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CPR 2816 Part Two The Inaugural Run Vancouver to Calgary DVD
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CPR 2816 Part Two The Inaugural Run Vancouver to Calgary DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-030 604435003096
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This video captures the 5-day first major trip for the restored 4-6-4 Hudson number 2816 over the Canadian Pacific Mainline. Each day is shown with good coverage from the train, trackside runbys, and even some footage in the cab. In the more remote regions like east of Revelstoke we see great coverage from a helicopter which allows breathtaking views of remote bridges along Rogers Pass as an example. You will be there for the best coverage available of this premier run of a beautiful locomotive and witness some of the best scenery North America offers.

On the final day, a special runby was set-up at Morants curve and the engine went storming through the famous location right after sun-up in spectacular fashion, before finishing the run to Calgary.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-030
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Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435003096
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CPR 2816 Part Two The Inaugural Run Vancouver to Calgary DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2021-02-01 18:44:07.

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In part 2 of this recently turned 20 year old series, the program starts on Wednesday September 19, 2001 (A week after the 9-11-01 attacks in New York City) as were on the Canadian Pacific's Cascade subdivision. Here we see diesels 3011 & 3009 pulling 2816 right into the Port Moody depot which is outside of Vancouver. Everyone of all ages examined the restored Hudson before its epic journey. Later, there is a ceremony going on, which includes a ribbon cut. With Conductor John Callan calling the 2 magic words, the week long journey was underway as the future famous Rocky Mountain Express Star performs a fine show. While there are scenes from trackside, there are several footages from onboard the special. Away from Vancouver, 2816 highballs through a lumber mill, then it comes to a stop at Mission BC. While waiting for more passengers to board the train, a grain train led by diesels 9541 & 9610 rolls through town. Underway once again, 2816 highballs down the line without a single piece of mechanical problems, followed by a handful of pacing with a whistle show as the Rockies appear in the background. At Yale BC, the local school kids wanted to get a first look at how a steam locomotive is operated in person, afterwards the special is parked on a siding to allow another grain train to pass, which is led by 9584 alone, then it departs with a wheel slip, while another freight follows behind, this time it's led by 9643. 80 miles later, the hudson would soon be stopping at North Bend BC.

Day 2 (Thursday September 20, 2001) finds 2816 on the Thompson Subdivision, as it leaves the Cisco tunnel while crossing over the Frasier River Bridge. This line is known as the Canyon route. More kids have arrived as the engine is stopped at Lytton BC. Here the Engineer of Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 Doyle McCormick chats with the children, then the Hudson Whistles off. Back on the mainline, 2816 rolls alongside the Thompson river where the CN line is in the background as a westbound CP Coal train meets with the steam special as 2816 whistles through. From a field of Flowers, 2816 whistles in the background on the other side of the river, then it passes by an old abandoned church. Still a long way to go, the special gently glides along the river while being viewed from a cliff until a stop was made in Ashcroft. From a go-pro camera mounted onto the driving wheels on the Fireman's side of the engine as well as on the cab roof, it gets underway once again as 2816 greets a vintage car from offscreen. Black smoke billowed from the funnel as 2816 is chugging harder than ever while going through some fields in the mountains. From here to Kamloops, a cab ride is included as the Daylight Driver himself takes the throttle. There is some Commentary by Doyle himself, while Bill Stetler handles the control of the Hudson's fire. Throughout the restoration in part 1, 2816 was converted from coal to oil. Arriving at Kamloops, Doyle Tugs down on the whistle cord, & brings the special to a stop while passing by wedged snowplow 400648 on display. Not only do people examine the Steam Locomotive, but also dogs like this English Springer Spaniel for example takes its time scattering around the depot with its owner.

Day 3 (Friday September 21, 2001-10 days after the 9-11-01 attacks) finds 2816 on the Shuswap Subdivision as it leaves Kamloops. Next, there is some more pacing included as the weather was Co-operating as usual. Later it passes by a grassy field while rolling through another abandoned church. Shuswap lake is in the background as 2816 rolls through with some happy passengers onboard. While waiting for the steam special, this eastbound empty coal train crosses over the swing bridge with a single unit alone upfront. Then comes 2816 following behind. Next a westbound loaded coal train with 9683 upfront is parked on the siding to allow 2816 to get the right of way. At Craigellachie BC, which is the town of the final driving of the last spike for Canada's transcontinental railroad in 1885, 2816 makes a neat whistle show for its on-time arrival. With service complete, 2816 rolls & whistles alongside a river. In Revelstoke BC, the special crosses the Columbia river bridge in the late afternoon, then it pulls into the yard. Afterwards the 4449 engineer himself teaches visitors on how the controls of a locomotive are operated.

