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Chicago: CSX Midwest Hub Volume 1
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Chicago: CSX Midwest Hub Volume 1 Midwest Video Productions MVCMH1 601577879985
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CSX's Chicago Hub operates out of six terminals in the region. It will take two programs to get a good handle on the operations of this Midwest Hub. In Volume 1 we will see the CSX Bedford Park Intermodal Terminal as well as the Belt Railway of Chicago and hot spots such as Blue Island, St. Anne and Pine Junction, Burns Harbor and State Line.

These trains and locations were shot between 1995 and 1998, so CSX and Norfolk Southern have not yet taken over Conrail. That split brought so many changes to the Chicago railroad scene in the East.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 12 Mins ($0.31/min)
Producer:Midwest Video Productions
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DVD UPC:601577879985
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Chicago: CSX Midwest Hub Volume 1
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-08-02 08:11:40.

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In volume 1, the program starts with a 2 unit mixed freight crossing the diamond led by engines 8597 and 8524, followed by a quick meet, then the camera cuts to July of 1995 as a 3 unit container train known as Q137 arrives at Bedford park. It is being led by engines 6111, 6784, and 6037. Next, a 3 unit lash up on Q130 is heading for Portsmouth Virginia. Power for this train are Engines 5904, 5849, and 5949. Before that happens, the train is doing a short back and forth movement. Remember that these soon to be 25 year old footages were recorded way before the retirement of the Dash 8�s On CSX as they have since been sold to various owners like New England�s Pan Am railway for example, while others have since been modified for rebuilding mode or sadly demolished for scrap. Moving onto the west end of the belt railway of Chicago yard, as a 3 unit lash up with 5914 in the lead makes a back up move to the service tracks. This yard is the main terminal for Sealand containers. Somewhere in December of 1995, a look at the west end of the Bedford park yard is included. Some of the semi trucks are included as well. All is really quiet at the belt railway is shown, as well as 5914 and it�s assistants resting. Moving on, a 2 unit lash up is on an autorack. It is led by engines 6150 and SD40-2 number 8455. This location is at Porter Indiana. Afterwards a 3 unit coal train is shown. This is shot in July of 1997. It is led by engines 6445, 2144, and 6160. 2144 is having some parts of the outside body patched up. These metal hoppers are arriving from the Detroit area. Next a 2 unit mixed train rolls by. It is on Q336, that is being led by a pair of SD40-2s numbers 8247 and 8115. This is west of Porter junction. Afterwards, a fast mixed train with a pair of wide cab units are rolling through Ogden dunes Indiana. This is on train Q326, between porter and Gary. Next a 3 unit container train with engines 5898, 5941, and 5829 is shown crossing the CN tracks (originally Grand Trunk Western) on a diamond as it leaves the east end of the belt railway yard. This train is traveling from Atlanta to Evansville Indiana. Note that one of the piggyback trailers are still wearing the Baltimore & Ohio logo. Moments later, 6074 crosses the diamond with engine 1501. It is on train Y330. At the same time, the belt railway�s own pair of NW2 switchers 530 and 531 are also crossing the diamond. The CSX Y330 stops right in the middle of the diamond, as Train R648 is being led by a pair of the standard cab C40-8s numbers 7565 and 7560. It is traveling from waycross Georgia. The twin Dash 8s are waiting for the freight traffic to clear the way as the belt railway�s own Alco C-424s Numbers 602 and 603 are on Conrail�s BRPI as they are helping the SD80MACs. Further west, the twin Dash 8s are seen once again. This time its on the move again as it heads into the actual yard. Sadly both 7560 and 7565 have since been scrapped while others are still operating on New England�s Pan Am Railways. At the same time, belt railway number 490 is running long hood forward as it makes a meet. Afterwards a light engine move is shown crossing the diamond with 1501 and 6074 once again, after dropping their cars off. Following behind is Q125 led by 5920, 5807, 5942 and 5851 on a doublestack as it is heading to Jacksonville Florida. At the same time, Norfolk Southern 308 led by C40-8 or 9 number 8849, and high hood unit 2774 is making a slow race with the CSX train. Moments later, A lone Dash 8-40 CW number 7715 is on Q128 as it arrives from Nashville. This is at the east end junction of the belt railway. It operates from Tuesday to Friday only. Heading east is Q123 with 3 units as it leaves the east end of the yard with the CN diamond in the background as it heads for Atlanta. Union Pacific 4280 is waiting under the bridge for the crew to arrive. Looking over the yard itself, there are lots of freight cars waiting for their assigned locomotives to pull to their destinations as the tail of the transfer freight on Y330 arrives. The west tracks are for the arrival tracks, while the east tracks are for departures. A belt railway switcher is seen pushing cars heading backwards. Back on trackside mode, we are at the classification yard, as 4318 and 1523 are running light on the east end. Moments later, the same 2 diesels have coupled up to their assigned cars on train Y332 as it leaves east end junction. Some Conrail power is sneaking up behind the Y332 in the background as Q126 arrives from Tampa. It is a 2 unit grain led by 5838 