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3-Rail O Scale Trains DVD
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3-Rail O Scale Trains DVD TM Books and Video RAIL 780484000535
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The new game in town is called 3-Rail O Scale, and it features O scale couplers and diesels with fixed pilots.

Manufacturers are in on the action. They are either producing 3-Rail O Scale products, or have made new items 3-Rail O Scale ready, enabling an easier transition to scale couplers, etc.

We make a return visit to Norm Charbonneau, a hobby Super Star in weathering and scenery. Norm has created a new, larger layout that shows how he converted to scale Kadee couplers and fixed pilots.

Next we visit the Hi-Rail Modular Train Club in Griffith, IN. They have installed their permanent layout, and added a large storage yard for their members' fleet of realistic trains, many of which are 3-Rail O Scale.

18 different trains - steam and diesel, freight and passenger - pass through rural and industrial areas on a three-track mainline.

Both Norm and the Griffith hi-railers use only modern command control operating systems to run their trains. The effect is viewing long, handsome consists with realistic sounds running through beautiful scenery.

Whether your area of interest is in O gauge realism or toy trains - or you just enjoy watching a wide variety of scale trains in action - TM's new series will provide you a close look at today's most realistic model railroads in action.

Run time 60 minutes

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DVD UPC:780484000535
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3-Rail O Scale Trains DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-01-08 07:45:11.

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3-rail o scale trains is a new video tm has made this video shows the model train hobby has been looking into more realistic than what the hi-rail layout offers two layouts featured are in this video first is the layout of norm charbonneau (who was fetured in both the lionel nation series and the world class hi-rail layout series) with having a more realistic look next is the hi-rail modular train club in the town of griffith Indiana with a layout they installed 18 different trains powered by both steam and diesel locomotives on both freight and passenger trains if you're looking into make a more realistic look for your layout or just like watch trains than you'll get a lot out of this video

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Yes.

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3-Rail O Scale Trains DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-06 20:45:46.

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In this 2018 TMBV Program, it starts with Joe Stachler Talking about the Postwar Lionel Diesels which they have articulated trucks in order to Negotiate the 0-31 curves, as well as the increase in the Hi-rail market.

After the Title card, the first layout in this program is the third visit to Norm Charbonneau which it was later used on the TMBV Blu-Ray: The Train Layouts of Norm Charbonneau. Joe Mentions Lionel Nation 2 from 2008, & World Class Hi-Rail Layouts part 4 in 2012. On the new Layout, Norm Has a Model of Pere Marquette 1225 hauling freight which the TMBV crew is yet indeed to Visit the Steam Railroading Institute In Owosso, A pair of New York Central F2's, A New York Central Mohawk, A Bessemer & Lake Erie GP9, & Multiple Steam & Diesels from the Pennsylvania railroad that was used on the previous 2 layouts Such as the Center cab Transfer diesel, the Centipedes, The Baldwin Shark Nosed RF16's, F-Units, an 0-6-0 B6 Switcher with K-Line Tooling, The 4-4-4-4 T1 Duplex, A Mountain Class M1A 4-8-2, GP7's, an NW-2, Doubleheaded K-4 Pacifics, a Doodlebug, and Alco switchers. There are also riding footages on the layout, such as pacing the noteworthy Polar Express Berkshire, and head-on Cab Rides. The curves are O-90 on the inner loop, and O-99 on the outer loop. The Atlas switches are operated by Lionel TMCC. The Scratched built Buildings from the previous Layouts are also included. The Signals are custom built by Terrance Christopher. In his 20's, Norm was Originally from Pittsburgh: The city of Iron Steel, & Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The 3rd layout is reminiscent of the '50s. Some of the New Scratched built buildings that Norm made includes a 2 stall Engine shed, and the Roundhouse from Altoona Model Works by Bob Spaulding. Here we see 1225 leaving the roundhouse, taking a spin on the turntable, and filling up its tender with coal. Next, Norm talks about the 3 rail scale Couplers by Kadee. A comparison between the Number 740 Coupler, and the Number 805 Coupler are shown. A magazine page of the Couplers are included. Here's a fact alert: the Kadee Company was named after twin brothers Keith & Dale Edwards, by using their first letters of their own first names. Norm uses the Number 812 O Scale Coupler Height Gauge to ensure every coupler on every product is installed at the same level. A head on chase of F-Unit 9784 is shown. For Power, Norm Still uses Lionel TMCC & Legacy, Plus the series of the PowerHouse 135, and the Legacy PowerMasters. Not to mention the SC-2's for the switches. Many of the Engines on Norm's layout have since been upgraded with Electric railroad, and Train America E.O.B. E.O.B. is short for Engineers on board. Replicated on the third layout, NW-2 Number 9171 is routed to various sidings and points in a small yard, to pick up cars, and assemble them before it heads to the mainline. Afterwards, Norm Talks about the engines that are shown on the third layout, as well as more mentioning of weathering his locomotives, rolling stock, and scratched built buildings. Norm has made many friends in the hobby & enjoys operating sessions at his house. Sadly, 2 of Norm's friends have since been sent away into heaved: Victor Bodek, & Burt Danowski. If there's one question that needs to be ask, it would be this: Why Not Just Go to Realistic 2-rail O Scale? Norm has some responses to that question.

