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Best of the Midwest Vol 3 DVD
 4.7 of 5 (3)

Best of the Midwest Vol 3 DVD Pentrex BMW3-DVD 748268004551
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Pentrex takes you through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to discover mainline and regional railroading Midwestern style!

I&M Rail Link and Wisconsin Central are our featured regional railroads. We visit the IMRL on their Fourth Sub between Mason City and Marquette, Iowa to spot a train powered by an ex-Southern Railway of British Columbia SD 38-2 and a New York, Susquehanna and Western SD-45. Wisconsin Central's tracks host trains from the Canadian National, Union Pacific, and CSX along with its own WC movements.

Union Pacific provides mainline action on the old Rock Island "Spine Line" from Mason City, Iowa to the Twin Cities as well as on the Coffeyville Sub and in Kansas City, Kansas. In Iowa, Illinois Central's main line supports freight pulled by IC's SD70s and GP11s. BNSF and Canadian Pacific trains are highlighted as they cross scenic river bridges in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The thrill of Midwestern railroading is here for your enjoyment, in The Best of the Midwest Volume III!

DVD Special Features:

  • Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.

  • Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour 21 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
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UPC: 7-48268-00455-1

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Runtime:1 Hour, 21 Mins ($0.30/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268004551
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Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Best of the Midwest Vol 3 DVD
Al on 2010-08-12 05:58:13.

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  •  4 of 5

Interesting content and variety, continues the theme set by others in this series. Good information for modelers of the Mid-West scene. Definitely a good buy

Additional remarks by Al:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Best of the Midwest Vol 3 DVD
rrvideoman on 2008-03-15 07:14:08.

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  •  5 of 5

Best of the Midwest Vol. # 3 continues in the same format of Volumes #'s 1 & 2. Shortline/Regional action to mainline service the agricultural heartland of the USA. Everything from local haulers to long distance, it's all here on one video. Old power like a SD-4 up to SD70's. Iowa is well featured with the IC headed towards Sioux City, UP and I&M Rail Link in Mason City, heading north on the old Spine Line. We see views in Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. There are stops at the great bridges south of St. Paul for action over the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. There is some interesting facts told about rail line ownership that the historians will take note of. For the modelers, there is plenty of scenery and structures that can be designed to add realism to the layouts. It's a great video on a region of the USA where there is so much fine railroad action.
Truly a smart purchase to compliment Vol's. 1 and 2.

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Best of the Midwest Vol 3 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-27 11:58:03.

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In volume 3 from 2000, which is the final show of the trilogy, it starts with a look at the union pacific coffeyville subdivision which is south of Kansas city in Bucyrus. It's winter in the Kansas Missouri area as SD40-2 number 3507 leads train M-NPFW from Bailey yard to fort worth Texas. The second unit is from The Chicago & northwestern, while the third unit came from the failed Santa Fe southern Pacific merger in 1985. Following behind is train C-NANW a coal train from the north antelope mine to Newark Arkansas. It's led by 8032, 7053, & SP 211. Next up is a pair of SD40-2 units 3684, 3926, and a Missouri valley unit on train M-KCLI from Kansas city to Livonia Louisiana on a manifest. At union pacific armstrong yard in Kansas city Missouri, Norfolk southern SD50 units 6523 & 6524 are on an auto train. This part of the yard is at the 7th street crossings. Moments later, a mix of dirty & clean Southern Pacific units arrive at armordale yard. Look carefully at the 4th unit of this freight that has the cotton belt logo. Unit 2 is in the old school logo, while units 1, 3, & 5 are in their script lettered livery. At West bottoms, SD40-2 number leads a grain train. The second unit is a C40-8. As the sun is slowly setting, MP15 switchers 1411 & 1426 are transferring cars from the union pacific 18th street yard, to the Kansas city southern kenoke yard. In Randolph, a pair of Burlington northern GP15-1s 1393 & 1376 are heading to switch cars at local industries with a freight.

