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C&NW 1995 A Year to Remember 2 DIsc DVD
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C&NW 1995 A Year to Remember 2 DIsc DVD Misc Producers CNW1995
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On March 17, 1995 the Union Pacific announced it's intention of acquiring the remaining shares of the C&NW. The purchase was complete on April 24, the last official day of the North Western. See operations on the busy East West Main line from Boone Iowa to Elmhurst Illinois during early April.

Then, on October 1, 1995, shippers including Metra commuters started making checks payable to "Union Pacific". See operations in October, across Iowa and Illinois from Fremont to Chicago. Bonus: November footage of the Geneva subdivision from November 1995, including train BUMAA passing under the cooling tower in DeKalb with three C&NW engines!

See a wide variety of motive power from vintage GP-7s to brand new Dash-9s, as well as locals, yard operations, coal trains, grain trains, stack trains and manifest trains. Also witness the C&NW business train F-7s, on their way west to Cheyenne Wyoming.

Enjoy watching this farewell salute to the C&NW after 147 years of service on this two disc DVD set in full stereo sound.

Total running time 102 minutes

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DVD Item#:CNW1995
Runtime:1 Hour, 42 Mins ($0.20/min)
Producer:Misc Producers
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
C&NW 1995 A Year to Remember 2 DIsc DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-02-27 08:38:51.

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On disc 1 which ran for 49 minutes and 51 seconds, the action begins in Boone Iowa as a 2 unit coal train with a wide cab and a C40-8 heads for Sheboygan Wisconsin. Next, we see the westbound grain train at the iconic Kate Shelly bridge that is led by another wide cab unit and a C40-8. You won't believe how long this train is. Back at Boone, A westbound local is led by GP7 number 4165. Listen to that early diesel horn. Looking around the yard, there are lots of maintenance equipment waiting for their future assignments. Not to mention A rusty snowplow. Next we see GP7 number 4101 taking a spin at the turntable, then it leaves the yard. A burro crane arrives. Listen for the radio communications. Another burro crane pushes the gondolas. Afterwards, A look at the deadline is shown as many of these pieces of equipment are waiting for either their new homes or sadly gone for scrap. There are GP7 units, GP9 units and more. At ames, A westbound empty coal train arrives with a different side cab unit and a C40-8. At ames yard, 7007 is waiting on a triple track siding as well.as 4607 on a local. 7007 is on a westbound container train. With the signal at Green or yellow, 7007 clears the siding. Behind it is union Pacific SD40-2 number 3142. With 7007 gone, 4607 is standing by. Next, A westbound empty coal train is shown with C40-8 number 8533 and wide cab unit 8707. Following behind is another westbound coal train. This time it's led by a pair of wide cab units 8706 and 8525. Moments later, an eastbound container train arrives with an SD40-2 and 8020 behind the lead unit with an RS3L air horn. At Nevada Iowa, A northbound DMITA is shown as it negotiates a bend. This mixed train is led by a side cab unit and an SD40-2. The scene was recorded from under the bridge next to the river. Moments later, A 3 unit mixed train crosses over the spine line bridge. The third unit came from.The union pacific. Next we see the same train at West Marshalltown. It's led by SD40-2 6823, 5527, and union Pacific 3547. The freight passes by the