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Big Boy on Tour 2019 Part 2 Midwest Southwest South DVD
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Big Boy on Tour 2019 Part 2 Midwest Southwest South DVD Kalmbach Publishing 15357 64465160092
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Hop back aboard Big Boy 4014 as it travels around the U.S. celebrating the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad's completion.

This DVD covers the July-November ramblings of the first operational Big Boy in 60 years as it travels to the Great Lakes region, returns to the Overland Route solo, tackles Cajon Pass, rides the Sunset Route, doubleheads with the George Bush 4141 diesel in Texas, and returns home in a snow storm.

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DVD Item#:15357
Runtime:1 Hour, 30 Mins ($0.25/min)
Producer:Kalmbach Publishing
Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
DVD UPC:64465160092
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Disc Type:DVD
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Big Boy on Tour 2019 Part 2 Midwest Southwest South DVD
andyzebra (Birmingham United Kingdom UK) on 2020-01-29 06:38:05.

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Because "Trains " never put a preview of there DvD , i never bought part 1 so its very unlikely i will ever by part 2 ! Producers with confidence in there product give us a little tease before we buy.

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Big Boy on Tour 2019 Part 2 Midwest Southwest South DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-11 12:15:43.

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In part 2 of the trains magazine version of the big boy 4014 revival, it starts with the beast whistling through the crossing with SD90ACE number 3025 (which is a reference to the Chinese Mikado at the valley railroad in Connecticut that was originally built as Knox & Kane 1658 in Pennsylvania). Afterwards, stock footage from part 1 of the revival is shown as 4014 makes a test run from Cheyenne to Nunn Colorado at sunset as it whistles under the Colorado & southern bridge which is owned by BNSF, followed by a still image of the beast standing silent while being removed at the rail giants train museum in Pomona California before the restoration at Cheyenne, as well as doubleheading with 844 to Ogden for the 150th anniversary of the golden spike. More scenes of the trains magazine coverage of the inaugural run of the beast can be found in part 1 of the operating runs of the beast as well as multiple producers who shot the doubleheader in action. Back to the solo trips of 4014, the big boy passes by a grain elevator, followed by a map of the entire circle route for July & August of last year. Before the action starts in Omaha, a brief history of the beast as well as its sister engine: 4000 are shown which does include a shot of a challenger at Hillsdale. Back in the present day, one of 4014's 7 surviving silent sister engines number 4023 is on display at Omaha.

Out on the mainline, 4014 whistles through crescent iowa. The date is July 15, as the beast heads for Boone which is the headquarters for the Boone & scenic valley tourist railroad. Moments later, the big boy rolls through Missouri valley, and in the next scene, 4014 crosses over the bridge outside of Dennison. Afterwards, the beast is rolling through glidden, where throughout the trip, another diesel number 8167 is sandwiched between the big boy and the coaches as well as 3025. A few moments later, 4014 crosses over a new bridge next to the old Kate Shelley bridge near Boone, followed by a shot from the drone at the same location. The original bridge as you can tell by the huge amount of rust, measured 190 feet above the des Moines river, and measures 2800 feet long. The new bridge was opened in 2009, and was a little bit longer & taller.

On July 16, the beast is on Chicago & northwestern tracks as it passes by the Landus grain elevators. The Next destination on the list: Nevada Iowa, and the switch to rock island tracks to mason city. Meanwhile, an interview with Edward Dickens is included as 4014 whistles through fernland, rolls under a thunderstorm at Hampton, and mentions 844. The rain is still falling as the beast arrives at mason city where it makes a meet with the iowa traction freight only electric.

On July 17, the big boy whistles next to a pair of former Rock Island E units in manly
Iowa where the lead diesel number 630 is referenced to a Southern railway consolidation at The Tennessee valley railroad museum in Chattanooga. With the signal switched to all clear, 4014 whistles off. Already in Minnesota, the beast is shown at.Albert lea. Moments later, the big boy is on the double track mainline as it goes under the overpass at Farmington. Late in the afternoon, 4014 arrives at St. Paul while making a meet with the auto carrier before it was put on display at union station.

