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Amtrak 30 1991-2001 DVD
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Amtrak 30 1991-2001 DVD Revelation Video RVQ-AM30
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1991 - 2001

Continuing the Story form "Amtrak 20" (1971-1991), the final decade of the 20th Century is presented here. Highlights include the "Sunset Limited" extension eastward from New Orleans into Florida, making this America's longest distance train; Amazing growth in California; the Northwest Talgos; Debut of the Viewliner sleepers; Experimental Swedish and German high speed trains in the Northeast leading to launch of Acela Express.

Other items covered: New York State Turbo Rebuilding - Mail and Express initiative - "Broadway Limited" turned "Three Rivers" saga - "Lake Country Limited" fiasco - Dozens of routes which have come and gone or undergone change. Rolling stock, locomotives, stations, marketing work, including
advertising, are all to be seen in this collection. The first tentative steps toward a promising tomorrow have been taken. Whatever the future of passenger rail in America, Amtrak's first three decades are now history. Come on board, and witness the colorful panorama of change from 1991 through Fall, 2001.

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Amtrak 30 1991-2001 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-12-20 08:56:23.

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A really long time ago before the worst president of that railroad, who hates steam giants (4449, 261, 3751, 2926, 765, And of course 611), private cars, 5 star meals from professional chefs in dining cars, and also ripping up the true spirit of mainline railroading cross country, there is a railroad that the government created to try their best bringing their passengers back after going to their journeys on airplanes and automobiles. Yet even to this day, that railroad has been suffering through financial troubles and struggling to pay attention to their timetables due to multiple freight traffic on all of the lines. What is that railroad you may ask? Well, if you said Amtrak, you are 100% correct. Some of the footage was shown on the northeast corridor at Attleboro Massachusetts, and elizabethtown. Plus some station scenes at Cleveland and Altoona. Multiple commercials are included as well as vintage black and white films of New York Central steam. Some freight action on Norfolk Southern and CSX is shown, as well as riding footage onboard most of the trains shown in this video. Along the way, some signs are included as we are down the line on the 3-C corridor trip in Ohio. A rarely seen observation car is included. Plus a time line of what Amtrak did in the 90s is included. Most of the power in this video is gone and so too have been the paint scheme. The Lorton Virginia to Sanford Florida auto train is shown during January of 1992. Preparations are made as well as onboard the coaches. Everyone is hard at work making dinner at night, breakfast in the morning, and performing their own music in the dark. Arriving in Florida, a rebuild alco RS-D5 uncoupled the consist. Another auto train crosses the St. John river. It�s a good thing Amtrak invented this special type of transportation so that none of the passengers would drive on all of interstate 95. the genesis units pulled the superliner coaches on the auto train in 2000. Next we head to St. Louis where the river cities limited operates from Kansas City to New Orleans. This train operates for only 9 years (1984-1993). As night falls we leave St. Louis, and arrive at Carbondale Illinois. The testing of the genesis unit is shown as we arrive at Carbondale. The Illinois Central observation car is added to the train. All too soon, we arrive back in St. Louis. Some morning meets are included. And we pass over The waterbeds. Next the sunset limited opens the extension to Miami. Some Disney world mascots are shown on the observation car. Riding footage is included. The train we are on is being led by a Pepsi can unit which is more common on the coast starlight. Work in the kitchen is included. In September of 1990, the test model of the X2000 was built and being examined in Sweden. These models weren�t shown on Amtrak until 1993. Some assembly footage is included. And we see the consist being loaded on cargo ships. Some riding footage mostly from the cab is included. Of course these footages were shown in children�s railroad videos. Multiple meets are shown as the rain is falling down on the cab window. We arrived at New York City�s penn station. The X2000 went on tour pulled by diesels and turboliners. Next the doubleheaded AEM7 passes through monworth junction New Jersey. Next the big E60 rolls by followed by the X2000, and the model of Germany�s ICE train. Speaking of the ice train, we head to Germany to see how the ice train is being built and examined. Back in America, the ICE train made a nationwide tour. We see some onboard footage, and you�ll never know how fast these bullet nosed units are. At Atlantic City New Jersey, we see some city landmarks and also witnessed the debut of the Atlantic City express. Some cab ride footage is included. Onboard one of the superliner coaches, we passed through a tunnel, and see onboard footage from one of the coaches. At Harpers ferry West Virginia, we board the capitol limited, pass a CSX freight, and arrived at our nation�s capital as night falls. Next we see the lake shore limited at Peekskill NY. Remember that these footages were recorded way before the worst Amtrak President fired all of the 5 star cooks with useless airplane food. Building footage of the viewliner coaches are included. Next a pair of former new haven FL9s backs up to the station. Amtrak in November of 1995 was interesting. As we say hello to the viewliner coaches, but we are sadly saying goodbye forever to the New haven FL9s. In January of 1994, a heavy blizzard forced the cancellation of all trains in Chicago primarily the capital and lake shore limited. The broadway limited combined with the lake shore limited is seen at Akron Ohio 10 hours late. This was led by a rarely seen 4 unit lash up of F40s. Keep your eyes open for the Thomas The Tank Engine mock up display with the old school 80s and 