Moving east to Iowa, we get some Illinois central coverage at Webster city, as an eastbound grain train led by Grand trunk 5844 with GT 5846, 6127, & 8701 are shown crossing the diamond. Next up is a local running light with 4 units: GT 5834 & 3 from the IC seen here going under the pedestrian bridge. With the cars coupled up, GP11 number 8732 leads 8717, 8743, & 5834 heads for its trip Back to the main cars parked on a siding, then they head to the fort dodge yard. Earlier in the day, an eastbound grain train is at highview with 5844 in the lead with the same units from the Webster city diamonds. A semi truck waits for the crossing to be cleared. Moments later, the local with 8732 arrives at fort dodge as the train would later work in the yard. Speaking of which, a visit to the fort dodge yard was made as 8732 drops 5834 off while at the same time, there are plans for the demolition of the passenger depot. More cars are added as all 3 of the IC units leave the yard. Still leaving the yard with a long string of hoppers, the local crosses the Des Moines river bridge. West of fort dodge, a westbound grain train heads for Sioux city as SD40-2 6142 leads a pair of SD70s 1065 & 1029 as they pass by the farmer's cattle ranch at Tara on train GCS1SX from Chicago. The same train heads for the highway overpass just east of Manson.

On the Iowa & Missouri which ran on Milwaukee road tracks, they operate on the 5th subdivision from Marquette to mason city. The segment begins at calmar in the winter. Train 377 is led by the southern railway of British Columbia SD38-2 number 384 with Susquehanna SD45 363. As the train leaves, a John Deere tractor stops at the crossing to let the manifest roll by. Next we see 384 & 363 west of fort Atkinson. Afterwards, they are east of Lawler. Listen to the horn on 384. Our next scene shows the manifest passing by a barn West of Ionia. The original Nora springs sign from the Milwaukee road decades are shown as the manifest passes by various Grain elevators. At Mason City, the original track plan from The Milwaukee road heads still stands as the manifest arrives to drop off cars for the switching crew.

Leaving mason city, a visit to the union pacific Albert Lea subdivision is shown. This is on rock island tracks, later the C&NW and now it's all union pacific. The first train is a light power move with 418 note the side doors open, and a Southern Pacific SD40-2 arriving to switch tracks. With the light power cleared, SP 8198 & it's identical sister engine 8194 finally gets the right of way as it heads for superior on train M-DMIT from des moines. Spring is in the air as we are in manly. Here we see C&NW 8613 leading UP 8068 & SP 218 on a coal train known as train O-MIGV from minntac Minnesota to Geneva Utah. At the diamond in Albert Lea, tower CP U252 is standing as SP 341, SP 302, & UP 7140 are also heading from minntac to Geneva as it crosses the diamond. This tower is one of the 2 that are still operating in Minnesota. The other is in saint Paul. North of the tower is the yard as inspection vehicles are in a parking lot while one of union pacific's newest diesels number 8208 with 7157 leads coal train C-NAPU from the north antelope mine to green bay Wisconsin. Halfway through the program, we are south of Fairbault as train M-KSIT Is shown as it passes by casper siding. It's led by C40-8 9216 with SP 9679. It's heading from Kansas city to Itasca yard in superior. Slowing down to enter the siding, a trio of these brand new union pacific diesels are on train O-MIGV. It's led by 7118, 7335, and the third unit is unidentified. The rock island Fairbault station still stands but it's since been transformed into a restaurant. Passing by the restaurant is a pair of SD90s on an empty coal train known as train C-WSBT from Weston Wisconsin to the black thunder mine. Next up is SD40-2 number 3439 leading C&NW C40-8 number 8567 on train M-DMVP From Des Moines to valley park at Shakopee Minnesota. At the tiny town of Dundas, A C&NW SD40-2 with a pair of cotton belt/Southern Pacific units are passing by multiple grain elevators on train M-ITDM From Itasca yard in superior to Des Moines. In Northfield, a look at the Milwaukee road station is shown as both tracks from the rock island and the Milwaukee road merged for a short time from the town's of Rosemount to comus. A look at the joint line map is shown. Train M-ITDM passes by the depot and grain elevator with 9395, 5079, & SP 8633. At Farmington, Train GEFWBR from fort worth to Brewster is shown as it's led by engines 6749, SP 324, 5703, & GATX 7350 on an empty grain train. The last train on the Albert lea subdivision is train C-PUNA From green bay to the north antelope mine as it leaves the siding with engines 6660, & SP 336.

