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Christmas Toy Train Stories DVD
 4.5 of 5 (2)

Christmas Toy Train Stories DVD TM Books and Video XMASTORIES 780484522570
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Christmas and toy trains take us back to an innocent time. Remember when cutting edge technology was pressing a button and seeing a little man throw out milk cans? That we were dazzled and would never forget such simple goings on is difficult to explain to today's kids. And most of our toy train stories began on a Christmas morning a long time, and this DVD captures that magic.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 00 Mins ($0.15/min)
Producer:TM Books and Video
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DVD UPC:780484522570
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Christmas Toy Train Stories DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2014-06-24 18:10:01.

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  •  4 of 5

this is the best Christmas video with toy trains showing the Nixon library and the big layout they showed and interviews with people around the country a very good one I'll be watching with the other Christmas dvds from tm I have

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Christmas Toy Train Stories DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-01 17:28:49.

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In this TMBV Christmas special from 2013 or 2014, there are plenty of stories of collectors with various toy trains (mostly Lionel), beginning with Lenny carparelli of Rutherford New Jersey. Lenny�s first train set, was a Lionel 736 Berkshire freight set. There is also a Lionel lines 0-4-0 on a work train, as well as a bell ringing Santa Fe NW2 with its own freight train. Plus there is a silver version of the Union Pacific Alco FPA4. Lenny loves getting Lionel freight cars every Christmas, but he also has a set of f units. One for the western pacific 2355, the other for the Santa Fe 2343. Unfortunately, lenny�s father died in 2008. For accessories, he has the 97 coal elevator, the 164 log loader, the 313 bascule bridge, the 455 oil derrick, and plenty of sheet metal 93 water tanks. Lenny also has the 456 coal ramp, and the transfer table. Not to mention the gateman, and the dispatching station.

Next, the TMBV crew head all the way west to the Richard Nixon presidential library in Yoruba Linda California. Tom McComas does the narration for this segment. Vintage photographs of the president�s life is included with familiar sound effects from the old school ILTT videos. An interview with bob lemberger is included. At Christmas time, the layout is open from November 18-January 2. Around the layout, there are diecast cars, A Bachmann G scale Thomas the tank engine with Annie and Clarabel, the Lionel hell gate bridge, some tinplate sets, as well as prewar Lionel accessories, and department 56 buildings. On the other layout, there is a Western scenery layout with LGB G scale trains. The third layout, is the modern era Lionel layout, which includes the subway cars, and one of Lionel�s best selling sets of the present century: the polar express. There is also a MPC Berkshire in chessie system colors, a Pennsylvania GG1, and a Williams New York central 773 Hudson. There are also plenty of posters on the wall. Look carefully for the preschool sized wooden signs as Thomas passes by one scene. A brief clip of Walt Disney cartoonist Ward kimball from the opening of great toy train layouts of America part 1 from 1987, as well as all 13 shows from the original ILTT. Plus there are still images of Tom Snyder & Frank Sinatra. An interview with John Bowman is included. For trees, they used woodland scenics. There are also more trains and unique toys on the display wall.

From California, the crew heads to revisit an old friend from the Underground Railroad shop of new castle Pennsylvania: Lou Palumbo. He appeared in some TM titles like The original toy train revue part 4, and I love toy trains part 9, where he lended them vinnie the puppet. Lou�s first train was an American flyer 4-6-2 number 290 hauling 4 coaches. He also has a handcar, and a display of the birth of Jesus. A look at still images from the 1950 American flyer catalog is used. Lou�s father made him a custom station. But unfortunately, Lou never cared about his father�s hard work, at least he learned to love it over the years. The first Lionel set that Lou got was a Santa Fe F3 hauling freight, followed by an AF silver flyer FPA4, and many more that he gathered over the years.

