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611 Birmingham Memories DVD
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611 Birmingham Memories DVD Goodheart Productions NW-611BHAM-DVD
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Seldom have all the "right" components combined to produce the ideal steam locomotive. But in the case of Norfolk & Western's J-class 4-8-4's they did just that! With a massive firebox, marvelous boiler, perfectly balanced running gear and stylish streamlining, the elements combined to produce the 611, a designated National Engineering Landmark. The 611 thrilled us for a dozen years with awesome sights and sounds resurrected from the Great Age of Steam Railroading. In this video, all the right ingredients combined to produce a stunning videos tribute to this majestic steam locomotive. Crisp camera views of smoke-filled runbys, dramatic pacing and pan shots, cab rides and an engaging story line come together to create a fantastic video of the 611's last trip. This 56 minute, tightly-edited video is to railroad video what the 611 herself has been to steam railroading. The best in the class.

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Runtime:56 Mins ($0.48/min)
Producer:Goodheart Productions
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611 Birmingham Memories DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-13 20:22:43.

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In this soon to be 25 year old program, it starts with 611 whistling through the fields while Marc Boone says: I am the thoroughbred of steam. Born to ride, born to be free. Next a pair of Norfolk southern switchers numbers 2417 and 2424 are moving the coaches and also towing 611 to the service stop. Next, a trip back in time to 611�s first excursion debut in 1982 is shown with rare 8mm and 16mm sound films of the J at the Birmingham shops. 611 slowly crawls out of the shops. Some noteworthy producers were there such as Greg Scholl who was inside the building as 611 leaves. Next, 611 is heading to Chattanooga on August 13. Note the southern steam tender that was modified with all water inside. A few hours later, the test run is going well. Afterwards, 611 is on a really long mixed freight to Birmingham, followed by a passenger run to Roanoke At kudzu curve. Back to the videotape footage, 611 is still going backwards as it�s about to prepare for an excursion to Chattanooga. Not all Railfans have to be people. Some dogs are also railroad lovers too. The date is March 28, 1992. 611 departs Birmingham. The march over iron dale hill is included, as 611 makes a photo runby. At Argo, 611 whistles through the growing trees that are still waiting for their new leaves. Note the Pere Marquette coach on the rear. The J is still whistling alongside the roadway with some chasers. Some pacing is included. The speed restriction is 40 MPH. Moments later, 611 leaves the tunnel as it approaches Chattanooga. Arriving at Chattanooga, 611 goes backwards and must be turned for service and heading back to Birmingham. The local fire department helps out, as well as 611�s firebox being cleaned out. Some footage from 261 rebuilding a 4-8-4 is used. As the crew member clears 611�s firebox, note the Wendy�s cup. Engineer Bob saxton sprays the bottle on the J, then he eases 611 out of the service track. People of all ages got their photos taken with 611. With everyone back on board, 611 is about to transform into highball mode, as it heads back west to Birmingham. The J is rolling through lush forests, and whistling through the towns with no names. At Atalla Alabama, 611 makes a photo runby near the small yard. Despite the steep climb. The next day March 29, 611 heads to Chattanooga once again beginning at iron dale hill. This time with a wheelslip and cloudy skies. More pacing is included. No matter what the weather, 611 is still popular. Next, 611 passes by a horse farm. Afterwards, 611 leaves the tunnel as it enters the Georgia line. Next 611 whistles by a field of cows and horses. Back at Birmingham, a look at the rebuilding of 1218 is shown but unfortunately it didn�t run again due to NS� new president creating the painful end of the mainline steam excursions. Also inside the shop, a former Santa Fe baggage car is also being rebuilt. Back Outside, 611 is waiting for its coal to be loaded using a coal crane. In November of 1992, 611 leaves Birmingham, and passes by the power plant. At the same time, Union Pacific challenger 3985 was transformed into clinchfield 676 for the 50th anniversary