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Best of the Midwest Vol 1 DVD
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Best of the Midwest Vol 1 DVD Pentrex BMW1-DVD 748268004520
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To railroaders, the Midwest means nonstop action with plenty of variety. Pentrex takes you to Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota to sample the finest in Midwestern railroading.

The Class 1 railroads provide heavy traffic and high-speed excitement. Among these are Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, Illinois Central, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Motive power ranges from Illinois Central GP10s to the latest EMD and General Electric AC locomotives on Union Pacific. There's even a rare EMD BL20-2.

Regional railroads are becoming increasingly important in the Midwest. You'll see the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern with its intriguing mix of power and will catch one of its passenger specials. Shortlines provide a vital link between shippers and trunk lines. We visit the Nebraska Northeastern, Sisseton Milbank, Dakota & Iowa, Nobles Rock, and the Ellis & Eastern. Each has its own personality and interesting locomotive roster. From shortlines to the high iron, a rich and colorful mosaic of railroading is yours to enjoy in The Best of the Midwest Volume One!

DVD Special Features:

  • Two Hi-Fi soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.

  • Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour 7 Minutes
In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-169-0
UPC: 7-48268-00452-0

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Runtime:1 Hour, 07 Mins ($0.36/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268004520
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Best of the Midwest Vol 1 DVD
rrvideoman on 2008-01-24 10:37:05.

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Counting my childhood, nearly 40 years were spent on the farm, or in a related agricultural based industry. We knew the importance of the railroad for the transportation of products in and out of the region. Watching this video brought back so many great memories of days gone by.
Best of the Midwest, Vol. # 1 is based in the region that is so dependant on agriculture. And agriculture is dependant on the railroad.
Mainline, Class 1 railroad action, add in regionals and shortlines, serving low populated regions is exactly what this video is all about. It gives a real day to day experience of the needs of rural America and how railroads and agriculture are tied into together. We also witness the movement of products that many people may not even consider, like a shortline railroad hauling sand, for only one example.
This video is filled with variety. Different companies, power consists, make-up of the loads and cargo, name it and you will likely find something associated with life out side the urban regions of the United States and Canada.
As a model railroader, I saw so much that impressed me. I'm viewing this video serveral times in short order to study and take notes of things like the building structures, the landscape, and actions of the railroad. It is amaizing how much imformation is in this video that can be added to the layout for a more realistic.
I guarantee that purchasing this video will not be a disappointment. Highly recommended for all railroad fans. Enjoy, I know you will.

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Best of the Midwest Vol 1 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-10-22 17:57:04.