Next, Joe Stachler talks about Brian palm�s Christmas train story. For power, Brian uses a Lionel ZW transformer. His layout is on the floor carpet. Brian has a milk car, the rotary beacon tower, the 464 sawmill, a modified 726 Berkshire, the Virginian FM Trainmaster, the silver version of the UP Alco set, a prewar 0-6-0 Steam swithcer that was modified with postwar couplers, the Santa Fe NW2, the conventional classics New Haven F3 from 2009 or 2010, as well as the conventional classics Union Pacific GP7, and plenty of other accessories like the 497 coal loader, the double track signal, and a couple of department 56 buildings.

Not far from the Chicago area is Howell Michigan where Alan Kolis talks about his Christmas train story. Alan is one of the 6 brothers from his childhood years. The first set was a Southern 2356 F3, while second is the 736 Berkshire. Plus there is also the general 4-4-0, and a pair of Union Pacific FPA4s hauling freight. When Alan was a kid, he uses Lincoln logs for the trains to crash. For power, he uses the ZW. Alan also has a Pennsylvania GG1, and a seaboard NW2. Sadly, Alan�s father died from a heart attack on March 29, 1992. Alan also has a collection of billboards alongside the tracks.

Back in Pennsylvania, a visit to Rev. Philip Smith in Nurenburg is included. The reverend�s first train set was a Lionel lines Hudson number 646. He uses a ZW transformer. A look outside the house is shown, as well as some shelves behind glass walls. The reverend has a 364 log loader, a sawmil, the 455 oil derrick, the rotary beacon, the 93 water tank, a Pennsylvania Turbine, plus another look at the American flyer 290. A look at the black and red Santa Fe F3 in the catalog is shown. As well as one for the New York central. Plus the reverend has a GG1.

Returning west, the TMBV crew visited the largest model railroad layout in the world: Ned Hoelzer of Oxford Ohio. There are so many locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories, as snow has already fallen from the ground. Ned�s layout is 3800 square feet. He also built an elevated walkway for his granddaughters to experience the layout. Joe Stachler does the narration for this segment. You won�t believe how many department 56 buildings Ned has. The room is measured at 60 by 80 feet. The layout is at 72 by 44. You won�t believe how many ZW transformers Ned has. Some riding footage is included. While the majority of Ned�s layout is Christmas themed, he also has a Halloween portion of the layout. Multiple rivers were created using mirrors. Ned also has a Christmas carnival. In addition to the trains, Ned also collects sports memorabilia. He also collects arcade games like Pac-Man. More riding footage is included. On some scenes, look carefully for a Lionel O gauge version of Thomas The Tank Engine. Ned also has the original polar express set, and also Die cast cars, and figurines. This is one of the TMBV world records for the biggest layout they ever visited.

Next, the team heads to yet revisit another old friend: John Potter of Grays lake Illinois. John�s first train set, was an all blue Chesapeake and Ohio Alco FPA4 hauling freight. In these vintage stills, when John was a kid, he used to have an HO set. The second train set, was a 2-4-2 scout set. At the same time, their father owned and operated a seaboard NW2, the original shipping box is sadly ripped. Then one Christmas, the father gave John, a Texas special 2245 F3 with a freight. On one scene, the camera positioned sideways for the seaboard NW2 heading out of the tunnel. In 1980, John purchased a 1666 steam engine at the lake county fairgrounds. Over the years, John colected more and more prewar themed trains and accessories. John also has a a pinball machine, some slot machines, and Mr. Potato head (RIP Don Rickles).

The final Christmas train story in this special is Joe Sadorf of Holland Pennsylvania. Joe�s first Lionel set was from 1957: a 2-6-4 number 2037 with freight. Many of Joe�s silent home movies are included. He also has more cattle cars, and some signals. There is also a Lackawanna FM trainmaster, the barrel loader, plasticville buildings, a motorized industrial switcher in US army colors, another motorized industrial switcher unit in AEC number 57 livery, the military shooter set, the aquarium car, the submarine car, and the helicopter car.

In the closing credits, we wish you a merry Christmas was played.

Overall, good TMBV Christmas special, great trains, and good music.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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