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Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland
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Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland WB Video Productions WB025
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Steam and early Diesel action continues in the Allegheny mountains with the second program featuring the William P. Price 8mm Film Collection.

In this program, we visit the WESTERN MARYLAND in the 1950's. There's steam galore on the WM mainline to Connellsville and the Elkins Subdivision. Watch steam-hauled trains on the Salisbury Viaduct, at Big Savage Tunnel, on Helmstetters Curve, on Black Fork Grade and more.

Featured is the Decapod 2-10-0, Challenger 4-6-6-4, H-9 2-8-0, Pacific 4-6-2 and the Potomac 4-8-4. First generation F-7's and Alco RS-2 diesels herald the end of steam. Historical documentation is provided by Bill Price and Harry Stegmaier, Jr. The narration is by Rege Cordic. Presented with a musical background.

52 minutes

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DVD Item#:WB025
Runtime:52 Mins ($0.52/min)
Producer:WB Video Productions
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Disc Type:DVD
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Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-09-13 20:17:47.

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In volume 2, the program starts with a clip montage of the video, which is followed by the opening titles. Afterwards 4-6-2 number 208 arrives in Cumberland with a 2 coach train. Here it�ll go to Elkins a train 9. Following behind is a freight led by an F7 from Hagerstown. Next up is an eastbound freight led by 2-8-0 number 821 on the Connellsville line. At keystone 2-8-0 number 819 (not the cotton belt northern) is on freight heading east in the snow. Another freight is shown in the snow, this time is engine 825. The CTC signals replaced the old semaphores. Next up is another pair of F units, this time they are passing the shops at Maryland junction West Virginia as it heads to Hagerstown. At helmstetter�s curve, 2 more F units help the challenger type in a freight with decapod 1129 on the rear. The second track has been replaced by a bicycle path. This line is operated by the Western Maryland Scenic between Cumberland and frostburg. In Lap MD, an unknown 1100 series decapod on a freight as it heads to frostburg. Today, Frostburg is the dead end stop for the WMSR, as these tracks have since been replaced by a turntable which was donated from CSX in Elkins. 2 more f units helps an unknown engine, but at least 1118 is on pusher service between the 2 cabooses at the narrows. Back on the Connellsville line, F unit number 242 leads the freight. Today, a handful of WM F units are still with us today. Note the military tank between the B unit and the freight. On the rear is 2-10-0 1111 (the 4 aces). Another goes in the opposite direction. Back at Maryland junction, an eastbound arrives with 1111 once again. 4-6-2 number 208 pulls train number 10 from Elkins. Next, 817 is on the local to Connellsville. At mount savage junction, an eastbound is leaving the Baltimore & Ohio line which is led by engine 754. 754 is heading for Mt. Savage on the Cumberland & Pennsylvania line. The real Western Maryland 734 was scrapped, but at least the Lake Superior & Ishpeming 34 was saved and it�s still at Ridgely. A pair of Alco RS3 switchers 187, & 188 are helping an F unit on a freight to helmstetters curve and Connellsville. Even though number 198 was the final Alco RS3 for the Western Maryland, the railroad used to operate former Boston & Maine/Amtrak 4075 as 199. A steam powered coal train heads to Hagerstown. Moments later, Alco FPA4 number 304 pulls an eastbound at spring gap several miles east of Cumberland. The real western Maryland railway had only 5 of these units. During the early years of the WMSR, a former Canadian National/Via FPA4 number 6771 was renumbered to 305, and sister Engine 6780 was renumbered to 800 and painted in Baltimore & Ohio colors. Today these units are at the cuyahoga valley line in Ohio. A 1400 class Potomac powers freight number 2 as it passes by the semaphore on its way to Hagerstown. Another semaphore is shown at old town, this time is another passenger train number 2. Moments later, train number 10 from Elkins crosses the Potomac River Back at spring gap, Potomac class 4-8-4 number 1412 is heading west. At knobly tunnel, an unknown pacific is on a 2 car train as it crosses the river bridge. Train 3 emerges from the tunnel as it approaches Cumberland. In Cumberland before the debut of the interstate 68 bridge, train number 9 departs the 1913 station as it heads for Elkins. This train is led by number 208. Between north branch and spring gap, the final run of the Cumberland to Hagerstown Train is shown. Once again, 208 is seen on the daily only train. Afterwards, 2 f units are on a freight as it enters the Cumberland city limits. An 1100 decapod is assisted by 2 F units as it heads to Connellsville. Behind the freight is number 1112, which is sandwiched between the two cabooses. Near corriganville, FPA4 number 303 helps 1128 on a freight as it negotiates a bend. Behind the freight is engine 1129. 2 more f units help 1123 at helmstetters curve. On the rear is 4-8-4 number 1409. The same train is seen again as it approaches frostburg. Next up is a westbound stone train near helmstetters curve. Behind the stone train is An unidentified helper unit. Afterwards, the same train is at frostburg, followed by big savage tunnel. Salisbury Viaduct is the longest bridge on the Western Maryland as a work train crosses over it. The rails have since been removed. In cash valley, an M2 challenger enters helmstetters curve. Afterwards, a doubleheader with a pair of decapods are shown at the most photographed bend. Another doubleheader is shown, this time its the challengers at lap. On the rear is 4-8-4 number 1411. Next up is another challenger type doubleheader, this time it�s east of frostburg. On the rear of the same freight is another challenger. 1111 is on a westbound freight near frostburg. Near big savage tunnel, 1111 goes under the cameraman. Near frostburg, a mid train helper is on a freight, which also has a rear helper: 4-8-4 number 1406. 2 steam helpers have turned on a wye, and after that comes Engine 803 on a freight heading for Bethlehem steel. An eastbound is leaving the double track siding, as it heads for the big savage tunnel. This concludes the Cumberland to frostburg line.

