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CSX Fs - Last F-Units in Class 1 Freight Service DVD
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CSX Fs - Last F-Units in Class 1 Freight Service DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions CSXF 604435014795
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The final four F-units on the CSX railroad are depicted in this video covering a variety of locations. Former Clinchfield Railroad FP7 #118 and F7 #116 and B-Units 117 and 119 are seen in historic film segments during the 1960s in more modern service (1987-1988) on CSX. In 1987 we cover a track geometry inspection train led by 118 and 119 in Ohio and Kentucky as far east as Kenova, W.V. This train is first seen around Marion, Ohio then south of Columbus to Cincinnati on the former B&O line through Washington Court House and Midland toward Cincinnati. The next day we see the train between Cincinnati and Kenova, on the former C&O line. There is a beautiful scene passing the Maysville, KY depot about 8 in the morning.

The bulk of our program features the unique operations of these 4 F-Units in Roadrailer freight service. These operations were in the spring and fall of 1988 between Detroit and Atlanta. Normally a pair of them, either 116-117, or 118-119 would be seen in service. These were the last F-Units to power freight trains for a class-1 railroad in the United States. Most of our coverage is from the Cincinnati area through some pretty rugged country on the former Louisville and Nashville RR in Kentucky and Tennessee. There are many tunnels, and bridges, and grades such as Duff Mountain, TN. You'll also see some regular freight traffic which includes a variety of paint schemes at this time. You'll really enjoy these classic old F-units in action.

The F-units only lasted 6 months in the roadrailer service, and eventually CSX gave up on roadrailer type of service, and the F-units were put in business train service for awhile before being leased and eventually taken off the roster. In 1994 we had the opportunity to see one unit, number 118, which was still in service on the Potomac Eagle Excursion train in West Virginia. One of the owners, a friend of ours did some very special things for us, as we were doing a segment for our first "America By Rail-The Heartland" video. We mounted a camera and tripod on the platform of a GP9, and shot looking back on the train that followed ups with 118 leading. In the America By Rail video, you see a couple of quick shots, but in this "CSX F's" video, we have included all of that run through "The Trough" from Sector to Sycamore Bridge, and its all with live audio. This segment was added in 2008 when the original 60 minute video was converted to DVD. Color video with live audio and some narration.

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Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435014795
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CSX Fs - Last F-Units in Class 1 Freight Service DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-10-04 16:52:35.

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In this 1988 videotape/2008 DVD, the program starts with 118 & 119 on a track geometry inspection train in June of 1987 between Toledo & Cincinnati just north of Marion. South of Columbus, 118 & 119 takes the lightly used B&O track to Cincinnati. Along the way, the inspection train passes by Mt. Sterling, bloomingsburg, the Washington court house, the Sabina grain elevators, an abandoned warehouse in Wilmington, negotiating a 15 mile per hour curve at Midland, Highballing through cozaddale & would arrive in Cincinnati. The next day, the 118 & 119 leaves Cincinnati in the early morning as it heads for Russel Kentucky. Along the way, there are radio communications West of Dover, a light outage on 118 & The rear of the observation car at Augusta while rolling through the crossings as well as activating the horn multiple times, passing by Maysville which is the interchange of the transkentucky transportation incorporated to Paris as the inspection train passes by the station that was used for Amtrak's cardinal with a panning shot of the suspension bridge, switching tracks at limeville junction where the Cincinnati & Columbus lines meet, note the wooden ties alongside the track, & getting its light back on at kenova West Virginia. This concludes the June 1987 segment on the track inspection train.

During the history segment, not only do the diesels of this program operate in regular service, but there are several scenes of clinchfield 4-6-0 number 1 built in April of 1882 on the countdown to Christmas trains in the late 60s. Today the 10 wheeler is on display at the Baltimore & Ohio railroad museum. 116 was built as clinchfield 800 by emd in 1948, & 118 was built in 1952 as clinchfield 200 which was the only clinchfield F unit to operate in passenger service. B units 117 & 119 were built for the Nashville Chattanooga & st Louis in 1950. 119 was originally NC&STL 918, later Louisville & Nashville 1918, & later clinchfield 869 in 1965. 117 was originally NC&STL 919, later L&N 1919, later L&N 723, & later clinchfield 250 in 1969.