and 5822. Meanwhile, belt railway switcher 525 have already crossed the crossing, as Q125 is in the background as it heads to Jacksonville. As the switcher and the mainline freight are making a meet, this location is on the edge of the plant for nabisco cookies. At the same time, Union Pacific arrives from St. Louis with Southern pacific 9353 in the middle, and C40-8 number 9285 on the rear as a 3 way meet is shown between UP, CSX, and belt railway 525. While a pair of CSX 4 axel units numbers 5822 and 5938 arrives at the Bedford park ramp while belt railway GP7 number 481 is switching. Moving on to the state line crossing at Hammond Indiana which borders that state and also Illinois, a pair of Indiana harbor belt NW2 switchers numbers 9217 and 9201 passes the tower and crosses the CSX line where it was originally the Baltimore & Ohio line. Next A pair of the CSX Dash 8-40 CWs are arriving from Philadelphia on train Q135. It is led by engines 7880 and 7689 as they are crossing 2 diamonds, one for NS, the other for the harbor belt. Speaking of Norfolk Southern, a high hood Geep number 7076 is on train 910 as it heads east. With the NS work train out of the way, CSX 6145 is on J701 heading east to Gary Indiana. Next up is Q691 as it heads for Tennessee. It is led by Dash 8-40 CWs numbers 7891 and 7688. A look at state line tower is shown as it was being owned by the Indiana harbor belt. As it features many levers for both signals and switching tracks From outside the window. Meanwhile NW2 number 8721 crosses the diamonds as it is running light. Next, train Q384 arrives as it heads east towards Cumberland Maryland Via Cleveland, Pittsburgh and the battle over sand patch grade. Power for this train are Engines 8597 and 8524. At the same time, a meet with train Q223 arrives as it heads west from Willard Ohio. The westbound train is led by a pair Dash 8-40 CWs numbers 7734 and 7751 with a pair of SD40-2s numbers 8067 and 8008 on an autorack. Having to relocate to Gary pine junction, engine 2655 blares its RS5T air horn on train Q386 to Cumberland. The other engines on this train are 6557 and 8529. This train is making a meet with a waiting freight. With the signal cleared, 6008 and 2625 are on train Q381 from Willard. Next a fast Conrail container train blares its horn through the crossing. This is on train TV207 heading to Chicago. This is at Clark road where it is not a good idea to photograph at night. Following behind is 6469 and 7781 on a westbound empty coal train. These scenes were recorded in August of 1997. At Hammond Indiana, a look at the tower is shown, as a pair of CSX wide cab units numbers 7905 and 7864 are running light as it heads for Chicago. Following behind is a pair of Indiana harbor belt SW9 switchers numbers 9004 and 9003 are on an transfer run as it is carrying autoracks on its way west out of Gibson yard as it heads for blue island yard. At blue island junction Illinois, a pair of Indiana harbor belt SW9s numbers 9212 and 9200 are crossing the bridge, the diamond and the railroad crossing. Listen to 9212�s horn. The watch tower is shown. As well as the canal tower, and a right to left look at the tracks and bridges are shown. Next a look at a 2 unit Wisconsin central mixed train is shown as it heads for fond du lac. Power for this train are SD45s Numbers 7495 and 7504. Listen to 7495�s epic horn, and take note at one of the camera crew�s tripod on the left side of the screen. Next another CSX light move is shown with wide cab unit 7815 and C40-8 number 7552 that was painted in the generation 1 scheme (all gray paint with blue lettering). Next up is Santa Fe Red and silver Warbonet unit number 634 is on an autorack from McCook to Los Angeles with CSX 8618 in the consist. Looking at the tail end of the Santa Fe Train, a Metra commuter train is crossing over the freight as it heads for Chicago on Rock Island tracks. Next a fast moving CSX container train crosses the diamond on train Q127 heading to Jacksonville and Tampa. It is July of 1998 as the narrator says 1988 by mistake. Listen to the horn on engine 6776 as it is powering a mixed freight known as train Q648 as it is traveling from waycross Georgia. Following behind is another mixed train. This time it has wide cab unit number 7658 and C40-8 number 7595 on Q596. It is heading from Nashville. Thankfully 7595 is still operating on New England�s Pan Am Rail. At the same time, a maintenance of way car is moving a covered hopper in the background. The final 10 minutes of this video shows train Q597 led by 7039, and a trio of HLCX units in different colors as it is heading to Nashville. A year later in July of 1999, it�s back to blue island crossing as Q110 led by CW60AC Numbers 630 and 615 are making some stop and go procedures while heading to north Bergen New Jersey Via Buffalo, and Selkirk New York, then turning south through bear mountain along the Hudson River. Moments later, a 2 unit BNSF mixed train arrives with Dash 9-44 CW number 4739 is shown with Burlington Northern cascade green painted SD40-2 number 6906 on MCKC. At the same time, an unexpected meet is shown as Q147 with BNSF 9897 and Burlington Northern 9473 on a doublestack. Next train Q501 is shown as it leaves the bridge heading south to Cincinnati. This train has Conrail 5500 in the lead with CSX 7828 as it heads to Cincinnati once again. The program comes to a close as Union Pacific SD40-2 number 2991 is leading a mixed freight with Dash 8 40-CW number 9401 and Burlington Northern 5013 in the consist on CSX train Q351 from Buffalo to the Chicago and northwestern�s proviso Yard. This concludes volume 1 of this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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