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8444 Down The Deschutes 4449 Over The Siskiyou DVD
 4.5 of 5 (2)

8444 Down The Deschutes 4449 Over The Siskiyou DVD Goodheart Productions 8444-DESCHUTES-DVD
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Join our camera crews as we show you the 8444 cresting the Blue Mountains of Oregon, tripping along the Columbia River and leading a special excursion down Oregon's magnificent Deschutes River Canyon on the "Inside Gateway" route. Finally we follow this mighty 4-8-4 back over the Blue Mountains and across Idaho and Wyoming home to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In the second half of this 2-in-1 tape, you'll see Southern Pacific's beautiful "Daylight" 4-8-4 No. 4449 as she leads a special promotional train heralding the merger of Southern Pacific and the Rio Grande Railroad. This train operated over one of the most scenic lines in the west - the famous Siskiyou Line, renowned for its tortuous curves and steep grades, and still protected by ancient semaphore signals! The 4449 provided red and orange action galore in the green mountain forests of Oregon as she put on a magnificent show!

Running time 57 minutes

[TVD Note: Even though the cover says "Two Great 4-8-4's on One Tape", this is in fact a DVD not a tape.]

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Runtime:57 Mins ($0.47/min)
Producer:Goodheart Productions
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Disc Type:DVD
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8444 Down The Deschutes 4449 Over The Siskiyou DVD
Hawaii_train_Dude (Mililani HI US) on 2019-09-27 14:18:33.

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I'm mostly a fan of Pentrex and Greg Scholl but this is the first time that i have bought this program from Goodheart after seeing a preview on this on youtube. what caught my eye mostly was 4449's 1988 excursion over the Siskiyou line, I'm a big fan of 4449 and seeing her pulling those freshly painted diesels with a mixed colorful passenger car consists. Now this is the first time that i have a program by Goodheart and i resized how fast pasted this program is. it's only 57 minuets and every time when the train passes the camera it's only a few seconds then the audio cuts out then we don't get a sooth transition to the next scene but just a quick cut to the next. We don't even get to have any time to examine the route or the beauty of the scenery. the image quality could've been better restored, you can tell that it was taken straight from a VHS, especially on the 4449. one scene looks brand new like it was shot yesterday and the other looked like from a vhs that's 30 years old. overall despite that i really enjoyed this program and i bought another one by Goodheart on 261's excursion through the New River Gorge. i say that if you're a fan of the 844 and the 4449 this is a must to all fans of steam!

Additional remarks by Hawaii_train_Dude:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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8444 Down The Deschutes 4449 Over The Siskiyou DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-01-16 17:57:52.