Moving on to the roadrailer trains of 1988, it's already April as 118 & 119 are on train R-211 at latonia junction, followed by morning view. Meanwhile, 116 & 117 are on train R-211 on a Sunday as they passed by the closed station at the quiet zone of Paris which is the southern terminal of the TTI to Maysville. Note the automobile style traffic lights in the going away shot. Some of these scenes can also be found in cincy diesels from 2013. Back to 118 & 119 however, they are on L&N tracks as they leave the tunnel at Covington on its way to Atlanta. Moments later, 118 & 119 are passing by a big rig at white villa. Afterwards, they head for the Falmouth crossing as the driver of the pick up truck ignored the rules & regulations of railroad safety as it goes around the gates. Back at Paris, 118 & 119 are rolling through the quiet zone. One of the scenic locations between Detroit & Atlanta is the curves at hazel patch. Already in the Tennessee state line area, Chaska is located 38 miles south of Corbin yard as we see a coal train led by seaboard 8188, 8080, & 8232 passing by the coaling tower from The steam years. Note the early CSX painted mailbox & 2 dogs as helper engines: seaboard 8094, & CSX 8301 are already uncoupled from the bay window caboose on the rear as 118 & 119 are rolling under the coaling tower while making a meet. The final shot of the April 1988 coverage of the 118 & 119, is at the little town of lake city while approaching Knoxville as well as over multiple bridges.

In late May of 1988, it's an early Sunday morning in downtown Cincinnati as the first train of the day shows a piggyback with 2 on the chessie system, & One from seaboard while waiting for train R-211. The second freight that follows behind is a mixed freight with 2 of the 7000 series seaboard units, & a CSX SD40-2. The second freight comes to a stop as R-211 arrives with 118 & 119 in charge once again. East of Cincinnati, 118 & 119 are passing by a reflection pond in white villa, followed by a bend at Winchester junction with the abandoned station, & climbing through boonesboro. Meanwhile at Duff Tennessee, another coal train is shown. This time with seaboard 8145, CSX 8964, & seaboard 8088. As the coal train says farewell to the rear helpers, the pusher engines must come to an emergency stop & quickly switched directions so that the brakeman on the front of CSX 7016 could get his own hat recovered before the wind blows off. The second diesel on The helper lash up is seaboard 7054. With the quick rescue of the hat finished, 7016 & 7054 are stopped in the middle of the bend as 118 & 119 leaves the tunnel. Moments later, 7016 & 7054 are heading back to Corbin as they head for the tunnel, followed by an impatient northbound coal train that's been waiting for hours. It's led by seaboard 7094 & 8921. This scene concludes the may 1988 coverage.

On the first day of August 1988, we're back at the Covington tunnel as the temperature is over 100 degrees while 116 & 117 are passing by a northbound freight. At morning view, the shortest CSX roadrailer train that Greg captured is doing a little bit well, until 116 is having some mechanical issues the following Friday at Visalia on train R-210 as seaboard 3133 was added from Corbin while heading North. The same train is seen again at decoursey yard as 2 boys are waiting for R-210 to pass. This scene concludes the August segment.

In early September of 1988, we're at grants tunnel as 116 & 117 are leading R-211. As the tail of this train leaves the scene, listen carefully for some cows mooing offscreen. Moments later, 116 & 117 are passing by the Falmouth quiet zone, which contains a small siding. Afterwards, 116 & 117 are negotiating the bend at cynthiana, followed by boonesboro tunnel, & another tunnel north of sinks. Meanwhile, a visit to Corbin was made as a 4 unit seaboard coal train goes over the 3 unit CSX/seaboard coal train while listening to some more radio communications before 116 & 117 comes to a stop to pick up a pilot engineer, then it leaves the closed station as it heads for Atlanta. In the late afternoon, 116 & 117 are under the coaling tower at Chaska Tennessee, While passing by a northbound seaboard coal train. Down on the cattle farm, the roadrailer train passes by through Jonesboro. On September 21, 1988, 116 & 117 are on R-211 once again as they are on Baltimore and Ohio tracks while departing Glendale. Our next scene shows the roadrailer train at grants tunnel, followed by kiserton, through the tunnel & passing by a farmer with his tractor at boonesboro, taking slow orders at the tunnels & bridges in Orlando, negotiating an S curve at hazel patch while passing by a small farm with fields, & bid farewell to 116 & 117 at Corbin. In later years after it worked for CSX, 116 operates at The Potomac eagle in Romney West Virginia as 8016 in Chesapeake & Ohio colors, & in present years, it finally got its original roadname & number back: clinchfield 800. On September 22, 1988, 118 & 119 are at granite Tennessee which is north of Knoxville on train R-210. Afterwards, it rolls through habersham while passing by a freight that had one unit on The chessie system & another for seaboard, rolling by some flowers north of Williamsburg, picking up some speed at London, negotiating the bend at hazel patch, crossing over the bridge at Livingstone, & The program comes to a close at the Orlando bridges & tunnels on a really long roadrailer train.

The bonus head on Chase of 118 on the Potomac eagle in 1994 during production of America by rail the heartland, later all aboard the Potomac eagle, early diesels 3, & CSX in the 90s are really interesting.

During The closing credits, the 1960s silent films were recorded by David devault.

Overall, the late John Edward hingsbergen did a decent job narrating this over 30 year old program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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