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Canadas Canyon Route on DVD by Greg Scholl
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Canadas Canyon Route on DVD by Greg Scholl Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-35
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This video features portions of the famous Fraser and Thompson River Canyons in British Columbia. The most natural route through this region to access Vancouver and complete the transcontinental routes was through these natural, and dangerous canyons.

In the Thompson canyon Canadian National is on the north side, and Canadian Pacific is on the south side of the river. Further south in the Fraser River Canyon, the Canadian National crosses over the river and over the CP which also crosses as they change sides of the river. You'll see a wide variety of train traffic on both railroads as we cover the area from Boston Bar to east of Spences Bridge. There is even one scene where we see two trains at the same time on opposite sides of the river. There are unit coal trains with mid-train remote control helpers, and even see some leased power on the CP. The shear cliffs and raging rivers will always make this a formidable foe for both Canadian Railroads. Another fine video from the ever popular Western Canada Series.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-35
Runtime:57 Mins ($0.39/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Canadas Canyon Route on DVD by Greg Scholl
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-19 20:10:09.

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In volume 3 of the 1992 western Canada series, the program starts with a CN mixed train entering & exiting the small tunnels, followed by a map of the area itself which also appeared in the other volumes of Greg�s western Canada series, as well as the Geared doubleheader on the since been gone Mt. rainier scenic railroad in Washington state. The action begins in Lytton BC as the eastbound with a pair of Canadian pacific SD40-2s are preparing for a meet with a westbound which is parked on a siding. Meanwhile, an eastbound CN freight is alongside the other side of the frasier river, while the westbound with a trio of SD40-2s finally gets the green signal as it heads for Vancouver. On the Canadian National tracks at Boston bar, a 2 unit coal train makes a meet with a 3 unit freight that has number 9482 leading, which includes a look at the yard itself as 5542 moves around, while the via passenger station built in 1915 is included. According to the station sign, it�s only 202 KM from here to Vancouver, and 4436 KM from here to Montreal. Meanwhile, a 2 unit mixed train with engines 5314 & 5763 arrives for a crew change at Boston bar station. At north bend, an eastbound Canadian pacific grain train with engines 5871, 5715, 5977, 5942, & an unknown unit which all 5 of them are SD40-2s makes a meet with a coal train led by an SD40-2F. East of north bend, an eastbound CP auto carrier is alongside the frasier river with a quartet of SD40-2s leading. Note the first 2 boxcars between the diesels and the auto carriers. South of Cisco, a pair of eastbound freights on the CP line are stalled due to constructions for raising the tunnels to allow double stacks to go by. Meanwhile, a 3 unit CN mixed train crosses not only the frasier river but also the CP line while negotiating an S curve. Afterwards, a quartet of SD40-2s are entering & exiting the tunnel while going over the bridge across the river & under the CN bridge while heading east. Back at Lytton, another quartet of SD40-2s are on a mixed train while another freight with SD40-2F number 9003 Activates the horn for the crossing while a pair of SD40-2s are providing extra power. Following behind is SD40-2 number 5757 with sister engine 5534 on a trailer train. 