With Norm's third layout finished, the TMBV Crew heads to Griffith Indiana. Here the town has a railroad park and a double track diamond just like Rochelle Illinois. Note the artwork of the Elgin Joliet & Eastern Freight on a Brick wall. A Canadian National Freight Led by 8960 crosses the diamond. The park is located at South Broad Street. In addition to the EJ&E, Joe also Mentions the Erie & Grand Trunk Railroads. The Griffith Historical Society managed to save the signal box, the crossing shanty, and a station. The society also invited the Hi-rail Modular train Club. The founding member of the Club is Frank Wendt. The club was formed in March of 2002, the operating layout was constructed the following July. The trains that are running on the club layout includes a Canadian Pacific SD9043MAC by Lionel hauling freight, A pair of Blue GP15-1s numbers 1635 & 1630 on the Missouri Pacific, A Santa Fe A-B-B-B-A with Super Chief coaches by Golden gate depot, Union Pacific 844 by MTH which the real 844 is still at Cheyenne Wyoming, Note the Bell that was recorded from Southern Pacific 4449, A pair of the Indiana Railroad Wide Cab Units On a Doublestack, EJ&E SD-38s 650 & 654, Santa Fe Alco FPA-4 number 51 from Lionel with MTH Coaches which fact alert: The Real AT&SF 51 is Alco's 75,000th Locomotive to be built. In addition, there is also Illinois Central GP9 number 9126 from Atlas and was equipped by Lionel TMCC, a model of one of the Oldest Operating Northerns ever Built: Santa Fe 3751 Which the real engine is in Southern California, the Duluth, Missabe, & Iron Range Yellowstone 225 from MTH, a Chessie System SD40 on a piggyback, Burlington F3 9962 from Lionel TMCC carrying 13 21 inch Atlas California Zephyr coaches that are made out of plastic, A 1989-1995 inspired Santa Fe Freight with 3 Warbonets in the lead & a Blue Yellow unit, Which they're all GP60s. Note the 2 Cabooses on the rear, A Mixed freight with one unit from Conrail 7 one from Norfolk Southern, A Erie Lackawanna 3 unit freight with Alco C424s by Atlas, An MTH CB&Q Trailer Train with a pair of GP30s & an SD24, The Indiana Harbor Belt GP38 & NW2, And a Great Northern Passenger train With F7s, and the coaches are from Golden Gate Depot. Note the John Deere Tractors on the Layout. Frank Describes the basic details of the layout. Joe also mentions the Once Cheyenne Frontier Days, which have since been ended immediately due to the real 844 killing a bystander as it tries to leave Denver. Frank Talks about the Bench work, and wiring the layout. Club Member Jim Marek Talks about the types of trains & the layout itself the club uses. The track on the layout is Gargraves. The switches are from Curtis & Ross. Joe Does a Brief history on 3751,and also for the NS heritage units. Frank talks about a typical operating club session. Every club member gets 45 minutes of Run time. Jim also talks about trying to get 3 trains running at one time. If the real 9116 is rebuilt into an SD70 ACU, it will also be renumbered. Joe also talks about the Indiana Railroad with the route and its own SD90MACs. On the Rear is an NS Dash 9W. The layout is located in the basement of the Franklin Center. The room is at 5000 Square feet, and the layout is 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. The yard itself is 25 feet long. The Curves are 138 on the outside, 128 in the middle, and 120 on the inner loop. Not all words are pronounced correctly as Stachler Miss-pronounced Missabe as Miss-abe Instead of Mis-sa-be. Frank talks about the track plan. Jim also talks about the 20 track yard. The yard can store 600 train cars. All over the layout there are Signals like Semaphores, & Switchboards. There is another model of 3751, that is owned by a different club member. Here it carries a consist of coaches in Pullman green with a couple of REA Baggage cars. Joe also mentions a brief history on the Real B&O 7500, and the Chopped nosed design on the SD24. Jim talks about the Benefits in operating a club. Accessories include the NYC 20th Century Limited Roadside Diner by K-Line, A Norfolk Southern Industrial Water Tower, the Texaco Gas Station, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Dealer, Various Buildings, and several trees & Bushes. A brief look inside the cab is included. Future plans include wiring a replica of a steel mill, Where an NW2 is standing by. The reactions from visitors are very pleased.

Overall, this is a really good TMBV Program to show Present Day Modern Railroading, as well as Joe Stachler doing a Decent Job Narrating it. In the Closing Credits, a cab ride on Norm's Layout is included, as well as a Mention of Clarke Dunham During the Special thanks part.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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