90s tv series logo on the cab at the Akron Ohio platform. Next the broadway limited crosses the bridge in Pennsylvania, and see the train arriving at the platform. September of 1995 marks another loss for Railfans in the 90s. This time is the final run of the broadway limited. Some night footage is included as the narrator talks about what happened to service on Amtrak in the late 90s which includes the three rivers, and the discontinuation of the service at Fostoria and Youngstown. In 1998, more mail cars were added on some of the trains. In 2001, refrigerator cars began competing with rail and highway carriers. At greensburg Pennsylvania in 1999, the three rivers is running 9 hours late. On someone�s home movie: 3 minutes after 8:00PM on July 7 1993, the turbo liner passes by. We see some riding footage from the rear of the train as we head to New York City�s penn station. More riding footage on the Hudson River route is included. A montage of the turbo train is shown with an interview of one of the former Amtrak Presidents-Tom Downs is included. Plus Dennis Nicholas the ceo Of turbomeca Corp. is Also included. In October of 1995, a school band is performed and a ride on the baseball train at Columbus and Cincinnati. Night footage is included. Meanwhile in the northwest, the talgo coaches is being performed in Seattle during May of 1994. Meanwhile in Detroit, the new Amtrak station was opened for the extension to Pontiac. Months later, Michigan sponsored a talgo tour. A ride in the northwest was shown in 1996. In February of 1999, the new F59 in green and brown made its debut in Washington state, pulling the first cascade train. New cabbage units are introduced as they were actually non-motored F40s served as cab control cars. These are more common in New England�s Downeaster, and other short trains in the Chicago area. Riding footage is included. Scenes at Vancouver is included. Meanwhile in California the f59 is on the coast starlight, as well as its own talgo coaches. Next we see some Denmark built coaches. One set behind a baggage car, the other on the westbound California Zephyr led by an F40, a genesis unit, and a Pepsi can unit. Note the Rio Grande coach in the consist. Then a musical montage is included. Followed by some testing demonstrations of the Denmark coaches. Afterwards a commercial is shown. Next the narrator talks about Amtrak in California. Afterwards we see the San diegan arriving and departing. Followed by a 3 unit lash up on the coast starlight with an F59, a genesis unit, and an F40. Onboard the coast starlight, we see a meet, and also a commercial for the Southwest Chief is included. Next we rode the Chief as it was being controlled by the Navajo guide. A meet with the Santa Fe is included. Some vintage films of the Santa Fe f units are included. Back in the present, semaphore signals are still active on this interesting mainline. Not to mention the old banjo wig wag crossings from the steam era. Next a commercial for the ski resorts is included. And after that we see the California Zephyr leaving the west end of The moffat tunnel in Colorado. In 1995 the pioneer Zephyr from Salt Lake City to Portland had discontinued, and that marked as another loss for Railfans in the 90s. More scenes of the California Zephyr is included. Down in Southern California, we are at Los Angeles Union station, as we see some clips of Amtrak�s 30 minute guide video. Next another commercial is shown. At Phoenix, we bid farewell to the Columbus on May 30, 1996. The night scene was shown in the opening theme song to lots and lots of trains volume 1. Afterwards we see a special save our rail system train led by a trio of the genesis units. The Texas eagle has been going to some troubles but thanks to Al Gore, he saved the pieces of the system. The final run of the Springfield to Chicago loop in June of 1996 is shown. In North Carolina, a new train was opened between Raleigh and charolette in May of 1995. The Vermonter made an interesting debut as well, plus the proposed runs of the Downeaster is included as well as Oklahoma�s heartland flyer. In 1998, f40 number 238 operates a Norfolk southern freight. As night falls we are in Erie Pennsylvania as the lake shore limited passes by. Random f40s have since been sold to CSX and the Kansas City southern�s Panama City express. More night scenes are shown, and we ride the empire builder east to Chicago in February of 2000. Multiple meets are shown, and we cross over various bridges on the line. Arriving at Chicago, we switched over to the lake country limited from Jamesville. It only had a coach, a baggage, and Pepsi can unit 500 operating the short train. We meet some Metra commuter trains, as we head to Chicago. Also in the present, we took a look at the debut of today�s Acela. Did you know that the proposed name for this high speed bullet train was called the northeast direct in 1995? Riding footage is included on the northeast corridor. And we see some assembly footage on the fast beast. Plus some interesting trackside shots. Which includes the hell gate bridge in New York City. Next we see some action at Princeton junction New Jersey. In December of 2000, the Acela made its actual opening debut. While waiting, we see an E60; a genesis unit, and an NJT subway at Newark New Jersey. At NYC penn station, the local media was at the platform, and we see some riding footage onboard. Arriving in south station, we paced alongside the orange line, make a wide curve passing the commuter coaches, and the new train was a big success. At canton mass, we see some action on The 19th Century viaduct. Next we are around the world in Japan to see the popular bullet trains. An AEM7 passes by, followed by a meet with the genesis units, a look at New York City penn station, as well as a ride meeting a double stack. Finally we see some epilogue shots which includes CSX, and a look at other Amtrak trains both onboard, and alongside the rails. All in all, this program was made way before the worst Amtrak President dick Anderson took over. But if you love railroading in the 90s, and also love rarely seen commercials of the 80s and 90s, this is a program to watch again and again.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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