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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 2 DVD
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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 2 DVD TM Books and Video CENTL2 780484000481
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Jack Wheelan's "3-Rail Scale" layout has amazing detail and Kadee scale couplers. Jack loves real and scale model steam engines. He worked for EMD and was the fireman on the American Freedom train. His layout features a huge operating turntable and steam engine servicing facility, and both are exquisitely detailed.

Ron Benner's 2000 square-foot layout features GarGraves track and 59 Ross switches. Ron loves colorful diesels, signals, and carefully detailed scenery. An excellent example of a highly detailed hi-rail layout with realistic train operations.

Here's a layout like no other on the planet. A 3-D scrapbook of the Grach family featuring their travels, favorite musicians, teams, movies, and plays. Fascinating graphics create unique backgrounds for the train action. Features six trains running on four levels.

Dave Topping loves Standard gauge and has a 1000-square foot layout to prove it. Dave runs two trains each on three long loops plus an elevated loop. It has been challenging, but Dave has adapted well to controlling the trains with both TMCC and DCS.

Also a segment on building an Approach Limited signal.

Building a layout? Buy this DVD. Get ideas.

60 minutes

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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 2 DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2018-05-30 08:34:02.

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21st century great train layouts part 2 continues tm's new layout series you'll get ideas and inspiration of building a layout you'd like to have hope that there's more to come (part 3 is available now) this has been a great series

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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21st Century Great Train Layouts Volume 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-02-17 20:37:06.

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In part 2 from 2017, it starts with the layout of Mark & Shelly Grach, which is narrated by Tom McComas. Here it includes photos of the couple, footage of another layout, and plenty of their own photographs all over the layout plus their favorite celebrities, Pets, Cities, teams, schools, magazines, and Lionel catalog pages. Here it Contains a Subway set, a phantom, the Chicago Cubs set which is a repainted version of the Polar Express, the MTH I Love Toy Trains Set, the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha from 2006, the MTH Coors Light Beer set, A K-Line handcar with polar bears, a Rock Island Alco FPA4, A BL-2, The 1996 Version of the New York Central's Commodore Vanderbilt, The Burlington Pioneer Zephyr, The Amtrak Turbo Train, a Union Pacific Big Boy, and a Late 1940's Pennsylvania turbine. For track and power, they use Lionel Fastrack, with a trio of Transformers: A Lionel ZW, A Lionel ZW-L, And an MTH Z-4000. The layout is on 4 levels which is like a wedding cake. Accessories include, a Newsstand, a Water Tower, Highway Lamps, the Burning Signal box, An Oil Derrick, and a Lighthouse. The Construction of the layout was done by Carl Wilmsen, Tom Worked with Carl for more than 20 years. A Mention of Great MTH Layouts are used. 3 loops are on the table level with curves for O-72, O-60, & O-48, an O-31 Loop on the second level, and another O-31 on the top level. The Trestle beams are made by Carl. An O-31 Loop is located in the bottom of the layout for the Subway system. The Layout measures 6.5 foot by 9 feet. Look Carefully for Connor the New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson from the Andrew Brenner Era of Thomas the Tank Engine. In the End of the Segment there is a small group photo. From Left to Right: Producer Tom McComas, Shelly Grach, Mark Grach, and Carl Wilmsen.

At the 11 Minute mark, the layout of Dave Topping is shown, Dave's first train set was a number 121 wind up from 1938. Special effects are used as Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 number 765 From the Lima Locomotive works in 1944 is visiting Chicago's LaSalle Street Station, which includes some onboard footage. Will TM Ever make an I Love Big Trains Reboot or a Future I Love Toy Trains Video on the 765? Who Knows. But anyways, there are Postwar Lionel catalog pages included, as Well as Dave's own Photos. Besides the Trains, Dave Loves to Sail, as well as vintage sports cars, and small air crafts. Dave has made and disassembled his own layouts. The room is 1000 Square feet. The layout is measured at 40 by 25 feet. The trains that are Running on Dave's Present layout are 100% Tinplate Standard Gauge. Which includes an electric 408E Apple Green unit on a freight, An American Flyer 4693 on a freight, the Blue Comet which is Dave's favorite Tinplate Standard gauge train set, The Red State set, The MTH Chessie System Freight led by a 400E, The Mayflower, the Brown 408E State Set, A Black 400E with Southern Pacific daylight coaches, The Lionel Milwaukee Road Hiawatha from 2001 or 2002, a Green 400E, the Great Northern version of the Olympian, a San Francisco Cable car from 1987 by McCoy, and plenty of more engines and cars. Dave has a Dorfan Crane, Multiple Bridges, The Roundhouse with a small turntable, the 840 powerhouse, a Marx Freight Terminal, an airport, the Lionel 98 Coal Loader, and a carnival. A Mural of St. Joseph Michigan is shown for Dave's Layout. In 1935, the Beach at St. Joseph was known as Silver beach was one of the largest beaches of the Midwest. For Power, Dave uses the MTH DCS with the Track interface unit, a pair of Lionel ZW-L transformers, and a Lionel TMCC. On the Layout, there are 18 switches. On one scene, the Black 400E touches the Chessie System Caboose on the rear. Alongside the wall, there are interesting art works of Steam locomotives in regular service. Dave also Mentioned Casablanca. The Elevated Support beams are custom made by Dave. An Oh No scene is shown as the Chessie System Freight Knocks all 4 of the SP coaches off the rails.