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In volume 1 made in 1998, the program starts with a look at a Kansas City southern GP40-2LP in southern KC Missouri. The lead unit is number 4715, as it is operating a grain train in the snow. The same train is seen again, this time its south of grand view. Moving onto the Union Pacific marysville subdivision, a Chicago & northwestern freight is at Fairfield on its way to Kansas City. Behind the wide cab unit is a Union Pacific SD40-2. At Davenport, a 3 unit coal train led by wide cab unit number 6099 is about to take the siding. Note the EMD unit in the middle. Afterwards, a C36-7 hauls a mixed freight heading for Kansas City, with a Norfolk southern C40-8 and another UP SD40-2 in the consist. Moments later, a C30-7 is on a coal train following behind the mixed freight. Note the Santa Fe blue and yellow unit and 2 Burlington northern cascade green diesels in the consist. Next up is another coal train with C&NW units and another Union Pacific unit. Afterwards, another mixed freight is heading for Memphis Tennessee as Union Pacific SD60M number 6156 is very dirty. Note the C&NW unit in the middle of the 2 UP engines. Next up is a visit to grand island. Beginning with an all Burlington northern cascade green powered freight from Kansas City to Seattle, as it goes over the Union Pacific tracks. Afterwards an autorack train is on the Union Pacific with a final BN paint unit in the consist before it merged with the Santa Fe. Moments later, a Chicago & Northwestern doublestack is following behind. Next up is a Union Pacific coal train. From grand island, there is action on the council bluffs subdivision beginning with a grain grain to Bailey yard in north platte. As the train goes away, the camera zooms into the cows. At Clark�s Nebraska, an empty coal train is seen with brand new Mac units on the Union Pacific. In haven, another Union Pacific coal train is included. At Columbus, another empty coal train is passing by the station from the steam years. Note the southern pacific unit in consist as well as C40-8 number 9111. A bald eagle is flying high in the sky. In Iowa, a visit to Sioux City is shown as a northbound freight is heading to the twin cities with a C&NW SD40-2 leading. A trio of SD70MACs from Burlington northern before it merged with the Santa Fe is crossing the Missouri River on a really long coal train. Afterwards, a visit to the Nebraska northeastern shortline is shown as it passes by the Sioux City yard. A 4 unit lash up with different engines in different paint schemes are on a mixed freight. On the Illinois central a freight crosses wren tower at Hinton with a Chicago central unit in the middle on its way to fort dodge. At LE mars, another freight train with some unfamiliar paint is shown crossing the tracks. Next, a visit to the St. James subdivision is included beginning with a Union Pacific and MPI mixed train. At Alton, a brief look at the C&NW equipment is shown, followed by a Union Pacific freight as it heads for the twin cities. They are led by a pair of SD40-2s. In hospers, a BL20-2 is shown as it leads a mixed freight. In mid-September, another Union Pacific mixed freight is seen as it curves around the grain elevators. Reaching the 30 minute mark of the video, the same BL20-2 is about to take the siding in Ashton. Note the crossing gates going down very late as the train is already blocking the road. Moments later, a C&NW coal train is making a meet. In Minnesota south of worthington, a C&NW freight is heading to bigalow with just a single unit number 4602 doing its jobs alone. At worthington station, 4602 is still doing its switching chores while a Milwaukee bound grain grain makes a stop for the crew to grab a bite to eat. This train had 2 Union Pacific engines in the consist as it is hauling coal or grain. In St, James, another Union Pacific freight heads for council bluffs, with another unfamiliar unit in the consist. Moving onto the northeast corner of South Dakota, a visit to milbank is included, as an eastbound Burlington northern freight is shown heading east with a Norfolk southern unit in the consist. Every August, the city hosts railroad days on the red stone valley express. Power for this train is NW2 number 561. As it�s Carrying 4 coaches. One from the great northern, the Soo line, and other unfamiliar colors. Back at Sioux Falls, the Ellis and eastern railroad connects with the BNSF, as switcher number 7 is hauling ore cars with sand inside. On the Dakota and Iowa, a 7 unit lash up is shown at renner. Next, GP9 number 8 is shown as it passes by the parking lot. Note the sound of airplanes flying offscreen. Moments later at canton, the same train is seen again, but it�s a bit more further down the line. On the Dakota Minnesota and eastern railroad, SD40-3 number 6054 heads for belle fourche. In cottonwood, number 548 is leading a mixed train with a C&NW unit in the consist. At Iroquois, a rock train heads west, as it is led by 4002. On the rear of the rock train, is a snowplow. During September of 1996, the railroad was celebrating its 10th anniversary at brookings. Due to the fact that families of employees from that railroad were invited. Engines 3800 and 545 were the main units for the consist. In Mankato Minnesota, the local makes a long hood forward movement as number 813 does an example. In the Southwest corner of Minnesota, at the town of Adrian, a blue and red diesel heads under interstate 90. Next day, the diesel is moving cars at beaver creek on this 10 mile per hour line. The train is seen again as it is passing by the grain fields. In Manley, the 2 diesels switched the cars out for the connection with the BNSF. At coon creek junction, a local is heading back to Minneapolis. Led by EMD 808 with a BN caboose on the rear. Following behind is an empty Canadian National grain train. It must wait for a Santa Fe warbonet with a G1 BNSF mixed train, followed by an all Burlington northern mixed train. At last the CN train gets the green signal. The final 5 minutes of this program shows the CN freight clearing the junction, a trio of Burlington northern cascade green units running light and running fast, and the CN train heads for the Hinkley sub with 3 units in its own paint, especially one of them is in former Chessie system colors. Plus the Chicago to Seattle BNSF G1 freight is at coon rapids in the snow.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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