2 days later on July 19, the beast is on BNSF's former great northern line as it heads for Duluth. A mention of Milwaukee road 261 is included. Another interview with Edward Dickens is included as the big boy whistles through northdale, passes by some chasers at sandstone, and crosses the kettle river bridge which was used as the front cover and main menu for the C. Vision entertainment version of the big boys journey to the Midwest. Already in Wisconsin, 4014 whistles through Foxboro. South of Boylston, the beast crosses The Nemadji river. Arriving in Duluth, another restored steam locomotive in the 2010's decade welcomes the big boy to the museum: Duluth & northeastern 2-8-0 number 28 that was originally built as Duluth missabe & iron range 332. Every Railfan from the area wanted to see the meet in action with a whistle show as they record on their iPhones while some would go professional to use legit camera equipment. It's July 20, & 4014 is on display while music is played as well as 332/28 operating short trips to Lakewood. Meanwhile, a short visit to the museum at Duluth union station is included where SOO line 4-6-2 number 2719 stood silent after operating it's final runs in 2013. There is also DM&IR Yellowstone 227 inside the museum as well as a history of these unique monsters in regular service which includes some still images. The one thing that the Yellowstone type locomotives have that the big boys didn't have, is the fastest tractive effort. They have 140,000 pounds of tractive efforts while the big boys have 135,000 pounds of tractive efforts. Besides 227, 2 more Yellowstone type locomotives are on display: 225 is at proctor, & 229 is at two harbors which is the northern terminal of the north shore scenic railroad.

On Sunday afternoon July 21, 4014 is being turned on the wye and also heading to superior Wisconsin over st. Louis bay. Here we see the engine at the water while going over the swing bridge as well as multiple boats.

On Monday July 22, the beast heads back to saint Paul as it crosses the Nemadji river bridge at black river Wisconsin. Already in Minnesota, the big boy whistles through Askov. Almost arriving back in saint Paul, 4014 curves out of the short tunnel.

On Tuesday July 23, the beast leaves the twin cities behind as it heads for Chicago while a BNSF freight rolls alongside the steam locomotive. Already in Wisconsin, the big boy passes by a farm in Knapp. Moments later, 4014 crosses on a bridge at Randolph. Another interview with Dickens is shown as the beast whistles under the coaling tower at Clyman junction with a caterpillar excavator on the right, and Whistling through the Metra commuter station at Wheaton Illinois on the middle track. In the Chicago railroad fair during 1948, 4024 was sent to be put on display at the event while 2-8-2 number 1935 is parked up front.

Days later, the big boy heads for home as it whistles through the railroad hot spot of Rochelle Illinois which is somewhere near the busy double track diamond.

2 months later in September, the biggest journey for 4014 would be the biggest circle tour beginning with a map of the entire 2 month long tour for the countdown to say goodbye forever to the 2010s decade. The action begins on September 27 (day 1 of the biggest circle tour) as the beast is at speer Wyoming where from Cheyenne to echo canyon it would retrace the route like it did on its inaugural run while doubleheading with 844. Moments later, the big boy is at Dale junction on Sherman hill. Afterwards, another interview with Edward Dickens is included as 4014 rolls under threatening skies at Bosler, as well as negotiating an S curve at Rock river, & later under a signal in Rawlins.

On September 28, the beast is being serviced in Rawlins before it pounds the rails once again on its way to southern California. Here we see the engine leaving the yard from a mountain cliff. Moments later, the big boy is shown at the location West of Rawlins. Throughout the trip, diesel helper 8843 is used for extra power. Moments later, 4014 is at the continental divide of Creston.

2 days later on September 30, the beast is departing rock springs. Afterwards, the big boy is West of green river as cameras clicked offscreen. West of the previous scene, 4014 roars through Peru hill. One line has old wooden ties while the other line has new concrete ties. Still in Wyoming, the beast is alongside the mountains at Altamont.

It's already the very first day of October 2019 as the big boy is West of Evanston while following behind a freight that is causing slow orders but nobody's complaining. Already in the golden spike state of Utah, 4014 whistles through castle rock, then it makes a meet with the doublestack at echo canyon. West of the canyon, the beast is at Croydon, followed by Unitah.