At the 25 Minute mark, An educational How To segment is featured: Installing and Modifying an Approach Limited Signal with Joe Stachler. An example of a real Approach limited signal is shown as Amtrak's wolverine or Blue water passes by. Wiring instructions are shown. The bayonet/Yellow Bulb was used for the Burning Signalbox.

At the 29 Minute mark, The third layout in part 2 is a crew member of Southern Pacific Daylight 4449: Jack Wheelihan. Jack is the fireman on 4449 while Doyle McCormick takes the controls. Tom McComas does the Narration for this Segment. Both his Dad & Grandpa worked for the railroads. Before getting a Driver's license in 1955, Jack operates a Lackawanna GP-7. Jack was orginally from New Jersey, went to College in Oklahoma, and worked with General Motors in La Grange Illinois. Jack started working for GM in June of 1962, and worked for over 35 years. Real photographs of the diesels that Jack delivered are used. In sunset, a European Steam locomotive pulls passengers over a bridge across the water. Next, a clip of New Mexico Lumber Company Shay Number 7 at the hesston steam museum is shown. Who Knows what would happen when TM could release either a Souvenir video on the museum or create a Railscenes version of the museum for real railfans to enjoy? Only time would tell. For Christmas 1942, Jack's first train set was a lionel. Over the years, He grew up with Lionel, Switched to HO, and became a fine scale modeler. In the Late 50's Jack Hangs out at the Pennsylvania railroad terminal in South Amboy, NJ. In the Spring of 1975, 4449 made its first transcontinental Journey to Chicago. Photos of Jack on 4449 in American Freedom Train colors are shown as well as its regular daylight colors. The K-Line model of 4449 in AFT paint is shown on the TM Studio Layout. MTH Employee Mike Hipp Called Jack on the information of 4449 to be made in Scale O Gauge Size. One was sent to Jack. In 2005, Jack added a second floor to their home. All the locomotives & Rolling Stock on Jack's Layout have since been modified with Kadee Scale Couplers. Atlas, Lionel & MTH are now making their scale rolling stock easily acceptable to Kadee Couplers. In addition to the MTH model of 4449, Jack also has a CB&Q 4-8-4 number 6315, another CB&Q Northern Number 5632 based on the real O5B which has since been scrapped, CB&Q 0-8-0 543, SP 4437 in Black paint pulling the Daylight coaches, a Rock Island GP7 Number 1265, a CB&Q NW2, A CB&Q GP-7 number 271, a Union Pacific Big Boy, And a Great Northern Challenger number 5149. The Walk around layout is U Shaped. The east side measures 9 by 16 feet. The west side of the layout is measured at 10 by 18 feet. Photos of Jack's layout during the Assembly is shown. Alongside the wall, look carefully for the photographed images of the locomotives that Jack operated in his life. For power, Jack uses the MTH DCS with a pair of Track interface units, and also uses the Lionel Legacy Control system. For track, he uses Atlas Nickel silver. On the Layout, there are manual operated switches. The roadbed on the layout is done by FLEXXBED. For ballast, he uses 50 pound bags of sand from home depot. Jack buys a variety from Random Manufacturers. Jack never uses any smoke fluid for all of his steamers. This is the Longest segment in this program.

At the 48 minute mark, there is one more layout to visit: Ronald Benner. Ronald is a huge lover of the Santa Fe Red & Silver warbonets: Both the Streamlined F-3, and the B40-8Ws on freight not to mention the Old School Blue and Yellow units. Ronald also mentioned TCA & Tom McComas. In addition to the AT&SF, Ronald also uses the Union Pacific. The majority on Ronald's layout is diesels but there are a couple of steam locomotives on storage tracks. He has 9 locomotives and 220 freight cars. The signals on the Layout are scaled down from the real things. For track and Power, he uses Gargraves track and a pair of MTH Z-4000 Transformers. There are Railroad logos on the walls, Stationary bridges, floodlight towers, the unloading milk platform, an industrial water tower, and Random buildings like a Dunkin Donuts Bakery for example. In the Yard, a Baldwin Black & White Diesel does some switching. There is also a Balloon Loop in the Yard area. Look Closely for a Military Tank on the Layout.

In the Closing Credits, It was revealed that Jeff McComas was one of the Camera operators in this program, as well as a technical Error, plus Bob Phillips for the Special Thanks section, as well as an encore of the Oh No Blooper.

Overall, this is a good sequel to enjoy again and again, and Just like part 1 from 2016, it's also available for free on Amazon Instant Prime on the Go Video steaming service.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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