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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 4 DVD
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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 4 DVD TM Books and Video CENTL4 780484000528
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This production is a tribute to fathers and sons in the O gauge 3-rail hobby.

Kevin Burrow and his Blake have been interested in trains for a long time. As Blake grew older they decided to build an O gauge layout together. Even though they weren't as experienced with O gauge or building layouts, they managed to create an impressive realistic looking, multi-level display where they run five trains at once.

Len Hopkins has a collection of vintage Lionel postwar trains and accessories. He built a 26-foot long layout for his son Jason. The trains and accesories are all original. The 746 N&W J, the Santa Fe 2343 Warbonnet F3, 2340 green Pennsylvania GG1, 2331 blue and yellow Virginian FM are seen pulling freight and passenger cars, many of which are rare variations.

Many years ago, Art Williams introduced his son Jim to model railroading. Jim is now an electrical engineer, and he returned the favor by helping his Dad create a giant, modern model railroad using MTH's DCS control system. Art's dream layout uses Atlas O gauge track and runs through towns and cities and includes a passenger terminal.

Bonus segment: Art demonstrates how he ballasted the track, added simulated water for the rivers, and applied scenery to rural areas.

Get inspired, learn new ideas, and enjoy watching all those gorgeous trains roll by.

This is the first TM production to feature optional 5.1 surround sound for an enhanced model railroad viewing experience.

Run time: 76 minutes

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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 4 DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-06-11 20:20:46.

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21st century great train layouts part 4 is the newest edition of tm's 21st century layout series as the description says this video is a tribute to both father's and son's in the hobby three layouts are featured 2 with the new stuff we have today and one with postwar lionel trains there's also a bonus segment with art williams showing how he did some of the stuff on his layout great action and story's showing a fitting tribute to father's and son's who share interest in the hobby.

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 4 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-04-12 07:56:01.

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In part 4 of this series from 2019, It starts with the layout of Kevin & Blake Burrow in Central Indiana, Which is Narrated by Jeff McComas. Kevin's Son Blake got Started in Thomas the Tank Engine both in the Wooden railway & the Pre-Sharon Miller Style Episodes of the Tv Series, not to mention HO gauge. The Room is 40 feet by 15 feet. Before operating Lionel & MTH, the father & son duo got started in G Scale. On the LGB layout, an 0-4-0 hauls 5 cars of coal, one 2-4-0 with one coach at the bottom level of the layout, a Rio Grande 2-4-0 number 1218 (Which is a reference to Not only the N&W Class A 2-6-6-4 that operated from 1987-1991, but also a 44 Toner Diesel on the Heber Valley Railroad in Utah) on the top level of the layout with 2 coaches & a caboose, & an articulated engine with 3 coal cars, & 5 coaches. The G Scale layout is 8 by 8. Surprisingly enough, there is a scratched built cowcatcher that acts out as the table for the control booth. Not to mention the painted mural on the wall. Kevin Mentioned Steve Nelson of Mr. Muffin's trains which he appeared on the Toy Train Revue Reboot Part 4. The locomotives on the O Gauge layout includes an MTH model of Nickel plate 765 hauling a military train which the real berkshire is located in Fort Wayne Indiana, A pair of Monon F units, A set of Santa Fe A-B-A F3s, A pair of Nickel plate road Alco FPA-4's, The Present day Alaska Railroad, a model of Amtrak 90208 in Support for veterans colors, another Nickel plate Berkshire: 757 Which the real engine used to be on display at the the railroad museum of Pennsylvania located across the street from the Strasburg railroad in Lancaster County, but it's now on display at the Mad River & Nickel Plate Museum in Bellevue Ohio despite that the MTH model of the engine uses the whistle that was recorded from 765, a Union Pacific Big Boy, an Amtrak Heritage unit, and a Monon Alco RS3. The layout is L Shaped with Atlas track. Accessories on the layout includes special scratched built bridges, a carnival, several railroad crossings from Z-stuff, Houses, A giant wooden ship, a roadside diner, different stations, a drive-in movie theater, Service stations, industrial water towers, trees, storage sheds, an airport with planes hanging on the Ceiling, a lumber yard, a farm with a subliminal shanty, Towers like the rotary beacon & floodlight types and plenty of figurines & automobiles which includes the time travel car known as the Delorean from the Back to the Future Collection despite that a couple of the figurines have something subliminal included. Parts of the Lionel pedestrian bridge were used to create an elevated train platform. There are also Animated signs. In youth years, Blake was a boy scout. The layout is Powered by an MTH Z-4000 transformer as the trains are operated by the Digital Command System. There is also some head-on riding footage of the layout.