After an overnight stop in Provo, the big boy turns south as it heads for the southwest corner of America. The action begins on October 4, as 4014 negotiates an S curve at Rocky ridge. A quarry is in the background as The beast crosses over the sevier river in ash grove. Afterwards another interview with Edward Dickens is included as the big boy whistles through deseret. Here he talks about why diesel helpers must be placed behind the big boy for safety reasons as 4014 whistles through black rock. Moments later, the beast is north of Milford which is the northern terminal of the Caliente subdivision as it passes by the solar powered windmills.

On October 5 after posing for a photo session with a vintage automobile, the big boy is on the Caliente subdivision as it leaves Milford while rolling alongside the highway. Afterwards, 4014 negotiates the S curve at Devil's gap.

On October 6, the beast exits tunnel 5 at Carp Nevada. Another diesel helper number 2551 is used for extra power. Still in Nevada, the big boy whistles through Crystal. At apex, 4014 whistles over multiple automobiles as it crosses the bridge over a 2 lane highway. For October 7, the beast is on display at the city of gambling, & The site for history channel's American restoration.

The date is October 8 as the big boy is at Sloan Nevada on its way to the California state line. While 4014 heads for California, stock footage from big boy on the road to restoration is shown.

On Saturday October 12, 4014 operates day 1 of the round trip excursion from West Colton to Barstow which does include riding footage beginning with the special at Sullivan's curve. Back on the ground, 4014 negotiates the S curve. This scene was used as the front cover & main menu of this program. Afterwards, we are back on board as the beast passes by Mormon rocks. Back on the ground, the big boy enters the S curve at Alray. All to soon, 4014 arrives at the summit of cajon pass on the triple track mainline. Beyond the summit, the beast is rolling through Victorville. Throughout the weekend long special, 2 diesels: 2551 & 9072 are sandwiched between the big boy & a really long line of coaches.

On Sunday October 13, 4014 is at Daggett junction after being stored at Yermo while approaching the former Santa Fe station in Barstow to pick up passengers for the return trip. While there is another interview with Edward Dickens, the beast pounds the line at Helendale. On the trackage rights from BNSF, the big boy negotiates the S curve at frost as well as going over the BNSF container train. Listen for the scanner communications as well as people talking offscreen.

At the full hour mark of this program, 4014 & 2551 are on the sunset route as it heads for Yuma Arizona. The action begins at Beaumont hill. Still in Southern California, the beast dodges through frink, then it makes a reflection shot at an unknown location.

On October 16, the big boy is at the grand canyon state of Arizona as it rolls east of Yuma. The action begins in Dome. Another interview with Edward Dickens is shown as 4014 negotiates an S curve in Mohawk, and passes by A rusty water tower in Aztec. Moments later, the beast whistles over the water at Theba, then it negotiates a horseshoe curve at shawmut with some mountains in the background. Afterwards, the big boy is West of its next overnight stop location at Casagrande. There are 2 scenes at the location. One of them showing 4014 whistling by some flowers.

On October 17, the beast heads for its next stop: Tucson. The action begins in red rock. Tons of people wanted to see the big boy in action at Cortaro.

2 days later on October 19, 4014 heads for lordsburg new Mexico. The coverage begins at sinego creek while the beast negotiates the bend. Moments later, the big boy goes under the railroad bridge while heading for the new Mexico state line. Still in Arizona, 4014 whistles through Sibyl. Afterwards, the beast whistles through Cochise. Already in New Mexico, the big boy passes by a rail grinder at Steins.

On October 20, 4014 makes a meet with a westbound doublestack while heading for el Paso Texas.The Rio Grande river is located at the new Mexico Texas state line as the beast crosses The bridge. The southern border into Mexico is behind the camera crew.

2 weeks have passed, meaning that it's already November & The coverage resumes at fort Hancock Texas as the big boy rolls through the cowboy state. At Sanderson, 4014 crosses over the wooden trestle bridge. Smoke billows out of the Funnel as the beast rolls through alpine.

On November 8, The big boy is at college station where it'll pick up SD7ACE number 4141 that was used for the December 2018 funeral train for the memory of George Herbert walker bush. Before heading to the museum, a speech that is dedicated to the special diesel is shown.

