103 Minutes.

Climb into the engine cab of K-36 number 489 as we ride with the crew for 26 miles from Antonito, Colorado to Sublette, New Mexico in September 2014.

You'll see inside the cab and the gauges before we leave town, then watch the engineer get the train started on our journey. There is plenty of action as the fireman hand-shovels the coal into the firebox as needed, and you see that the fuel is spread around to various sides of the firebox for better heating. Most of the view is looking ahead from the fireman's seat, plus of course views of the engineer and fireman at work. We get up to a good speed on the straight section leaving Antonito, and then begin the climb steadily westward on this 64 mile Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. This engine is working the same tracks it was designed to run on when it was built by Baldwin in 1925 for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. We will see some of the sights along the way such as Lava tank, switches for the loop, Whiplash Curve, and get a better feel for all the climbing and curves along the route. We even have to make an unscheduled stop along the way that will be of interest to enthusiasts as well. Arriving in Sublette we see the train come to a stop and then watch the fireman turn the water spout and start filling the tender with water. From this point west we rode in the coaches, and that is in another video. You really get a nice feel for what it is like to ride inside as a crewmember of a real steam engine doing its job on a daily basis. The sound is nice and the view is different from the normal ride. Don't miss this exciting and unusual video. 94 Minutes

The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is the longest and highest Narrow Gauge steam railroad in the United States. This video takes you on that ride from the eastern terminus of Antonito westbound to Chama. The trip starts with some highlights of a cab ride in 489, then we move to the coaches and gondola for scenes from the train the rest of the way. En route you will see highlights of the trip taking us through the famous Whiplash Curve, Big Horn Peak, Mud Tunnel, Phantom Curve with its interesting rock formations, Toltec Tunnel and Gorge, and eventually Cumbres Pass. We stop at Osier for a hot lunch at the dining hall where folks get a choice of meals with their train ticket. We see 487 on the eastbound train as we arrive. Then after taking water we continue west through the Los Pinos valley, around Tanglefoot Curve and arrive at the summit of the railroad at 10,015 feet elevation. After a brief stop there we continue down the steep 4% grade with spectacular views of Windy Point where we had just traveled, and down into the valley that includes Cresco Tank, and Lobato Trestle. We then cross the Chama River and enter Chama, NM passing the yards and stop at the depot. We tried to not only show the scenery but many shots with the train and engine in the scenes since this railroad alignment is so unusual with all its loops and elevation changes. There are some fall colors as well. This video will make a great souvenir of your trip, or make you want to book a ticket to ride it yourself some day. 64 minutes

The Cumbres and Toltec Railroad stretches 64 miles and features a variety of trackage and scenery. We are trackside to see a lot of different views starting in Antonito and progressing to Cumbres via Osier. After watching a few scenes down toward Chama, we video trains in a westerly direction from Chama.

Sometimes there are two different scenes at the same location, made on different days with different locomotive numbers. Three different K-36 lomomotives are featured in this show. There is nice variety here, and the 4% grade from Chama to Cumbres produces some great sights and sounds as the trains work hard to make the 4% grade over Cumbres Pass. We will also see one train that has mechanical issues and the employees make a fix on the spot. This show is full of great runbys in superb scenery with great locomotives that have a superb sound to them. 97 Minutes

This video has some unusual material since the meat of the show centers around 3 main trips. First we see an Enginner/Fireman school freight with engine 489 on a misty day that creates some neat fog scenes with the train emerging from the clouds. This train operated from Chama to Cumbres and the sound in these conditions was really nice. We finish this segment at Cumbres as 489 departs headed to Antonito.

The second portion is another Engineer/Fireman School train, but this time it is 487 powering another freight for the "Advanced" engineer school train. We will see a bit of switching with this train at Cumbres. This train left very early from Chama, and produced some of the best lighting conditions for our entire trip with the low sun angles. From Jukes Tree at the Chama River Bridge to Cumbres this is one to really enjoy on a perfect day.

Next we have a special little segment regarding Cresco with one scene, that relates to a light engine that needed to take over for an out-of-service locomotive. We don't want to spoil this with too much info so you have something to look forward to.

We will also see a bit of switching with engine 484 in the Chama yard, and see some shots of 484 turning on the wye. The final segment is actually out of order a bit, but seemed like a nice way to end things. This was the final Sunset Train of the year on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The idea is to leave Chama late in the afternoon once the regular train arrives and is turned, and then head to Cumbres. This train departs around 5:30 and on a clear day like we had some unusual lighting presents itself as the train works hard on the 4% climb to Cumbres. 487 does the honors on this one and we see it at Windy Point, then again backing the train into the tail of the wye where folks will detrain for a meal in the Cumbres Pavilion.

This show has a little of everything, and fits in nicely with all our other shows. 87 Minutes

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Cumbres & Toltec 5 Disc Collection DVD
TRAINMASTER (Hendersonville, NC) on 2015-10-13 12:25:38.

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7+ hours of coverage, WOW! Narration is minimal, but competent, with good on screen graphics. Coverage is thorough and production values high, as expected from GSVP. Minor scene duplication is to be found. Some surprises are to be found, including equipment malfunctions and failures, something not often seen in a video. Brief coverage of the start of a night light engine move including a crew change...if U can tear yourself away from the engine sounds the fantastic scenery doesn't disappoint. I recommend the entire set.I DON'T like the single stack packaging, too much handling of each disc.

Additional remarks by TRAINMASTER:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Cumbres & Toltec 5 Disc Collection DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2016-07-26 19:43:04.

People who found this review helpful: 9

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This 5 Disc Set Features Amazing Hi-Def Action As 2 focused on Riding onboard, while the other 3 are Trackside. Remember, Greg Has lots & lots Of Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Steam Titles From Silent color films of his home Movies to Today's September 2014 Action.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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