Heading north to the Wisconsin Minnesota state line area, a visit to the Canadian Pacific river subdivision is shown at Hastings. Here a look at the Milwaukee road lift bridge is shown as train 429 crosses the bridge with a pair of AC4400s to saint Paul on a priority from Chicago to Edmonton. This is the same bridge where 4-8-4 number 261 crosses over the bridge on an October 2003 excursion in extreme steam 2. Next up is another Milwaukee road station. This time it's located south of the bridge as the Hastings patrol is led by 4599 which is originally built for the SOO line That has since been repainted to CP as it does some switching on a local. At last an overflow manifest arrives on train 573 from Bensenville Illinois to Alyth Alberta. Here it's led by 8513 & 9664 as the lift bridge is shown in the going away position. Afterwards, Train 571 with AC4400 number 9527 arrives at Hastings as it heads from Chicago to Calgary Alberta. Winter came back as Illinois central 2032 with Montana rail link 606 heads from saint Paul to lacrosse on train 233 from saint Paul to Kansas city.

A few miles down the river from Hastings is Prescott Wisconsin on the BNSF saint Croix subdivision. Another lift bridge is shown, this time it's at burns Minnesota. The first train that's crossing the state line lift bridge is train Z-CHCSTP9-03 From Chicago to saint Paul with Burlington northern 7048 & 6701 with G1 unit 7304 in the middle. Next up is train M-NTWBRC1-03 from northtown yard to the belt railway of Chicago. It's led by 1062 & 968. Note the open door on the nose of the lead unit, as well as flat beds of tractors. Afterwards, Train V-CHCPTL5-03 is on a vehicle train from Chicago to Portland. Here it's led by BN 7160 & 8079 with G1 unit 7079. Next up is train M-NSINTW1-01 With G2 unit 4384 leading BN 8121 & 7084 from Chicago to northtown yard. At the same time, police sirens are going off. Note the caterpillar construction machines in flat cars.

For the final 15 minutes of volume 3, a visit to the Wisconsin central was made. There is some action on the junction city subdivision at junction city. First we see a 6 unit lash up on the Canadian national, that has a grand trunk unit as the 4th in the consist. This is train 177 from Harvey Illinois to Winnipeg. Next up is counterpart train 176 which has CN 2589, CP 5841, & WC 6619. Afterwards, Train 63 is heading from Stevens point to South Itasca. Here it's led by 6632 which is due for a new paint, while The 2nd unit is 6695 & the 3rd is CSX 40. Next up is train 18 from Wausau to Stevens point is shown as it's led by 6655 & 6598. At Marshfield, a pair of SD45s 7501 & 6596 are on train CXMTEM from Middletown Ohio to superior on an empty taconite train. In Spencer, 6621 & 6586 are on train 6 from Minneapolis to Steven's point. Here it'll take the siding to let train 63 to pass. Train 63 from Steven's point to South Itasca are led by 6622 & 6595. The final stop is C&NW depot at owen. First we see manifest train M-ITPV from Itasca to proviso yard that's led by UP SD40-2 3607 & 5304. Next up is train 347 on the Canadian national from.Chicago to Winnipeg. It's a 3 unit train with 2519, 5341, & an unidentified SD40-2. Moments later, Train 176 is seen again with 2589, 5841, & 6619. The program comes to a close as well as the entire best of the Midwest trilogy as the sun is setting while train 63 is waiting for another taconite train: CSX AC4400 number 349 on train CXMTLD from superior to Middletown. In the going away shot, a crew member waves his arms and his own hat to get rid of the mosquitoes. At last train 63 gets the right of way bringing volume 3 to a close, and the entire best of the Midwest trilogy.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Narration CAN be turned off in special features.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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