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4501 To Summerville DVD
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4501 To Summerville DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions 45012SD
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Back in the beginnings of the Southern Steam Program, the Southern dolled up 4501 with a green paint job to replicate the appearance of the Southern 4-6-2's. However when it received rebuilding work in the future, the folks at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM), painted it back into its freight black, with the big number on the tender. So, it looks great now, and we take you for a weekend chasing the engine, during October of 2017.

The Summerville line is a regular freight hauling railroad which allows the TVRM folks to operate weekend excursions. There is a turntable at Summerville, and we will see some footage of 4501 using it as well. Coverage begins at the Grand Junction depot at the east end of the TVRM trackage. After taking the belt line the route connects to the Chattooga & Chickamauga Railroad, which operates from Rossville, GA(just south of Chattanooga, TN) to Summerville.

We enjoy 4501 at the station, and then watch it climb the grade out of the valley. With two camera crews, we capture the best spots along the route each day, with an emphasis on the engine working grades for more excitement. Missionary Ridge Grade south of Rossville is one such area that we cover well. The route passes the Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield area, then goes through such towns as LaFayette, Rock Spring, and Trion.

The train is also followed northbound for different spots, and the end of the day both days we end with 4501 climbing this steep but short grade connecting to the TVRM trackage just before dark. This spot was a must-see experience with 4501 really pouring it on near the end of the trip.

There is also a nice pacing sequence in the morning along Holtzclaw Avenue, and you will see a couple shots of another Southern engine, with 1890 built 2-8-0 154 running in Knoxville the same day 4501 was running. Greg left early to get that.

You will learn a bit about the history of 4501 and how it's journey to where it is today unfolds. Its great that this classic locomotive is preserved and able to run this distance. Oh, and the whistle is a nice 3-chime that you will enjoy!

Shot in HD, with color. Live audio, with limited narration. 85 Minutes.

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4501 To Summerville DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-10-06 16:37:58.

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In this installment of Greg�s 4501 revival collection, the program starts on a very foggy morning of Saturday October 21, 2017, as GP7 number 710 is idling at the junction where 4501 is backing to the all day consist. Christopher Kovacs (trainmaster844) tells about the history of the 1911 mikado. While 4501 is making preparations for the trip to Summerville, a southbound NS freight is approaching at their Chattanooga yard. Next a custom made map of 4501�s route is shown. Moments after leaving the museum depot, 4501 crosses over the bridge at tunnel boulevard. Most of the coaches on 4501�s trip for the October 2017 weekend were mostly from the southern & Other road names, while one coach was originally owned by the Grand trunk Western. With the fog vanished, 4501 whistles through Holtzclaw Avenue. Listen to one of the best bells and whistles on a steam locomotive. Note the red flag on the rear of coach 1000. Afterwards, 4501 whistles and crosses Holtzclaw Avenue which is a bit further down the road. In the going away shot, 4501 is having a wheelslip. After crossing the state line, 4501 is battling through missionary ridge grade, along foster Avenue which is south of Rossville. Listen carefully for the wheelslip as 4501 chugs along the line and also hear a dog bark offscreen. Approaching the camera crew, the engine whistles for allgood street. Next 4501 is negotiating a Bend at the grade. Again listen carefully for the wheelslip. Moments later, 4501 whistles by the chickamauga baseball field. One of the most photographed locations on the Chattanooga to Summerville line is at the old house in rock spring. Here 4501 makes an S curve as it whistles by the historic structure. Near noble Georgia, the camera combination of both Greg and Brady was used as 4501 passes by. Several people have also joined the chase to see 4501 on the southbound trip. Next, 4501 is south of noble. At Lafayette Georgia, another 2 camera combination is used. One scene for passing the historic station with the semaphore signals, the other for the Mars movie theater. Afterwards, 4501 is climbing up the grade at Martindale. Next the engine is whistling at Trion. Note the bug or a lonely leaf is almost blocking the lens as 4501 crosses the bridge over the chattooga River. At the 25 minute mark of the program, 4501 arrives at Summerville. Here the locomotive gets uncoupled from the coaches, and would take a spin at the turntable. During the panning sequence of the arrival, 4501�s bell is swinging at 360 degrees. With all the passengers off the train, they�re experiencing a first hand look at 4501 on the fully motorized turntable. Again note the swinging 360 degree bell movement. The turntable was built in 1916 and was donated from Birmingham in November of 1999. During 4501�s spin, the local news crew is filming the 1911 mikado on the turntable. Finally facing the opposite direction, 4501 couples to the opposite end of the train for the northbound trip home to Chattanooga. Prior to that, some service is included. On the return trip, some kids are fishing at the chattooga River in Trion as 4501 whistles through as always. Next it performs an almost perfect reflection shot as it crosses the bridge. Afterwards 4501 is on the north side of Trion. During the approaching shot, the wind is blasting through the mike for a couple of seconds. Back at martindale, 4501 negotiates an S curve. Next 4501 whistles south of Lafayette, then it whistles north of the small town itself. Moments later, 4501 whistles through noble. At the northwestern technical college near rock spring, 4501 is preparing to stop for a photo runby. Once everyone is out of the train, 4501 backs up and makes a quick shot for the passengers. During the runby look carefully for the swinging 360 degree bell. With everyone back onboard, 4501 passes by oakwood church which is north of chickamauga. The sun is beginning to set as 4501 whistles by the peerless woolen mill in Rossville. Back at the Tennessee Valley railroad museum, the Halloween train is leaving the missionary ridge tunnel and arrives at the east Chattanooga shops. Power for this train is GP9 number 80 nicknamed the John A. Chamber. With the diesel cleared, 4501 highballs up the hill and its back on the museum track concluding the Saturday trip. The pacing sequence for the Saturday trip was shown in southern steam variety, but the Sunday trip was featured in this program. As 4501 is getting ready to climb, note the sounds of the dog offscreen, as well as the leaves falling from the trees in the going away shot.