derailment. Next, a westbound doublestack is shown with 3 units, although 1 is from union Pacific. The same train is seen again at state center. Listen to the horn on SD40-2 number 6916. The second unit is number 8036, and the third is union pacific SD40-2 number 3715. Afterwards a 4 unit eastbound coal train roars by. Back at West Marshalltown, an eastbound 2 unit trailer train is shown. This time it's led by a pair of SD40-2 units. One being 6897, the other being union pacific 3634. At sunset, a 2 unit union pacific doublestack is shown. Further down the line, a mixed freight is parked on a siding. The second unit is number 5076. Next, a set of helpers ran through the crossing with number 7020 and union pacific 9534. Moments later, a westbound K-Line is shown At Fairfax with one from the C&NW and 2 from the union pacific. Following behind is GP7 number 4145 heading west with a single hopper. At Beverly yard, 4164 is doing some switching. Next we see a pair of GP7 units running light, as the raindrops block the lens. Then it's back to 4164. The same helpers: 4552 and 4105 arrives to pick up its assigned consist. Afterwards, a westbound coal train is shown with a business train that's heading for Cheyenne. It's led by C40-8 8548, C40-8 8512, and a deadline of 6 F units, 4 A units, and 2 B units. The same train is seen again at Fairfax. 7008, 8016, and 4116 are heading east for a yellow signal at Cedar rapids. Note the John Deere tractors on the flatbed in the mixed train, as well as a string of ore cars. From the camera crew's car, a C40-8 and 6865 are parked to let this eastbound K-Line train at Beverly. The third unit is in the red white and blue livery from the EMD shops. The first unit is from the northwestern, while the middle unit is from union pacific. At Beverly yard, a look at 4552 and 4105 are shown as they're both doing some switching. Next 6932 is leading a fast eastbound doublestack. Back at Cedar rapids, we're at the ADM plant known as Crandic. Here a pair of NW2 switchers are going backwards. Moments later, a westbound empty coal train is shown as it crosses the cedar river bridge. It's led by 8618. From the bridge, the same train with John Deere tractors are crossing the river. At Bertram, a westbound is shown with 2 wide cab units. Next, the camera crew paces a 2 unit westbound along U.S.route 30 with lead unit 8025, the other being union pacific 6243. The freight is paced at 70 miles per hour. With pacing completed, the same freight roads through the crossing. At calamus, an eastbound loader coal train is shown with 2 wide cab units. At low moor, an eastbound mixed train is shown with a pair of SD40-2 units. One from the northwestern, the other being union pacific 3459. Near Comanche, 7008 leads an auto carrier. From the car near East Clinton, an SD40-2 is leading this trailer train alone. Under the coaling tower from the steam years at Nelson Illinois, an eastbound union pacific doublestack goes under the tower, while at the same time, a westbound local is going backwards headed for sterling. 4107 is the lead unit. After picking up a crew member, it switches directions. Near nachusa, wide cab unit number 6874 is alone pulling this coal train. At milepost 53, a 4 unit mixed train is shown. At Lombard, an eastbound coal train is shown with union pacific 9999 in the consist. Moments later, a westbound arrives. The second unit is from GECX. There lead unit is 8660. The sun is setting as an eastbound passes by the Metra Elmhurst station as it approaches proviso yard. A westbound commuter train with 5 coaches arrives. To conclude disc 1, a look around the station office is shown. The camera operator for the April 1995 footage was Scott Bimson.

