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Big Boy - Greetings From Kansas City DVD
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Big Boy - Greetings From Kansas City DVD Pentrex BBKC-DVD
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A Union Pacific Big Boy at Kansas City Union Station. Who would have guessed?! Follow 4014 as she leaves Texas and heads for Kansas City. See her in KC and then follow her on the way back home to Cheyenne. This is truly some amazing footage, including drone footage and a new song about a famous Big Boy predecessor, the "9000" series.

When the Big Boys were built, the Union Pacific had no trackage in Kansas City, so this is truly "foreign road territory" at least when she was built. Of course, UP is well represented in Kansas City now.

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TVD Price:$ 23.95
List Price:$ 29.95
Live Stock Status: IN STOCK!
Ships MONDAY if ordered now. (PST)
When will I receive it?

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Big Boy - Greetings From Kansas City DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-13 14:55:45.

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In this 84 minute program, it starts with the beast in the snow with a drone flying through The sky as a sample of the song: 9000 by Nebraska 66 is played, then comes the map of the final legs of the 2 month long circle trip. The narrator also mentioned the postcard that was used in this program. The entire trip home would take 11 days, 1300 miles and 34 service stops. The action begins on November 15 as the big boy is at Maumelle Arkansas as it whistles by the cameraman. In the going away shot, observation car 119 is carrying a sign for the 4014 tour. Moments later, the beast is West of Conway. While waiting for the big boy, a 2 unit mixed freight is shown east of morrilton. Afterwards, 4014 followed the freight as it whistles by once again. Next, the beast whistles through Atkins, then it still whistles West of Russellville. Moments later the big boy is south of coal hill, then it's East of mulberry as the sun gleams through the consist. During the brief history segment, clips from the best selling big boy collection from 2001 is used in both color and black and white, as well as more clips from 4014 update in 2014. These November 2013 clips were also used on the railway productions version of the big boy revival. Fast forward to 6 years later on November 16, the beast is at Roland Oklahoma, then it's East of Vian with the defect defector. Listen to the female robot. Moments later, the big boy crosses the bridge at fort Gibson. Afterwards, 4014 heads to Kansas city, followed by a Flashback with the May 2019 test run before the doubleheader with 844 to Ogden for the 150th anniversary of the golden spike. A mention of the return to steam DVD and Blu-Ray is used. Besides pentrex, there are other noteworthy railroad video producers there as well as 50,000 people more or less chasing the beast. A flashback clip of Southwest big boy is shown as 4014 is on the caliente subdivision. Back to November 18, 2019, the beast is whistling at Kansas city Missouri union station. A history of the station itself is included. An eastbound coal train passes by the big boy with a diesel helper on the rear. On November 19, 4014 heads for Denver as snow is expected to fall sometime sooner or later. First we see a 2 unit doublestack crossing the Kansas city terminal highline bridge. This is all shot from The sky with a drone. The bridge was one of the only railroad only double deck bridge. The top deck was used for passengers, While The bottom deck is for freight. At last, the beast is whistling through the double deck bridge, and goes over a long steel bridge for automobiles and other things. In the going away shot look carefully for doublestack containers in the background, as well as mixed freight cars. The tail of the auto carrier is in the background as the big boy whistles by. Next, 4014 whistles by various fields from the sky at Perry Kansas. Back and forth from the ground to the sky and vice versa, the beast is taking slow orders. Note the replacement wooden ties alongside the rails as well as the big boys whistle making an echo. All of a sudden, it crawls to a hault, and several seconds later it slowly crawls forward as it creates a blow down effect for the people who are really close to the tracks. 4014 resumes it's own speed as it crosses the Delaware river. All to soon, the beast arrives at the overland station in Topeka. Everyone gathered around for the arrival of an important visitor. For the rest of the homeward bound trip to Cheyenne, 10 covered hoppers will be used for braking purposes. Half of the coaches are left behind at Kansas city. The following day November 20, the big boy passes by a yard with 2 diesels waiting for a clearance West of Topeka at the North side of the city. Again, listen to the incredible whistle. Along the way, it makes a meet with lots and lots of diesels waiting to be refueled, service, and also for its assigned freights. All of the diesels in storage are wide cabs as 4014 passes by a grain elevator with people on the ground. Kansas is full of silos and grain elevators as it overtook north Dakota for more than 100 million bushels. As the beast heads for Denver, the drone gets a close.up look of the diesels. This scene is silent, due to the drone itself that didn't have a built in microphone for the sound. Count how many diesels are in this scene. The sound is back as 4014 crosses over the vermillion river from both The sky and also on the ground. Next, the beast is squeezing through the grain elevators in Abilene. This little town is also the site of the Abilene and smoky valley railroad. Look carefully for a trackmobile. The big boy whistles for the crowd as it makes a service stop. Afterwards, 4014 is at Solomon Kansas. The following day November 21, the beast is being refueled at Salina after an overnight stop. Hours later, it continues to the Colorado state line. But Before that happens, the big boy makes a stop in Ellsworth, and also used as a special occasion for school children. Note the caboose and the station on the right. While continuing the homeward journey, 4014 highballs through Wilson. Afterwards, Drui does a brief narration of the 9000 series 4-12-2s. Only one is on display in Pomona where 4014 was once on display. A music video of the 9000 series locomotives is used. In this music video, there are vintage black and white and color films and photos of these giants with some from the union pacific steam classics series from Greg Scholl, as well as last of the giants. On one scene a shot of a new York central hudson is shown. After the music video, the big boy journey continues at bunker hill. Winter is coming and the temperature is dropping. Back in the sky, 4014 is at Victoria. Moments later, the beast is heading for an overnight stop in Hays. On Friday November 22, heavy snow is falling as 4014 is getting serviced, then it dashes through the snow for the very first time in 60 years. This is truly one of the most unforgettable Christmas card moments for railfans. A mention of the polar express is heard. Moments later, the snow stopped falling as the beast is West of hays. Here it passes by a grain elevator. Later it passes by a mixed freight from both the ground and in the sky. At park kansas, the beast is getting to the Colorado state line. Next, the big boy is at Sharon spring Kansas for a service stops. Some comments from other people are heard. As night falls, 4014 is hissing steam. The sun is rising on Saturday November 23. Most of the snow has since been melted, as a head on Chase from a drone is shown, then it pans to the side of the train. After crossing the Colorado state line, the beast is in Hugo as more people want to get a close up look of the big boy. More drone action is included as 4014 is West of hugo and heads for Limon during its 2 day rest. In limon, the sun is setting on pikes peak as the beast leaves town on November 25. During the departure, note the pieces of rolling stock on the right with a station next to them, as well as a rarely used snowplow in the background. About 10 minutes left in this program, the big boy is alongside the highway as it heads for Denver. Here 4014 leaves a long tail of white smoke. Next service stop: Strasburg (Not Pennsylvania, although at the same time as the big boy tour, N&W 611 makes a reunion with 475). With service complete, the next stop is downtown Denver. A mention of sister engine 4005 at the Forney museum is used. The last day of the circle trip is on November 26. Just like kansas, the last leg of the 2 month long circle tour is in a snowstorm. As soon as the beast arrives in Cheyenne, we bid farewell to the big boy tour, Ed Dickens with the hard working crew, and of course the final mainline steam trip of the 2010s decade. Before that happens a service stop in Greeley was made. A mention of 3985's retirement is heard.

Overall, this 84 minute program is a really good conclusion to the 4014 tour, as well as a neat music video on the 9000.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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