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Amtrak Across America Combo DVD
 4.5 of 5 (2)

Amtrak Across America Combo DVD Pentrex AMTRX-DVD 748268005688
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Featuring 2 Shows on 1 Disc!
Amtrak Across America: 25th Anniversary and
Amtrak's X2000 Demonstration

From the early years when a rainbow mix of motive power and passenger cars pioneered its debut service, Amtrak has been a subject of avid interest to railfans. Pentrex celebrates the first twenty-five years of Amtrak history with two special documentaries. Included on this Combo DVD are:

Amtrak Across America; 25th Anniversary. Climb aboard for a tribute to the first quarter century of America'snational passenger train service. Amtrak'scolorful history rolls across the screen, from the earliest years to the Genesis locomotives and high-speed corridors of the 1990s. Historic footage of passenger trains prior to Amtrak sets the stage. Then you ll see great views of Amtrak as it evolved. Highlights include the Southwest Chief, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, Desert Wind, Sunset Limited, and other well known trains as they travel on the Northeast Corridor, the Hudson Division, Horse Shoe Curve, Chicago Hub, and other famous routes. Travel to scenic locations across the country to see Amtrak at its finest!

Amtrak'sX2000 Demonstration. Amtrak'ssearch for new equipment to serve the Northeast Corridor allowed ABB-Traction to demonstrate its futuristic X2000 trainset. After initial testing, the X2000 began scheduled revenue service in February 1993, running from Washington, D.C. to New York City and occasionally on to New Haven and back. The sleek, high-speed train amazed everyone with its looks, speed, and ride. Pentrex takes you aboard the train to see how its radial self-steering trucks, car body tilt functions, and regenerative braking systems operate. A cab ride gives you an idea what it'slike to zip down the corridor at 135 mph. Then we go trackside and airborne for shots of the train racing through the countryside. Join Pentrex for a ride on Amtrak'sX2000 Demonstration!

1 Hour
In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format
No region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-285-9
UPC: 7-48268-00568-4
Copyright Pentrex 1993, 1996, 2010

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DVD UPC:748268005688
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Amtrak Across America Combo DVD
rrvideoman (Delisle Saskatchewan) on 2020-03-25 14:24:54.

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  •  4 of 5

Really interesting to see the years of Amtrak and how it evolved over the years. Great locations are covered in various locations across the USA. Then� Part #2�. the X2000 Demonstration. Here is a very fascinating train to see. The scenery in this video is great. Well worth the purchase.

Additional remarks by rrvideoman:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Amtrak Across America Combo DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-04 15:12:31.

  •  5 of 5

In Amtrak across America from 1996, there are plenty of vintage fallen flag films, as well as shorter segments from other pentrex videos on Amtrak: Workin� on the coast starlight, auto train, Amtrak�s northeast corridor collection, along the Hudson River, and more.

In the X2000 demonstration unit portion of this hour long combo from 1993, it starts with train 202 at New York city�s penn station, as it picks up passengers. It heads East to new haven Connecticut. After leaving, it goes through the lighted tunnels under the E river. Out of the river, the X2000 crosses the hell gate bridge. Back when this was filmed, the extension from new haven to Boston�s south station didn�t came to the corridor until 1997. The Bronx portion of New York City is on the other side. The top speed is 90 miles per hour. From the ground, the turbo train tows the test train as it passes by the station. The lead units are EMD 103 class engines. Back in the cab and from the ground, it curves at random bends. The delivery of these units arrives in Baltimore during October of 1992. The separate cars are carefully unloaded, and installed on nearby rails. Some modifications are included. On one scene from the station a since retired diesel tows the test train. Back in the cab, the train rolls on the new haven line, plus there are special coaches for test results. One of the most overused clips which was shown in random children�s videos on trains, is at gap Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that the X2000 was built in Sweden. In new haven, passengers inspect the new sleek train. With everyone onboard, the mirrors are closed to avoid the wind. A flashback clip to the northeast corridor videos, show AEM-7 number 925 arriving. From the ground, the X2000 is at west haven. The reason why it�s going slow it�s because of track maintenance. As the clock strikes 6:30 in the morning, the train idles at Washington DC union station. Which is the Southern terminal for the northeast corridor, the eastern Terminal for the cardinal and capitol limited, plus it serves Marc commuter. Underway in the cab again, the x2000 arrives in new Carrollton Maryland, which is 10 minutes from the nation�s capital. The blinking lights on the locomotive are for emergencies only, due to the fact that all X2000 trains don�t have a bell. This is the only station stop between DC & NYC. With everyone onboard, the X2000 leaves as a regular train arrives at the same time going in the opposite direction. At 45 miles per hour, the mirrors are in the closed position. Next, the train is at 145 mph as it passes by a Marc train. An interview with former Amtrak manager of performance and tests Ed Lombardi is included. Ed also talks about the articulated wheels, as the train makes a bend at high speeds. Another clip from various children�s real train videos at Gap Pennsylvania is shown. An underside footage is shown as its recorded in Europe as evidenced by the Swedish built units in red paint. Ed also talks about different brakes. A close up look at the trucks of the x2000 are shown, which includes an animated demonstration of the trucks curving at bends. An interview with Joe Silien is included. From the ground again, the X2000 curves away at high bends. Ed also talks about the high speed railways of America and Sweden. More cab footage is included. A demonstration of the tilt inside the coaches are shown. Tilting is activated at 45 mph. Plus it shows what it�s like on the outside. Back on the ground, the X2000 is approaching at Princeton junction NJ, as the AEM-7 makes a meet. Incredible helicopter footage is shown as the x2000 picks up speed at more than 120mph. Keep in mind that these scenes were recorded during production of the northeast corridor series, as well as along the Hudson River, and Hudson River cab ride. Winter came to the northeast corridor as the X2000 smokes through Princeton junction once again. Back in the cab, W. Graham Claytor jr looks through the eye of the locomotive, plus everyone is enjoying the quality of the new train of tomorrow. Of course, there is also the bistro car. Besides food, there is also some shirts for sale. Through the front windshield, the wipers helped, but at 135 mph, the bugs are still stuck like glue on a warm spring day. An overhead shot shows the train in Sweden. Then comes the ground shots, which yet again are also used in random children�s train videos. The program closes out with the X2000 as it crosses the water, followed by helicopter footage as it�s shown yet again in random children�s videos on trains, plus a short musical montage. Sadly the X2000 has since been replaced by the Acela Express, but it�s still a unique experience on what US railroading in the 90s has to offer.

Overall, these 2 half hour videos are very good to experience what Amtrak was like before the President of delta airlines took over. Nearly 50 years later, the future is still uncertain for the government created railroad.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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