On disc 2, it's already October as it has been a few months since the northwestern has since been merged with the union pacific. The running time on the second disc is 52 minutes and 30 seconds. We begin in Fremont Nebraska as an eastbound 3 unit mixed train leaves the yard. It's led by 6893, UP 4270, & an unknown Blue U-Boat. From the highway bridge, a 2 unit mixed train is heading east. Back on the ground, an eastbound doublestack leaves. This is led by Up 6311 and 8618. A westbound auto carrier arrives with 6907 in the lead & conrail 6514. At West Kennard, a 3 unit doublestack goes under the highway bridge. The same train stops and departs. It's led by 8610, UP 6239, & UP 6212. Thus same train from the opening of the second disc is shown. Followed by a westbound empty coal train with a C40-8 & a conrail unit. At Cal junction, UP 3936 & 4601 are waiting on a siding. In Missouri valley, 6892 arrives with Norfolk southern 8672 on a mixed train heading West. Moments later an eastbound arrives with 3 units. The rear unit is UP C40-8 number 9139, while the lead unit is UP 9518. Near Arcadia, a westbound coal train is shown with 8049 & Up 6105. At sunset, 7033 is being paced as it heads to Ogden iowa from grand junction. The same train is seen again West of Boone. Behind it is UP SD40-2 number 3629. From the bridge, a 4 unit doublestack is shown with one from the C&NW, one from EMD, & 2 from UP. Going under the pedestrian bridge is an eastbound coal train West of boone. Behind the lead unit is conrail 6224. Back at the kate Shelly bridge, a 3 unit doublestack is shown. Following behind is an auto carrier with a conrail unit, then comes the trio of C&NW wide cab units on a mixed train. An eastbound Mixed train arrives in Boone. It's led by 8023, UP 3186, & UP 2464. The same train negotiates a bend at Ames. Following behind is a hopper train. This time it's led by 6890, UP 4148, & UP 3539. Following behind the second freight is a maintenance of way machine. Back at the spine line bridge in Nevada, an eastbound grain train with a csx unit crosses the bridge. People & cars ignored the safety rules at state center as a westbound arrives. One unit has the C&NW, the other from the UP. At sunset, an eastbound doublestack rolls by. The next day, 6877 leads a westbound manifest at Belle Plaine. The middle unit is UP 4290, & the third is 8046. Moments later, an eastbound doublestack arrives with UP 3516 in the consist. A westbound with 7033 & 3629 is seen as it carries brand new hoppers. 8054 is leading an eastbound in blairstown. Behind it is MPI 9014. Following behind is a loader coal train with UP 6305, & C40-8 8547. Back at the cedar river bridge, a westbound is shown with 4 units. 3 from UP, & 1 from the C&NW. At the same time, there is construction for the bridge to be double tracked. Following behind is C40-8 8542 with UP 6009 as it heads for Cheyenne. From across the river, a 3 unit doublestack crosses the construction zone. The same coal train with a conrail unit negotiates a bend at Bertram as it was taken from the highway 13 overpass. Following behind is a 2 unit auto carrier with an unidentified black diesel. At Clinton Illinois, an eastbound is crossing the Mississippi river. It's led by 8040 & wide cab unit 8553. Moving onto the hotspot of Rochelle before the new railroad park & gift shop was built, a Burlington northern doublestack crosses the busy diamond. They're led by 8167, B unit 4079, & 6786. 1995 was also the final year for the BN before it was merged with the Santa Fe. Moments later, a westbound crosses the diamond with UP 3604 in the consist. At Geneva, a Metra commuter train crosses over the Fox river bridge. Next up is an eastbound mixed train with a flatbed for a bulldozer. Following behind the commuter is an auto carrier. An eastbound doublestack/trailer train crosses the bridge. Back at Rochelle, an eastbound with 2 C&NW SD40-2s, & UP 6132 crosses the diamond. Following behind is another mixed train. This time with UP 6360. Moments later, a 4 Unit BN doublestack is shown with 7837, 7926 & 6359. The second unit is GM 6345. Afterwards, a westbound arrives with both C&NW wide cab units. The weather got really worse as a coal train passes by Glen Ellyn the following November. The second unit is UP 9413. An eastbound arrives at West Chicago arrives with 6804, & conrail 6833 & 6010. A quick shot of 8040 & UP 2411 are shown, then comes an eastbound with 6828 & UP 3912 crossing the Elgin Joliet & eastern at Turner junction. Next, a local from St. Charles arrives at the WX interlock. It's led by 4150. More action at West Chicago is shown as 7018 & UP 3563 cross the junction first. Followed by a back up move with UP 3141 & 6899 as they switched some cars around the yard. Afterwards, they leave the yard with a new load as they make a meet with a westbound in the background. 8041 & UP 4163 are arriving at the yard. Rain is falling as 6833 & NS 3979 pass by the cameraman. Back at WX interlocking, C40-8 8515 is on a coal train, with UP C40-8 9155 in the consist. At Winfield, 8644 & UP C40-8 9278 leads a coal train as it makes a meet. With a 3 unit auto carrier in the siding. A Metra commuter train heads for union station. Next, a 3 unit mixed train is heading east near La Fox. The same train with 8040 & 2411 pass by the same location. At elk grove village, 4142 is waiting with a caboose, followed by 4402 parked on a siding, 6809 & UP 4148 going backwards, & more action around proviso yard. The program comes to a close with some more at West Chicago, followed by an eastbound doublestack in DeKalb, then a westbound at the same location, & another eastbound. The C&NW will live on forever as one of the most interesting fallen flags of the 90s. Dennis Norris shot the October & November trips. After the credits, it shows the logo at Rochelle, followed by a 3 unit freight.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: There was no narration.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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