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Big Boy 4014 West Union Pacific DVD
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Big Boy 4014 West Union Pacific DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions BB4014WD
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4014 is the largest operational steam locomotive in the World. The now famous Big Boy class of 4-8-8-4's were world renowned and in fact folks came from around the world to see this one operating for the first time in nearly 60 years.

We begin with the first run of 4014, on a break-in run from Cheyenne in the last rays of sunlight, as it heads south on the line toward Denver. We also have night scenes in Nunn, Colorado where the trial run would end. These scenes include arrival, inspection of the engine, passing freights, and servicing with grease guns and so forth. This was May 2, 2019.

On May 4th the epic trip to Ogden began in Cheyenne, with the goal being Ogden, Utah to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of the joining of the first Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. The trip took several days in 2019, as several stops were included for servicing the engine, and for viewing the engine at some locations. The first day ran from Cheyenne to Rawlins. On May 5th they ran from Rawlins to Rock Springs, and on May 6th from Rock Springs to Evanston. This day was particularly interesting as the train left well before dawn. Our video shows it arriving and departing Green River around 5:30 in the morning, and another camera picked it up arriving and departing Granger in great low light.

There was an off day on May 7th, but on May 8th the train operated from Evanston, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah. This segment starts with snow flurries out of Evanston, and eventually improves. Scenes include Echo Canyon, Henefer, Near Morgan, Peterson, Uintah, Devil's Slide, and nearing Ogden.

On May 9th one of our camera crew captured the special ceremony in Ogden. This was an all Union Pacific event hosted by CEO Lance Fritz, and included 844 and 4014 facing each other and a bit of this ceremony is included with an enthusiastic crowded participating.

On May 10th, we have some coverage of the activities at Promontory, Utah where the original golden spike ceremony took place. We see some of the rehearsal, and parts of the show including the Central Pacific Jupiter, and the Union Pacific number 119. These replica engines are seen as they point toward each other on a regular basis during the summer months, but this was a special 150th Anniversary. In our preliminary footage we even see the Jupiter moving into position.

So 4014 had made it to Utah in time for the 150th anniversary festivities. But, our coverage doesn't end there, quite yet. One of our cameramen stuck around, and even shot the first day of the return trip to Evanston on May 12th. This would be the very first excursion as a fundraiser trip was sold to the public and more coaches were added. This was significant because it would be the first time for 4014 climbing the Wasatch mountains, which is the area the Big Boys were built for back in the 1940's. We see some nice views of this train culminating in a great reflection scene arriving in Evanston.

This show has something for everyone, and will be a great momento of this historic event. It's really hard to believe the Union Pacific actually restored a "Big Boy" to operate once more, for hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy.

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Big Boy 4014 West Union Pacific DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-08-09 20:47:54.

