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Cuba Steam DVD
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Cuba Steam DVD Pentrex CUBA-DVD 748268006425
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Steam locomotives are alive and well, and play a vital role in the economy of today's Cuba. Incredible scenes that were taped in 1996, but are reminiscent of the 1950s, show standard and narrow gauge steam locomotives working side by side with oxen and horse drawn carts on sugar plantations. Vintage 1950's automobiles in daily use add to the illusion of a country frozen in time.

Enjoy U.S.-built Alco and Baldwin steam locomotives along with Russian-built diesels, including Alco diesel clones reproduced from U.S. prototypes, operating on a wide variety of track gauges including 27.5, 30, and 36 inch. Watch as farm hands load sugar cane onto the railroad equipment the hard way, and visit the railroad shops and servicing facilities that keep the steamers running. As a special treat you'll ride along in the cab of a Baldwin 2-6-0 standard gauge steam locomotive!

An auto tour of several cities and surrounding countryside gives you a unique opportunity to experience a rarely visited country, its people, its way of life, and steam in daily operation in 1996!

1 Hour 11 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound and English Narration
Produced by Pentrex 1996, 2014
ISBN: 1-56342-359-6
UPC: 7-48268-00642-5

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Runtime:1 Hour, 11 Mins ($0.34/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268006425
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Cuba Steam DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-06-04 20:45:11.