Moving right along to the Elkins Subdivision, a doubleheader with engine 823 in the lead is shown. Another doubleheader is shown at Shaws. This time it is led by 850. A fast westbound is shown on a coal train in Poland from Cumberland. A 4 engine freight is shown near black fort grade. Which is at the 3.05% grade through black water canyon, for only 10 miles. Moments later, the same train with engine 802 is passing by the yard, as the helpers are due to be cut off. The mid train helper is number 807. And the rear units are numbers 847, and 832. Afterwards a westbound with a string of empties approaches Thomas. From the top of the canyon, an eastbound is at black fork grade. Next up are a pair of Alco RS3s as they are leading a freight. Moments later, a meet with a doubleheader at Thomas station is shown, which features 3 diesels in the middle. A 2-8-0 is on a freight as it heads for its assigned destination. On the rear are 5 Alco RS3 switchers. A small dirt chunk is on top of the screen as a freight and a 2 car passenger train concludes a look at the Elkins Subdivision at Henry.

On the Connellsville line, the local with engine 751 passes by the frostburg depot. An eastbound freight with 303 is shown, followed by 2 more f7s on helmstetters curve with 4-8-4 number 1411 heading west. These scenes were shot in 1953. Decapod number 1128 is on pusher service. Train 10 from Elkins arrives at Maryland junction with a K2 pacific in the lead. Train 9 to Elkins is powered by an RS3 as it is heading to pick up speed. Note the business cars on the rear. The same business cars are on a westbound freight to Connellsville with RS3 183 in the middle. Car 203 is at the railroad museum of Pennsylvania, while 204 is owned by a contractor. The same train enters double track territory. A Potomac northern heads to Hagerstown. Train 10 from Elkins passes by the terminal at Maryland junction. Next engine 756 is passing lap as it heads to frostburg. It is seen again but it�s on C&P tracks. At frostburg, the crew on Alco FPA4 number 302 collects orders. The Connellsville local with 813 is shown. Note the operator handing orders to the crew on the caboose. Back at Salisbury Viaduct, 816 crosses the bridge, with 2 cars in the lead. After that, it heads to keystone. A couple more cars are in the lead of 816 once again as it heads to frostburg. Near the western end of the WMSR, a westbound with diesels in the lead are on the eastbound track. Following behind is 816 on the local. Another westbound is on the Connellsville line. This time it is led by 1129 with an unknown helper in the middle. A consolation crosses the Salisbury Viaduct once again, but it still has a helper in the middle. A pair of F units are on a freight with Number 1112 in the middle. These scenes were shot in the spring of 1954. Decapod 1114 is on a freight near helmstetters curve, with 1112 on the rear. At the same time, an eastbound freight is shown. The same train is west of frostburg, and again, most of the tracks have since been removed.

Overall, Rege Cordic did an outstanding job narrating this 1988 video. The music is also amazing to hear, especially all of the songs that are listed in the closing credits.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Allegheny Rails Vol 2 The Western Maryland
jabru (Florida) on 2013-10-01 14:30:58.

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Excellent views of yesterdays trains. Reallybrings back memories!

Additional remarks by jabru:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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