Day 4 (Saturday September 22, 2001) finds some neat helicopter angles from the sky as 2816 is on both the Mountain & Laggan Subdivisions. It'll take 126 miles which includes crossing over the Selkirk Mountains. From Vancouver to Calgary, GP38-2 number 3084 is the helper for 2816's dynamic brakes & extra power if the steam engine has some mechanical problems. Along the way, there is some commentary from one of the crewmembers. From the ground, the special makes a neat going away shot while passing by some dump cars before we're back in the sky. Later it crosses through 2 tunnels & 5 Snowsheds on this route which is mostly difficult for chasers to film trains on this scenic line. Back on the ground, 2816 whistles through some empty sidings, then we're back in the sky once again, as the Steam special heads for the MacDonald & Shaugnesey Tunnels which opened in 1989. Moments later, 2816 descends into the beaver valley, before crossing over the Stoney Creek Bridge on Rogers Pass as well as 2 more bridges: surprise creek & Mountain creek. Again these scenes are only accessible by either helicopter or from onboard a moving train. Leaving the bridges on the old rogers pass line behind, a westbound freight is on the 1989 line as 2816 passes by the abandoned pusher station which was closed in either 1987 or 1988. The old route & new routes have rejoined together in flat creek while 2816 continues to the Alberta border. The early fall colors are beautiful especially the yellow leaf trees. Along the Way Forman Al Broadfoot is being interviewed as he talks about the route which mentioned the tunnels & rocks hitting the running board. After being serviced at Golden BC, 2816 whistles alongside the Kicking horse river, then later through a forest as more happy passengers wave to the camera crew. In the going away shot, 2816 curves onto the bridge & negotiates an S curve before arriving at Field BC. Again both people & dogs are anxious to wait for the engine to arrive. Here the locomotive gets a fresh crew change, then it moves to the wagon subdivision on Kicking horse pass, & making publicity photos at lake Louise before stopping at Alden. At Yoho BC, 2816 enters & exits one of the 2 Spiral tunnels. Away from the tunnels, 2816 makes a meet with a westbound freight which is led by an AC4400CW & an SD40-2.

Day 5 (Sunday September 23, 2001) finds 2816 being towed by 3084 longhood forward on the Laggan subdivision in order to make the preparations for the runbys at Lake Louise. Note the Ditch lights removed on 2816. With a smoke show as well as the diesel being uncoupled, 2816 performs a show for the cameras. This location is one of the most photographed landmarks on the Canadian Pacific. Leaving 3084 behind, 2816 continues to head for the Alberta state line as it makes a meet with a westbound freight train. It'll take 113 miles from Alden to Calgary. Before entering the state line, 2816 must be stopped to allow another special train to pass: the Rocky Mountaineer. With the Diesel powered special gone, another cab ride was included. This time with Bill at the Throttle, & Al Handling the control of the Fire. As the second cab ride comes to a close, 2816 arrives at Banff Alberta which is a station stop for Via Passenger trains. Here the people examine the steam locomotive before we ride on the rear of the observation car. Along the way, Al does some closing remarks of the nearly week long journey, as 2816 arrives at it's assigned/final destination: downtown Calgary Alberta. Once stopped it comes face to face with SD90MAC 9302 near the Railroad's HQ. Everyone got their autographs, & there is even a ceremony included. Before the closing credits, one final encore of a pacing scene is shown, followed by a message from once President & CEO of Canadian Pacific Rob Ritchie: "The Quality That You See In The Locomotive Is Backed Up By The People Who Are Building The Steam Program Around It."

This as well as part 1 which covers the restoration were some of the 10 Rail Innovations titles that were acquired by Greg Scholl in 2011.

Overall SC Bradley did a decent job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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