3 miles east of Lytton, we are at glitton as a CN 2 unit mixed freight rolls alongside the river while entering & exiting Gladwin tunnel. Moments later, a westbound 3 unit mixed train enters & exits gladwin tunnel. Just a mile east of gladwin tunnel is the Cape Horn tunnel as well as the rock sheds where an eastbound takes some slow orders due to construction as well as rock slide concerns. Meanwhile, a 3 unit mixed train heads for the gossip tunnel as well as the rock shed. The rock shed which is 2 miles east of the Cape Horn tunnel is 44 foot long, while the tunnel is 216 feet long. In the evening, a pair of SD40-2s are on an empty coal train with 2 more helpers in the middle. The coal trains are originated from the crows nest coal field at cranbrook. At the same time, a 2 unit CN freight heads for the gossip tunnel. The next day, we are at pitquah as a pair of westbound freights are on the CN line. The first one is a 3 unit container train, followed by a 3 unit mixed freight. Afterwards, a 2 unit coal train makes a meet with an eastbound BC rail mixed freight that has a caboose on the rear, then we see the CP coal train with a trio of SD40-2s: 5800, 5990, & 5978 at milepost 87, followed by 9003 crossing the bridge while passing by the radio towers at Thompson. As the freight approaches Greg, note the crew member walking out of the front door of the SD40-2F to greet the camera crew. The other SD40-2s behind 9003 are numbers 5951, & 5808. Moments later, Another 2 unit CN coal train is shown alongside the Thompson river. On the CP line, an eastbound empty coal train is led by an SD40-2F number 9006, followed by an SD40-2 behind the wide cab unit, & 2 more helpers in the middle. Shortly thereafter, an Eastbound CN grain train is shown with 2 units leading. Moments later, a 3 unit empty coal train is shown on the CP line, which had a leased algoma central unit Number 184 that the colors on this diesel are almost identical to the Erie Lackawanna. At the same time, a CN mixed train had a BC rail unit in the consist. There are 2 more SD40-2s that are in the middle of the empty coal train with an Algoma central unit. With the BC rail caboose on the rear of the mixed freight passing by, we moved to dry Notch, as the maintenance crew makes a meet with a 4 unit grain train which is led by SD40-2 number 5913 & a trio of Norfolk & western diesels numbers 3251, 3248, & 3250. At Skoonka, a westbound CN sulphur train passes by the river with some boats in the water, & big horn sheep above the rails. Afterwards, we�re at the Skoonka tunnels where a westbound grain train goes in & out of the tunnels & rock sheds. Note the walkway bridge in the going away scene. Moments later, an eastbound arrives with 2 units. 2 miles east of Skoonka, a 2 unit sulphur train heads west. Located on the west side of spences bridge is the Murray creek waterfall on the north side of the CN line as a 2 unit mixed freight passes by. Following behind is a 2 unit grain train. A maintenance of way machine is shown on the CN line, followed by an eastbound 3 unit container train. Near the Skoonka tunnels, some big horn sheep are grazing in the purple flowers. Some of these scenes from the western Canada series were later shown in mountain wildlife from 1998, which features relaxing music being played over these scenes. Back at Spences bridge, we see the 9019 with Algoma central 184 arriving, as well as the helpers 6046 & 5770 in the middle. Moments later, a westbound coal train is shown with 9014 & 5867 leading with 5769 & 6077 (a reference to the CN 4-8-2) pushing in the middle. Afterwards, a pair of SD40-2s are on a container train, followed by 9003, 5951, & 5808 at the same location. Here it crosses the Nicola river. West of spences bridge, 5913 & the N&W high hood units are rolling alongside the river, then it is at the next scene east of the bridge. West of spences bridge, 9019 with AC 184 & the 3 SD40-2s, 1 between the main units, & 2 pushing in the middle are heading east. Between spences bridge & martell, a CN Grain train is alongside the river with 2 units in charge. Moments later, a 3 unit container train follows behind while making a meet with a westbound sulphur train that is parked on a siding. At the same time, a quartet of SD40-2s are on the CP line leading a mixed train while the 2 unit CN loaded sulphur train had finally got the green signal. A look at the Martel sign is shown as a 3 unit container train led by engines 9515, 9410, & 9470 are heading west for spences bridge. The Martel tunnel is barely in the background as a 2 unit grain train negotiates the bends. This train is led by engines 5323 & 5308. The program comes to a close as we are back at the Thompson river bridge in Lytton while the 3 unit CN mixed train negotiates the S curve, while at the same time, a quartet of SD40-2s handle a mixed train on the other side of the canyon river.

In conclusion, this is a great program from Greg�s professional Sony Betacam era, & the late John Edward hingsbergen did an outstanding job narrating this 3rd volume of the 1992 western Canada series.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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