Speaking of Sunday October 22, 2017, it starts with a morning preparation at the grand junction depot in the 50 minute mark of the program. Leaving the museum, a 2 camera combination is shown as 4501 crosses the bridge at tunnel boulevard. Note the birds tweeting offscreen as 4501 approaches one of the camera crews. Which includes a wheelslip. On the ground, a same scene is shown. Back at Holtzclaw Avenue, a pacing sequence is happening. Prior to that, a quick driving segment is shown. During the pacing sequence in this program, 3 boxcars are parked on a siding, as well as trees, business signs, and even seeing a crew member in the fireman�s seat. As 4501 crosses to the other side of Holtzclaw Avenue near the sports field, a brief behind the scenes look Is shown where the camera points to the driver of the automobile. From the ground, the same scene is shown as 4501 crosses to the other side. Again listen to one of the best bells and whistles on a steam locomotive. South of the state line, 4501 is north of Rossville. Moments later, 4501 whistles by the peerless woolen mill, and crosses to the other side. Climbing up through missionary ridge grade, 4501 is alongside foster road, then it whistles for allgood road. Again, note the wheelslip. Next a look below shot is shown as 4501 is near the summit of the grade. On the reverse S curve, 4501 whistles by the chickamauga battle field during the civil war. After the old house near an S curve at rock spring onwards, Brady chased 4501 to Summerville and back, while Greg and Randy drove 100 miles northeast to Knoxville for a couple of scenes of the oldest operating 2-8-0 in America: number 154 at the three rivers rambler. Which was used as a bonus feature after the closing credits while 4501 is back on the museum tracks as it whistles for the missionary ridge tunnel. At Trion 4501 whistles through the tiny town. After using the Summerville turntable, 4501 climbs upgrade as it heads home. Next the 1911 mikado makes a bend at martindale, then it whistles for the crossing. Just like yesterday, 4501 would be making a photo runby at the rock spring college. Afterwards, 4501 passes by the chickamauga battlefield, as it goes under the highway bridges. Finally 4501 climbs quickly uphill as it returns to the museum tracks.

During the bonus segment, a map of the Knoxville area is shown, as there are 2 scenes of the 1890 locomotive. One is at the McWherter riverside landing park entrance, the other for an overhead shot at the riverside drive overpass near the summit where at the same time, an unidentified WWII aircraft was flying over, while 154 is making a wheelslip. That clip was posted on Greg�s YouTube channel. Listen to the deep toned Steamboat whistles on 154 as it pulls only 5 coaches with an open gondola, and diesel switcher number 2241 due to no turning locations on both ends of the line.

The 4501 feature is about 80 minutes, while the 154 bonus is only 5 minutes.

Overall, Christopher Kovacs (trainmaster844) did a decent job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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4501 To Summerville DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-11-13 22:22:57.

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4501 to summerville follows former southern mikado 4501 operating on excursion trips on mainline of the tennessee valley railroad museum mainline in the fall of 2017 with a 9 car train there is some nice scenery and locations while making the trip running from the grand junction station at tvrm to summerville travling through towns such as LaFayette, Rock Spring, and Trion as well as the Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield area and a pacing sequence with the 4501 before reaching summerville running on the former central of georgia mainline and there's a shot of the 4501 being turned on the turntable for the return trip to tvrm there's a shot climbing a connection of a steep grade before returning to tvrm (there's also a night shot of the same location with the sun about to set) in addition there is also footage of southern consolidation 154 on the three rivers rambler in knoxville overall this video is a nice presentation showcasing the famed mikado traveling through beautiful scenery and locations on tvrm's regular train rides

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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