At the 25 Minute mark, the TMBV crew heads for the Postwar Lionel Layout of Len Hopkins which is Narrated by Tom McComas. Stock Footage from Norm Charbonneau's layout is included on 3-rail O scale Trains. Len has a Norfolk & western Class J 4-8-4 Number 746 on a freight, the Virginian Fm Trainmaster, a Santa Fe F3, the New York Central A-B-A F3 which was Len's very first Lionel Set, a number 60 trolley, the Pennsylvania GG1 which the paint on the original shell was chipped as it was replaced by the one from Madison Hardware, the Texas Special which was the very first Lionel diesel to be introduced in the Postwar celebration series from 1998 or 1999, the Pennsylvania 682 turbine, the Baltimore & Ohio F3, and every postwar Lionel Locomotive, Rolling Stock, Accessory, and even the Girl's train on the display Cases. Accessories on the Layout include the Culvert Loader & Unloader, the Barrel loading station, a pair of Ice loading Depots, the 356 freight station, the 464 sawmill, a trio of 132 stations, the 30 water tower, the diesel refueling station, plasticville building kits, the 192 rotary dispatching tower, the 264 forklift platform, the 394 rotary beacon, another rotary beacon, the Rico station Building kit, a flagpole, the 175 rocket launcher, the heliport, the 455 dispatching station and an industrial water tower. The layout is measured 26 feet long by 12 feet wide. For power, the layout uses a Quartet of ZW transformers. Len has an extremely rare black barrel car. Some of these accessories also have Oh No bloopers themselves. Len also has different variations of the 6414 auto loader cars including the one with 4 brown automobiles which is extremely rare to find. He also has a variation of the New Haven Double Door Boxcars, The B&O Boxcars: one brown & one blue, the 6262 wheel car with the common black flatbed, and a really rare red flatbed. The black version is $75, while the rare red version is $600. In the Downtown district where all of the buildings are plasticville, there are people walking and doing things of their own. There are also photographs of Len's kids.

Halfway between the 41 minute & 42 minute mark of part 4, there is one more layout to visit: Arthur Williams of Iowa, Which is Narrated by Joe Stachler. Art Began his hobby not with his Dad, but with his Mom. Look carefully for a John Deere tractor on the farm portion of the layout. An interview with Art's Son Jim is included. The layout is measured at 65 feet by 20 feet. The layout is generated by the Lionel Legacy Control System, with a trio of Lionel 180 Watt power bricks, and the MTH Track Interface Units, plus they are operated by Handheld Devices on their apps. For track, they used Atlas with Special Switches. The Trains on Art's Layout includes a Doubleheaded Doublestack with a BNSF G2 unit in the lead & a Santa Fe Warbonet, More present day freight powered diesels on Union Pacific, Southern Pacific & Burlington Northern, a Pennsylvania 681 turbine on the display cases, a Chicago & Northwestern 10 wheeler number 361, the Milwaukee Road NW2 number 443, The Santa Fe F3, the Milwaukee Road F units, the Blue & Yellow Santa Fe Geep, the Western Pacific F3, & A Metra Commuter train. Accessories include different bridges, Signals, Scratched Built buildings, figurines, a greyhound bus depot, the spencer packing company freight house, & crossing signs by MTH, right of way industries, & Custom Signals. The backgrounds of the layout are still undergoing Construction. An interview with Art's wife Dixie is included. She talks about the Church on the layout that was inspired by her wedding. The tour of the layout begins at the Neighboring towns of Ruthven & Spencer Iowa which includes assembling the meat train as it heads for Chicago. The BNSF & Union Pacific line runs on the lower level of the layout with a coal train. The model of Proviso yard is located near the far back corner of the basement with a yard tower & storage tracks. Down the line from the Railway Express Agency facility is Downtown Chicago's Union Station. The real concourse building was demolished in 1969. Like the Real Chicago Union Station, there are tracks underneath the terminal. Jim Modified the Lionel 450 Signal bridges to span the triple track mainline. Located behind union station are numerous Grain Elevators. As the meat train arrives at Eola yard, the crew gets to rest and the locomotives would be serviced for refueling. The model of the Hostess Wonder Bread Bakery factory is shown as well as special cars that have the Iconic Wonder bread logo. There are numerous John Deere Tractors on the layout. The Eola yard is located on the Opposite side of the Proviso yard on the layout. The Milwaukee road NW2 runs on the Elevated portion of the layout.

The main Program of part 4 ran for 66 minutes while the Bonus How to tips ran for only 10 minutes.

In the Closing Credits, Jeff worked on this program for not only narrating, but also being an editor and camera operator.

Overall, Part 4 of this series is enjoyable to watch again & Again, especially the music in this program. And Just Like Parts 1 & 2 of this series, part 4 is also on Amazon Instant Prime Video, while part 3 unfortunately is only on DVD and Vimeo.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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