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Burlington Northerns Crawford Hill DVD
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Burlington Northerns Crawford Hill DVD Pentrex BNCRAW-DVD 634972955312
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One of the best kept railroad secrets is Crawford Hill. Let's go back to the days when Burlington Northern used their latest power to get over this obstacle. Spectacular scenery, intense action and sheer locomotive power!

This 13-mile section of railroad. Crawford Hill sees over 40 trains a day, most requiring helper engines as they battle steep grades, s-curves, and even back-to-back horseshoe curves. Watch a wide variety of locomotives including C30-7s, SD40-2s, GP30s, Oakway SD-60s and SD70MACs growl up the hill.

A highlight is the red, white and blue locomotive “Desert Storm”, number 1991. We see several appearances of #1991 on the hill. Just one of the many spectacular scenes on “Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill”.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 07 Mins ($0.36/min)
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DVD UPC:634972955312
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Burlington Northerns Crawford Hill DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-11-15 08:03:38.

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In this recently turned 25 year old program from 195, it starts with a bird's eye view of the trees & mountains of Nebraska. Our first train after a clip montage with a map of the route shows milepost 423 in crawford as SD70MAC 9434 waits for an eastbound loaded coal train with 4 units: C30-7 5133, SD40-2 7281, & 2 more C30-7s 5081 & 5555. 2 More SD70MACs are pushing on the rear: 9470, & 9466. At the Highway 2 bridge in the east end of town, a 3 unit loaded eastbound is shown with a trio of SD70MACs. They are numbered 9401, 9451, & 9405. There are 112 hoppers on this coal train, as they head for Flint Arkansas. These were the last diesels to be built for Burlington Northern Shortly before merging with the Santa Fe. Moving onto milepost 419, we're at squawk creek road, as a 5 unit loaded coal train is shown with a trio of SD40-2s: 7889, 8098, & 7229 carrying U-boat 5080, & Union Pacific 2537. 2 more SD70MACs are pushing on the rear: 9426, & 9442. Note the maintenance of way equipment in the going away shot. At Saw Log Road, 9412 is waiting for a clear signal, while a look inside the cab is shown as a 4 unit loaded coal train arrives with 4 units: 2 from EMD: 9038 & 9025, & 2 More SD40-2s: 8101 & 8115. 2 more SD70MACs are pushing on the rear: 9434, & 9436. The destination for this train is Welsh Texas. More Maintenance machines are shown as the same train that we saw on the Highway 2 bridge, makes a meet. The 2 helpers are pushing on the rear: 9426 & 9442. At Crow Butte curve, an empty coal train with 3 MACS are descending the grade. Getting closer to the curve, 3 more MACS are in charge: 9412, 9422, & 9413. Back at the previous scene, a 4 unit westbound empty coal train with 2 U-boats & 2 EMD Units are at Crow Butte. At milepost 416, the train negotiates windy point in the background, then we see the same train heading right for us. They are led by a pair of C30-7's: 5582 & 5576, an SD40-2 number 8172, & 2 Union Pacific C30-7's: 2505 & 2445 are in charge of this empty coal train at 116 cars. At the Twin Horseshoe curves in milepost 414, a pair of MACS are running light as a westbound empty coal train appears in the background. Each Horseshoe curve on Crawford hill has a different name: one is named Windy Point at milepost 413 with an elevation of 4305 feet, the other is named white clay curve at milepost 414 with an elevation of 4200 feet. White clay curved is the Widest of the 2, & was Relocated & Rebuilt in 1982. Approaching the white clay curve comes a pair of MACS running light. They are 9442 & 9426 which are the same helpers pushing the coal train at the highway 2 bridge. A meet is shown with an eastbound mixed freight led by SD40-2 7121, & booster unit 4091 with a troublesome GP38-2 number 2298 & a Westbound empty coal train with a trio of MACS: 9419, 9460, & 9443 as they're returning from Council Bluffs Iowa. Recording from the same spot, the Mixed train meets the Helpers that are following behind the coal train at Windy Point. Afterwards, We're at the Milepost 414 big cut as an eastbound loaded coal train is shown with a trio of C30-7's & an SD40-2. They are numbered 5133, 7281, 5081, & 5555 once again. This is the same train that we saw at Crawford in the beginning of this program. They're heading for Welsh Texas as they Negotiate windy point. 9470 & 9466 are providing extra power on the rear. At White clay curve, a 4 unit coal train is shown with EMD 9036, Conrail 5516, & a pair of BN SD40-2's: 7267, & 8035. Moments later, more maintenance equipment is shown as the sound of the freight is heard offscreen. First comes a tamper, followed by a ballast regulator, & a rail allignner. This freight is led by EMD 9052, a Kansas City Southern SD60, BN SD40-2 8042, & BN C30-7 5037. There are 125 loaded hoppers on this consist with 9470 & 9466 pushing once again. Following behind is a 2 unit Fresh iron rail Delivery train with number 1991 that was built to pay tribute to the Gulf war. The Second unit is SD40-2 number 8003. At white clay curve, 9470 & 9466 are running light once again as they make a meet with a mixed freight that is led by SD40-2 number 7922 & booster unit 4060. Like the Welded rail train with 1991, there are no helpers on the rear. Following behind is another eastbound loaded coal train. They are numbers 5589, 7939, 5010, & 5508. Pushing on the rear is 9426 & 9442. Returning to Windy Point, a 4 unit mixed train is shown with GP30M 2806, with 2701, Booster unit 4044, & LMX B40-8 number 8570. At sunset, a mixed freight is seen overlooking windy point. Next day finds the empty coal train returning to the powder river basin. Several minutes later, the lash up of this same coal train is shown: 2 from EMD, BN SD40-2 8114, & C30-7 5100. Following behind is a westbound hopper with 2 C30-7's on BN & 2 EMD painted SD60s. On another day, 1991 leads a pair of LMX units on a mixed train. Several minutes later, 1991 arrives at windy point. Note the track work in the going away shot. 2 hours later, a 5 unit lash up of SD40-2s are leading a westbound coal train at the same location. They are numbers 7270, 8112, 7278, 7246, & 8025. This coal train is returning from St. Louis. A White pick-up truck from the Inspector of the BN parallels alongside the line. Approaching Belmont at milepost 412, were at the 1.4% grade as a mixed train is shown with SD40-2 number 7924, B unit 4002, & SD40-2 number 6084. Moments later, an eastbound loaded coal train is shown at milepost 411. They are led by 9036, 9025, BN SD40-2 number 8115, & SD40-2 number 8101. Pushing on the rear is 9434 & 9436. At Belmont near milepost 410, a brief look at what's left of the original route is shown which includes the tunnel from the steam days. The Coal Train with 9401, 9405, & 9451 have arrived at the summit. Here the helpers would soon be removed from the train. On another day, a helper set with 9466 & 9470 lead 6 hoppers, an SD40-2, & number 1991 on the rear. Belmont Summit is at an elevation of 4498 feet. Here we see a Union Pacific C30-7 number 2485 leading a Quartet of BN SD40-2s: 7228, 6827, 7807 & 7823 on a loaded coal train with 9442 & 9426 pushing on the rear. The final 5 minutes of this program shows a westbound coal train with SD70MACs 9450, 9468, & 9423, returning to arbor, NE, an Eastbound loaded coal train with BN 5063, 5078, 6357, 8025, & 7852 slowing down for a stop, where the helpers are removed, 9442 & 9426 making a meet with the stalled coal train, then the coal train gets the green signal. In the Closing Credits, an Eastbound Loaded coal Train with A Trio of SD70MACs battles the grade at sunset.

Overall, Bob Taylor did an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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