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In Greg�s version of the Union Pacific big boy 4014 revival, the opening and closing credits for this program was used on eastern steam trips from 2 years ago. The main program starts with Christopher Kovacs (trainmaster844) narrating about people wishing for a big boy to operate after 60 years. On the day of the test run which was Thursday May 2, Darren Gunau shot the big boy with 2 baggage cars for the tools, and SD70AH 8937 to tow the test train back to Cheyenne. A look at the map is shown. The only trackside footage in sunset is at sunset south of Cheyenne. As darkness falls, William Rogers records 4014 whistling at nunn Colorado, then it stops for service. While being serviced, Kovacs narrates the history of 4014 and its 24 sister Engines, not to mention the railroad choosing 4014 because of its best shape, as well as diesel 3105, a boxcar and a bay window caboose for the replacement engines of the big boy. A southbound 3 unit freight is shown as it heads to Denver. Another southbound to Denver is included carrying mostly automobiles. During the restoration, the big boy is borrowing challenger 3985�s tender due to 4014�s tender in its coal burning mode, and also a little bit rusty. The original plan was to have 844 go west alone, followed by 4014 a week later. However, it was decided to do a doubleheader to Ogden. This was the first time since the 2005 frontier day�s special where doubleheaded steam on the Union Pacific operates. A map is included. 2 days later on Saturday May 4, the big journey begins and almost 50,000 people more or less came from different parts of America and the world to see the true largest steam locomotive in operation for the very first time. Some of the mainstream media was there, as well as pentrex, Les Jarrett from railway productions, 7 idea, revelation videos, and of course Jim Wrinn Of Trains magazine. As always, day 1 is from Cheyenne to Rawlins. Normally, 844 would always be in the front of the doubleheader specials but due to the big boy revival, it was decided to put 4014 in the lead, while 844 is sandwiched between the 2 water tenders. The departure on Greg�s version was shot by Scott Griggs. It is at milepost 507 from Omaha with an elevation of 6060 ft, as it goes under the Colorado and Southern Bridge now owned by BNSF passing by crowds of people using mostly handheld devices (iPhones, and tablets) while others use the legitimate digital cameras. Note the eastbound doublestack in the going away shot. Next the special is at Speer on track 3, followed by an exit at hermosa tunnel with an elevation of 7960 feet. It�s always windy in Wyoming. The wind is getting louder as 4014 and 844 passes by more people at hermosa which is near milepost 545, and an elevation of 7899 ft. Note the freight in the background. The narrator mentioned his name several times in this program. A repeat of the same scene is shown, this time it is from the north side of the tracks shot by the narrator. Next a still image of 4014 with a really big crowd of visitors are shown at Laramie which is at milepost 563, and an elevation of 7151 feet. West of here is a meet with a 5 unit eastbound at bosler that is at milepost 583, and an elevation of 7082 feet. Not to mention 3 helpers in the middle. 2 different cameras combined on this meet scene. Afterwards, there is some pacing between bosler and medicine bow. During the pacing sequence, Kovacs talks about 844, leaving out the removal of the red mars light in 2013. Of course he did mention the 3 other UP northerns with us today. Next, multiple ties are alongside the tracks at Hanna which is at milepost 640 and an elevation of 6775 feet. During this scene, Kovacs talks about more historic details of the big boy, and again, it�s always windy in Wyoming. Near fort Steele, the special crosses the bridge over the north platte river. This was the final scene for the day 1 chase in Greg�s version of the big boy 4014 revival. On Sunday May 5, 4014 and 844 left Rawlins for rock springs. The first scene is at Ferris road crossing west of Rawlins. Next it goes under the highway bridge heading for the continental divide of Creston which is at milepost 709, and an elevation of 7107 feet. A service stop had to be made in Wamsutter which is at an elevation of 6709 feet near milepost 721. More and more people are showing up for this unique train. Green river, Rawlins, Laramie, and Denver were the main service shops for all 25 big boys. Kids young and old can�t resist the look at a steam locomotive for the very first time as 4014 and 844 continues on its way to the ceremony. The wind in this departure shot is very wild. On April 27 1953, one of the 8 surviving big boys number 4005 was involved in a crash at red desert. Thankfully it is on display at the forney transportation museum in Denver. Next, the special makes a fast meet at Tipton which is at milepost 709, and an elevation of 7001 feet. At Battle Creek, Kovacs talks about the other surviving big boys besides 4014. Battle Creek is at milepost 754, with an elevation of 6699 feet. At the 30 minute mark of the program, the special arrives at point of rocks (not the Maryland hot spot), which is at milepost 774 and an elevation of 6509 feet. Later on it departs the location as the wind is getting louder and louder with more people capturing 4014. More pacing action is shown between point of rocks and rock springs. This concludes The day 2 chase in Greg�s version of the big boy revival. On Monday May 5, the special heads for Evanston. At 5:00 before the sun comes up, 4014 and 844 arrives at green river for service despite the darkness. Note the eastbound freight meeting the special. Green river is at milepost 814 (named after a surviving Union Pacific northern), and has an elevation of 6083 ft. The sky is turning from black to blue as the special departs green river, while the sun is still rising. This shot was taken by the narrator, which some of his clips of the big boy chase can be found on his YouTube channel. The orange sun rays are shown as the special is at Granger which is at an elevation