On November 9, 4014 & 4141 heads for the presidential library where the special diesel will be dropped off heads for Palestine. The action begins in Bryan. Wouldn't it be nice if a steam giant could operate the funeral train? Just Imagine if it did. Moments later, the beast And the diesel used for the funeral train is south of Hearne. Once at Hearne diamond, all of the people both young & old Even dogs captured the moment as The big boy & 4141 crosses the diamond twice. Once turned, it crosses the other part of the same diamond as it heads for Palestine. With the special diesel dropped off at Palestine, 4014 heads for it's 2 day journey to little rock Arkansas. Today's destination: Marshall Texas. Whistling east of the previous scene, the beast is at Neches. Afterwards, another interview with Edward Dickens is included as the big boy is West of Jacksonville. In Jacksonville, a 4 or 5 unit freight is parked on a siding as 4014 whistles by. For the run to Arkansas, 8824 is behind the beast for extra power. After a service stop at Crewe, the big boy gets underway again as people both young and old wanted to see the true steam giant of American railroading in action as they used their iPhones while a handful Of others uses legit cameras. Next a brief history of the restoration of 4014 is shown as A still image of 4000 are included While editor Jim Wrinn talks about converting the beast from coal to oil. During the test run to Nunn & also doubleheading with 844 to the celebration of the golden spike, the big boy must borrow the tender from challenger 3985. Meanwhile, 4014 rolls through killbourne Texas. Texas & Pacific 2-8-2 number 400 is on display with a caboose as the beast whistles for the station arrival at Marshall as it goes under the overpass, and also curving at the Amtrak station in the same town.

On November 12, the big boy heads for Arkansas as it whistles through Jefferson, then it negotiates the double track bend at Atlanta Texas.

Just about 10 minutes left into the program, another interview with Edward Dickens is included as 4014 departs Prescott Arkansas on November 13, followed by a whistle show in Arkadelphia, as well as another whistle show at Donaldson.

10 days later on November 23, an early winter is arrived as the beast heads for Cheyenne at a location that is somewhere east of Denver as well as another interview with Edward Dickens offscreen. Moments later, the big boy is at Arroyo Colorado. Prior to the homeward bound trip to Cheyenne, the rear coaches are dropped off at Topeka Kansas as a long string of 10 covered hoppers are placed on the rear.

3 days later on November 26, a snow storm is falling as 4014 rolls through the bridge at commerce city Colorado, then it rolls between the roadways at La Salle. More snow is on the ground as The beast makes the curve at Greeley, then it passes by the grain elevators at Eaton as the sun is popping out of the sky. With the big 2 month circle trip finished, as well as saying goodbye forever to the 2010s decade, the big boy is finally home in Cheyenne. More trips were planned following a huge success from railfans & The public. But unfortunately, the 2020 trips were cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus from China. However, it will resume operating in 2021 for the 4014's 80th birthday. One final interview with Edward Dickens is shown followed by a montage of clips as well as the closing credits.

This 100 minute DVD is an incredible sequel for railfans to enjoy again and again.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Big Boy on Tour 2019 Part 2 Midwest Southwest South DVD
Ron Harber III (Strafford MO US) on 2020-10-01 16:56:46.

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Big Boy 4014 part 2 shows the remaining trips of 2019 Big Boy. In the summer of that year, it traveled to Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois what was billed as the great race across the Midwest. In September, 4014 traveled to Utah, Nevada and California in great race across the Southwest. In California, 4014 visit the Los Angeles county fairgrounds where it was on displayed before 2013. October 12 & 13, it pulled an excursion train over historic Cajon Pass. It then traveled to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas where it stayed for 2 weeks. In November before 2019 came to a close, 4014 pulled the train in Texas with heritage diesel unit George Bush 4141 on what would turned out to be the diesel�s last run ever before being placed on display at the George Bush presidential library and museum. 4014 would finish his journey in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and eventually back home to Cheyenne on November 26. Great video but the saddest part is that they never featured a trip in Oklahoma and November 16 was the last time I saw 4014 in person. And unfortunately less than 3 months later in 2020, challenger 3985 was officially retired due to poor mechanical condition and she is in storage in Cheyenne, Wyoming. 4014 & 844 are the two finest locomotives that will be watching years to come and this video is a great one to watch.

Additional remarks by Ron Harber III:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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