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In this 1996 video, the program starts with a 2-8-0 rolling through the hills with its firebox on fire, then comes the flag, and some of the animated maps. Cuba is 90 miles south of Florida. Next a look at the cane cutting machines with trucks and tractors loading and dumping their loads. A couple of animals are being learned by one of the farmers. Later, 2-6-0 number 1530 pulls the train tender first. When locomotives aren�t available for switching in Cuba, various farming tractors are used to move one car at a time. Next 1530 arrives with an all wooden made caboose. 1530 was built by Baldwin in 1925. When 1530 stops at the crossing, the engineer asked the camera crew to ride, the pentrex team refused because of the low light. 1530 departs, and it is seen picking up some speed with 4 cars and a caboose. One of the stations in Cuba is at progreso. A 1956 Plymouth automobile crosses the tracks, then 1530 comes to a stop at the station. Later, 1530 switches directions as it goes backwards. A look at a lazy dog is shown, then one of the Tank engines of cuba�s Firebox on Fire. The Tank Engine is 0-4-0 number 1122. Next a look at the repair shops are shown, as some of the 1600 series are shown as well as the alco built 2-8-2. When the crew is getting ready to torch and sodder the engine, a rude person is blocking the view for a second, then the scene cuts to the man wounding some red wires. Afterwards, a 2-8-0 is going backwards, followed by a doubleheader arriving at the shops. The lead engine is 1720. Next a look at some of the locomotive parts are shown, then engine 1555 goes backwards, as well as more shots of people servicing and looking at the engines. Number 1355 is standing by for service, then a 2-6-0 is taking on water from an American made water tower. More people are still in their cars, bicycles and trucks, and some are getting ready to walk. One of the engines is going backwards with its whistle blowing. Locomotive 1606 is trying to take some water and having its fire cleaned out. A couple of children are bouncing and jumping on a piece of wobbly metal as 1606 is going tender first. At the mill, 2-8-0 number 1625 is pushing cars, then comes 1623 running light. Note the front loader in the background. Later on, 1606 built by Vulcan in 1920 is running light as it heads for its job, with a shot of the maintenance gang car. Then 1606 switches directions. Cattle and goats are startled as one of the engines are making noise carrying 5 cars. Inside the automobile, a look at the people are shown. Next, 2-4-2 Tank Engine 1204 built by the Rogers locomotive works in 1904 (less than a year before the company build L&N 152), runs light first, then couples to the cars and goes backwards. Some foreign language are heard in the background as 1204 is standing by. Note one of the diesels in the background. Some preparations of the engine are shown, as well as trucks carrying cane. 1204 is on dual gauge tracks, meaning that this standard gauge engine is hauling narrow gauge cars. Meanwhile 2-8-0 1310 built by Baldwin in 1919 leaves for the loading point and arrives. Some of the little hills are on fire as 1310 is pushing and pulling cars tender first. Some pacing of 1310 is shown, as the engine is carrying a really long load of hay. Back at the mill, engine 1309 (Not the almost restored Chesapeake and Ohio 2-6-6-2 on the Western Maryland scenic railroad), is switching directions and getting ready to couple some cars. This engine was built by Alco. Once cleared the crossing before departing, the people and automobiles have the right of way. More people are shown outside their blue car as 1310 is leaving the mill. The great Cuban freeway is shown as some riding footage is included. Next a 3 Engine side by side shot is seen at the maintenance shops in maltiempo, plus 1321 leaves the shed first, then one of the engines takes on oil and water. People of all ages from 12-up are allowed to work at this international railroad. Some children are visiting from a baseball game as 1321 is switching directions. 1321 was built by Baldwin in 1913. Next it puts together a train Of empties. 2 cows are pulling a cart, followed by a wide shot of 1321, then comes the early afternoon with a tractor, and 1321 goes back with a full load tender first. Later on 1922, passes by with a full load. Afterwards, some harvesters are shown, then comes a rider giving his horse a washdown as one of the trains crosses the bridge. A flock of sheep are shown as more cows and horses are going in the going away shot. Later 1355 is highballing through. At the end of the line, 1355 is Running light, as it is being turned on the wye, then it picks up the full load, and has some wheel slipping to deal with. 2 girls are having a chat while 1355 is going backwards. Next a farmer with his cow gets out of the way as 1355 is still struggling with the heavy load. Picking up some speed, the engine is making up for lost time, despite the rails are really wobbly. 2 children are watching from the top of a small hill as 1321 passes by. Afterwards, 1355 is picking up some speed as well. At the unloading area, 1355 picks up only one. There are lots of safety precautions in Cuba. While 1355 picks up a car, a man is yet again almost blocking the view. Then the locomotive picks up speed again. At the mill, some close up looks of 1355 are shown, followed by the engine going backwards. Later on, 1321 comes off the wye. At the 30 inch gauge railroad, engine 1358 built by Baldwin in 1915 storms of the mill yard for a short distance in the east. Afterwards, some service on another engine is shown. Then it is time for 1358 to couple to the cars and run tender first. The fancy station is shown, as well as more of the people. Some boats are included as well. Next 1917-1920 built 2-8-0s are shown at the maintenance shops, as 1420 is getting ready for the day�s chores. A Czechoslovakian built diesel passes by the locomotive. Sand is needed to improve traction and to clean the boiler flues. A little meet is shown as 1420 passes by another engine. The European diesel pulls the load, following by 1420 leaving the mill. At the central Simon bolivar, the 2 mills interconnected with each other. More cows are shown, followed by 1353 in the shops, and the diesel pushing one of the engines to the shops. More children are shown as they are taking a dip in the ocean. Next day, 2-6-0 1429 is pulling the train tender first. 1429 was built by Baldwin in 1916, then comes Engine 1343 a 2-6-2 saddle tank engine built in 1904 as it is running light, and 2-8-0 1549 being built by alco in 1920. 1549 is still doing some switching chores around the yard. Once 1549 is out of the way, the camera keeps rolling as 1343 passes by. While 1549 is pulling cars, 1343 is still running light, a diesel powered passenger train is shown, then comes a look at the maintenance shops, followed by a different diesel powered passenger train. Later on, 1429 slows down as it crosses a bridge, then picks up speed on the other side. More pacing is shown as 1549 is pulling the train tender first. With the pacing completed, more animals are shown, then 1549 switches directions and heads for the branch line. Afterwards, a look at the town square is included. Horses await the arrival of the diesel powered passenger train. Most of the diesels on Cuban passenger runs were built in Russia. Next 1549 uncouples the cars, then it would run around the train pulling it smokestack first as it leaves the station. After the caboose, note the maintenance car. More automobile riding footage is shown, then comes 1742, and its own engines switching positions around the yard. Note their incredible whistle communications. More people are shown smoking on cigarettes, riding on bikes, and on their own feet walking through the crossing. Next 1743 is pushing cars. Then comes 1742 sliding on rails, and swinging its own bell. More people are shown as 1742 is switching directions. Of course Cuba itself is a foreign language country. 1742 is switching directions, as it heads down the line. More children are shown on the ground as some dead diesel switching is being shown with 1543 in charge. Some spots in Cuba have semaphore signals as 1543 passes by with more people on the platform. At another station, 1543 is billowing up some smoke, then later in the day, it returns tender first picking up speed. On a different day, 1543 is yet again carrying a full load. At the station kids pick out some of the sugar cane, then comes 1543 passing by. Later, 1543 switches directions with a full load as it makes some heavy wheelslips while arriving at the mill. Some cab footage is shown, then comes locomotive 1607 making a whistle show, followed by a quick pace, a meet with a different engine, then paces again, then comes 1716 leaving the siding. 1607 is still struggling down the line. More scenes of the town people are shown. Engine 1583 is waiting on a siding for stand by use. Then comes more automobile footage. An automobile is crossing on a shared railroad bridge. More people are shown this time grabbing their black beans and rice, then the cows are heading back to the fields. Listen to their own foreign language. As heavy rain comes falling down from the sky, a look at one of the engines are shown, followed by a cow grazing, then comes the automobile footage with windshield wipers running fast. The flood is coming up, as a 1959 Buick splashes over the water, a blue 1947 dodge, a 1951 Buick in town, and a 1953 Cadillac waiting for 2-8-2 1910 going backwards with a consist through the crossing. 1910 was Cuba�s biggest operating steam engine. More shots of the children are shown, as 1910 is passing by a horse. 1910 makes 2 trips per day. Even the people are amazed to see the beast in action. 1910 runs light, then comes the mill itself, followed by 1910 leaving with a full load. It then passes by a tree and climbs uphill as it highballs down the line. 1910 switches tracks as it heads for the branch line. Engine 1414 makes a plume of smoke, as some grass fires are shown for the sugar cane to put out. With the danger gone, 1414 continues down the line. Tank engine 1524 from porter is still at work. Some sounds of the children are heard in the background as well as more people seeing the little engine from the tower. Meanwhile, engine 1820 is pulling the train tender first. Then it uncouples the empties, picks up the loading cars, and the caboose. 2 weeks after the footage was recorded, the brakeman lost his leg. Finally, 1820 passes by the gantry and pulling method tower. At the final stop of the video, permissions are granted as 1820 highballs through the junction. Then comes a really wide shot. The tower and the station with semaphore signals are shown, as a 1956 ford crown Victoria gets a push. The show comes to a close as locomotive 1820 passes by the camera crew as it heads in the sun set. In the closing message, a brief mention of Chesapeake and Ohio 614 was mentioned as well as the failed american coal enterprises plan. There is a mistake spotted: Dave Drui said February 1985 instead of January 1985. The video comes to a credit roll as 1534 takes on water.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Cuba Steam DVD
rrvideoman (Delisle Saskatchewan) on 2020-03-30 10:05:44.

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It's 1996, but in most of the video.... it looks more like the 1940's & 1950's. Cuba has such a wide variety of trains and track gauges. You will shake your head wondering how they actually manage all that they do to get sugar cane from the farms to the processors. And for an extra.... Pentrex takes us on a small tour of this little country. Again.... much different from life in the USA & Canada.

Additional remarks by rrvideoman:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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