of 6271 feet and it is at milepost-well, obviously the name of the operating northern to never go into retirement. Next it goes under the bridge as it heads for granger. Granger is at the junction where the line to Pocatello Idaho and the Pacific Northwest are operated. Even though it remains a freight only line. After photos from fans, both 4014 and 844 took turns whistling as it departs for the ceremony. Note the wooden ties in the going away shot. Another service stop had to be made in carter Wyoming which is at an elevation of 6498 feet near milepost 873. During the departure, a meet with an eastbound freight is shown. This location was shot by the narrator for the arrival footage, and another cameraman for the departure footage. The hotel 6 sign is seen in the backyard as well as emergency sirens heard offscreen as 4014 and 844 crawls To a hault for huge boulders blocking the tracks near Evanston. With the rocks removed from all sides of the track, the special arrives at the station which is at an elevation of 6745 feet near milepost 914. This concludes the day 3 chase in Greg�s version of the big boy revival. The 2 engines had a day of being on display on Tuesday May 7, and on Wednesday May 8, the big boy and the living legend crosses into the state line for its final destination: the Ogden railroad museum. The weather is forecast for downpours most of the day, but at least it didn�t ground the train to a hault, nor its own chasers. Next the special is at the red cliffs of Echo canyon near its namesake town, which is at milepost 950, and also at an elevation of 5460 feet. Afterwards, a repeat with a different cameraman is shown, as it pans the 4014 and 844 in the canyon. Further down the line, the special is at Hefener Utah near milepost 954, with an elevation of 5337 feet. The wind is picking up the sound in this scene. Next, it crosses over the bridge At Devil�s slide Which is at an elevation of 5251 feet near milepost 959. Afterwards 4014 and 844 passes by a freight near Morgan along the Weber river, which is at an elevation of 5071 feet, on milepost 966. Another meet with a freight is shown at Peterson which is at milepost 973, with an elevation of 4889 feet. Next there is some pacing going on at Weber Canyon, followed by a runby at Uintah Utah which is at milepost 983, and has an elevation of 4502 feet. The final shot of the westbound chase shows the big boy and the living legend as it arrives at its destination where the weekend long ceremony will be held from Thursday May 9-Sunday May 12. Ogden is at milepost 990 with an elevation of 4298 feet. Note the wooden ties along the tracks. On Thursday may 9, everyone from both America and the world recorded the nose to nose ceremony of the Union Pacific engines, as the railroad�s president and CEO lance fritz does the announcements. While lance is speaking, clips of 4014 at Laramie and carter are shown. This was one of the most epic moments of us steam railroading in the 2010s decade. And also a grand highlight to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the golden spike. Speaking of the spike, the narrator makes a visit to the golden spike national Historic site as 1979 replicas of 2 American type locomotives: Central pacific number 60 the Jupiter, and Union Pacific numbed 119. During the 150th party, men are walking around the 2 Engines, followed by the flag, a runby of the Jupiter, then comes the children�s storytelling of the transcontinental railroad. Plus there is a partial bit of the star spangled banner with a quartet of jets flying in sky, completed with fireworks, which are nearly blocked by waving hats, and the real rehearsal of adults telling their versions of the golden spike. Note the cars on the background, as well as the bit of wind and microphone static being heard offscreen. On the same day, 4014 is making preparations for the Sunday trip to head home for Cheyenne. This is the first time the big boy is rolling backwards. Note the horns from the freight offscreen. On the return trip, Daren gunau recorded the eastbound chase beginning at strawberry Utah. Next the big boy and 844 passes by various people at echo. Note the flags on the front of 4014. Afterwards, the theme song to Burlington route Steam from 2005 is used as the special is between Emory and castle rock. The prices for the one way special was $3000 for coaches, and $5000 for the dome cars. Kovacs also mentions the big boys operating between Ogden to Denver via Cheyenne. An narrative epilogue is used, and in the final scene shows both 4014 and 844 nearing Evanston Wyoming as it is performed perfectly well with a reflection shot. This concludes the Greg Scholl video productions version of the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 revival. All in all, Kovacs did an outstanding job narrating this program. And he is still going strong to be part of the GSVP family since 2018, after the regular GSVP narrator John Edward Hingsbergen passed away in November of 2017. This is an incredible must have for Railfans, big boy fans, 844 fans, GSVP fans, and people who love Kovacs� narration.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Big Boy 4014 West Union Pacific DVD
Hawaii_train_Dude (MILILANI HI US) on 2019-10-05 13:33:30.

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First program that I owed narrated by my friend Christopher Kovacs! When it came to buy a program of UP 4014 I had 3 choices, first was this one, second was by Railway productions and third was by Pentrex. But the price and title caught my attention! I really like the title �Big Boy 4014 West�, better than the obvious �Return to steam�. One thing that i didn�t expect was that most of the footage was home movies and private films by railfans. Way to go Greg on that thinking! It�s like watching one of his programs that contains silent films of trains in action! Overall if you had to buy on Big Boy 4014 program I say give this one a chance! You�ll won�t regret it!

Additional remarks by Hawaii_train_Dude:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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