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In this 2 in 1 combo, the program starts with 8444 on the Ogden subdivision heading to the Idaho border. The date is Saturday May 13, 1989. The following Sunday May 14, 8444 is at American falls Idaho west of Pocatello. Next it negotiates the bends and passing the lake at Glenn�s ferry. Afterwards the unretired northern spends the night at the Amtrak�s since discontinued pioneer Zephyr station at Nampa Idaho. On Monday May 15, 8444 whistles through the Oregon mountains known as the burnt hills. Then it highballs and climbs through the Blue mountains after making a stop at La Grande. The following Tuesday May 16, 8444 follows through the Columbia River Gorge to Portland which was of course 4449�s homebase. With e unit 951 in storage, only 6085 and 8444 operates a weekend run to bend for the state�s symphony association on Saturday May 20, and Sunday the 21st. The action starts at causeway along the Columbia River. Leaving the gorge, 8444 is on Burlington northern Tracks to bend for 152 miles, as it is on the deschutes river canyon route. On the gateway which was the shared trackage rights for BN and Union Pacific, 8444 is getting close to south junction. After a service stop, the engine marched up and out of the canyon to bend. During 8444�s 1989 visit to the northwest, Dave Goodheart, Greg Scholl, And Video Rails were there to capture the final runs of the unretired northern as the GP30 diesel was retiring from mainline service, meaning that the engine have reclaimed its original identity back. While 8444 is marching out of the canyon, a track inspection vehicle is following behind the special. Next 8444 is rolling through fertile countryside near Paxton as it whistles through. During this journey, 8444 crosses through high trestles at maddress, then comes the one over the crooked river gorge. The highest encounters by 8444. On Sunday, the trip concludes with a late afternoon arrival at bend. First the engine crosses over the crooked river gorge, then the maddress trestle. Next it slowly curves into the river canyon near gateway. Followed by crossing through various bridges and tunnels. Fast paced running along the Columbia River Gorge follows. At nosier, 8444 must wait for Amtrak�s pioneer Zephyr to pass by with F40 number 406 and 4 superliner coaches. Thankfully, the f40 is still operational today, but on special occasions. Afterwards, 8444 gets the right of way as it heads west of hood river. 2 different camera crews were recorded for this program only. Next the engine highballs and whistles through multnommah falls as it heads to Portland. While 8444 is being serviced for the really long trip home to Cheyenne, not all Railfans have to be people but sometimes animals also have a heart for trains as a Smooth Dachshund is wearing an engineer�s cap and bandana. After e unit 951 is recoupled up, the long journey home begins with 8444 at the Columbia river gorge. Next it approaches Pendleton alongside the grounds of the Oregon state prisons. Afterwards it climbs through the blue mountains at Mecham, hillgaurd, la Grande and crooks. Leaving the mountains and the Oregon state behind, it enters The Idaho state line at nampa. On Friday, it speeds on to Pocatello. 8444 is on dispatch Saturday, and on Sunday May 28, the action resumes at income Idaho. Leaving Bancroft, the diesels are just along for the ride as 8444 whistles by. Next it�ll have to wait for a westbound freight to pass at Glazer, then comes the departure for the continuing journey east to Cheyenne. Monday May 29, marks the final day in steam Railroading History, as this was not only 8444�s final run of the 5000 mile odyssey, but also for the final run as it was numbered to 8444. Once back at Cheyenne, the unretired 4-8-4 have reclaimed its original identity back as 844. First comes the service at green river. Then it heads east over Sherman hill. On this run Greg Scholl was in 8444�s cab. All to soon the big month long journey comes to a close as 8444 arrives home in Cheyenne. All of the passengers and Railfans thanked Steve lee and the team for the the Big northern�s epic journey. The odyssey concludes with the engine taking a spin at the turntable, and entering the Cheyenne shops.

It�s hard to imagine that 30 years and a month ago in December of 1988, one of 4449�s only trips for the year was the shippers special for both the Rio Grande and southern pacific merger. Only Goodheart productions was there to capture this rare event as well as Railfan and railroad magazine. It starts with Jack Wheelihan maintaining the engine, followed by some stills of 4449 on the American freedom train in the 70s. The morning light looks beautiful as 4449 waits for its passengers at Portland union station. Once everyone is onboard the action begins as it heads to Medford. A Rio Grande diesel was added behind the red and orange northern. The next day after a long night at Eugene, a southern pacific diesel was added. Next it passes by various local residents at cottage grove and climb over rice hill with active semaphore signals. Inside 4449�s cab, Doyle McCormack takes the controls, and the engine would spend the second night at roseburg. 4449 is taking some slow orders as it negotiates a bend. Afterwards, some snow is falling on the ground as 4449 is backing up to pick up passengers the next day. Sunlight greets the northern at Dillard. Next it climbs the 1% grade at mertel creek. Afterwards it passes between the semaphore signals and the wig wags at riddle. Inside the cab, 4449 climbs through cow creek canyon. Next it slows down at the siskiyou line due to some steep bends. Some pacing footage is included. Then 4449 crosses wolf creek bridge. Afterwards it approaches Medford at Dusk with some interesting semaphore action. On the return trip, more cab footage is included, as Doyle backs the engine up to couple to the 2 Rio Grande coaches one being a dome, and the other a standard type. The chase begins at wolf creek canyon, as an SD9 was added for dynamic braking. The train is 100 miles from eugene. With the diesel removed, 4449 highballs through Harrisburg and heading down the line home to Portland. Arriving back at home for the season, 4449 takes a spin and enters the since demolished Brooklyn yard roundhouse and turntable. 1988 wasn�t a big year for the red and orange northern, but at least there are lots of exciting things happening in 1989. Such as the Washington state winter games in February, to Los Angeles and Sacramento in May, filming come see the paradise, and also the very first Washington Central steamfest.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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