of the Santa Claus train. At iron dale hill, 611 is struggling up the grade with some unusual wheelslips. The J picks up the speed at it whistles for the crossing. Next, 611 is alongside the roadway. Leaving Chattanooga behind, 611 is at milepost 13 near new haven Georgia. Note the American orient express coach in front of the Pere Marquette coach. At lookout mountain, 611 passes by a cow farm. A man waves at 611 at Huntsville. The sun is setting as 611 highballs through town. A look at Bob from the March 1992 trip is shown, followed by a tour of the cab with fireman Jack Taylor and the engineer. Afterwards, a cab ride aboard 611 is shown. With the cab ride completed, 611 is whistling through the bend. The top of lookout mountain near sulphur springs Georgia is shown as 611 is being viewed from the mountain as it whistles deep in the valley. As 611 backs into Chattanooga, there is more service needed to be performed on the J. On the way home again, 611 roads through milepost 15. The sun is setting as 611 whistles through the junction. A snowfall at an unidentified steam railroad museum is shown, followed by some spring flowers. A main entrance sign for Norfolk Southern�s Ernest Norris yard on the Alabama division. It�s April of 1993 and 611 is being serviced for its next journey. As always, it�s safety first. With everyone onboard, 611 departs the Amtrak station at Birmingham. As the J departs note the local CSX freight in the background. The J is roaring up iron dale hill. East of Norris yard, 611 whistles at a bend. Note the CSX baggage car in the consist. Next 611 is whistling alongside the roadway. Afterwards, 611 is highballing down the line at an unknown location as it passes by an empty siding. At last, 611 is rolling through the yard. On the way back to Birmingham, 611 is at milepost 13. Then it passes by lookout mountain. Moments later it whistles at an unknown location. A look at a small town is shown as 611 whistles through, followed by some pacing. Then it climbed the grade. Back at Birmingham, 611 is backing up. A still image of Birmingham station is shown, followed by a still of 4501. Next, 611 climbs up iron dale hill. Afterwards, 611 climbs up the grade and whistles through. A look inside the coaches are shown. Back outside, 611 whistles on a cloudy day. Then it negotiates a bend with a barley heard wheelslip. Next it passes by a hay farm. Afterwards, 611 negotiates an S curve as it crosses over a stationary bridge. Next 611 crosses over the state line as it rolls alongside the highway. As 611 arrives at Chattanooga, US Army 2-8-0 number 610 is waiting for the J to arrive. Behind the 610 is diesel number 8677. On the right, Jim Bysline. On the left, Carl Jensen. These 2 men are holding flags. An interview with Jim is included. Bill purdy is also interviewed from onboard the train. As well as Jim. As night falls, 611 departs Chattanooga. In the closing credits, 611 whistles through the curve as darkness falls.

While 611 ended her regular excursions in 1994, she was surprisingly moved to the North Carolina transportation museum in spencer about 20 years later. 10 to 11 months later in 2015 after the record breaking blizzard of the northeast, 611 did return to operational condition in time for her 65th birthday. But unfortunately, it didn�t last very long due to Amtrak�s worst president Dick Anderson created the No steam giants policy on all of the main lines effecting all mainline built steam stars especially 611. Will the J ever high all again? Only time will tell.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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611 Birmingham Memories DVD
Ron Harber (Strafford MO US) on 2019-02-14 23:19:02.

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Great amounts of footage of N&W 611 even though 1994 was her last year. This video shows her first break in runs in 1982 at the Norris Yard shop in Birmingham, Alabama and that same year, Roanoke, Virginia celebrated 100 years as a city. Oddly, 611 didn�t pulled a matched set of Tucson red Norfolk Southern cars until late in her career as queen of steam. The rest of the video shows her working hard from Birmingham, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee from March 28, 1992 all the way to her last excursion run on December 3, 1994 when Norfolk Southern decided to close down their steam operations after 28 wonderful years (1966-1994).

Additional remarks by Ron Harber:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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