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1522 Frisco Mountain of the Ozarks DVD
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1522 Frisco Mountain of the Ozarks DVD Goodheart Productions 1522-OZARKS-DVD
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Among the handful of restored steam locomotives operating in the USA, Frisco 4-8-2 "Mountain" type, No. 1522 has won the eyes and ears of rail enthusiasts. The 1522 is a typical 1920's locomotive that moved freight and passengers with brute force. Later steam locomotives may be larger and rely on fancy appliances, but it's doubtful that any of them shake the earth like the 1522 does! Here's gut-wrenching, full-bore action captured during no less than 12 different trips! This is the ultimate 1522 video tape! You'll see the 1988 Fon du Lac Winsconsin to Chicago freight break-in runs and first fan trips! Then it's lots of other action, including DOUBLEHEADING with Union Pacific 844, several trips out of St. Louis and even scenes from her runs in the deep south. In 1994 the 1522 headed off to Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama to run trips for the NRHS convention there. These trips included DOUBLHEADING with N&W 611! You'll also see a pure freight consist with no tool car in the train.
The finest compilation of footage of this loud Baldwin as it traveled far and wide over a variety of years. Includes extensive run to and from the Atlanta NRHS convention.

Running time 53 minutes

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1522 Frisco Mountain of the Ozarks DVD
Nikhil Murthy (Washington) on 2017-03-17 12:34:45.

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This program covers Frisco 1522 on a variety of trips from its restoration in 1988 to 1994. Highlights include:

St. Louis to Newburg, MO excursion for the 1990 NRHS Convention on June 16, 1990

One scene doubleheading with UP 844 on June 18, 1990 from St. Louis to Kirkwood, MO after the convention

August 1988 inaugural trips on the Wisconsin Central between Chicago and Fond du Lac with the highlight being the 2% grade of Byron Hill. More footage can be seen in "Steam on the Wisconsin Central" from Goodheart.

October 1990 St. Louis, MO to Moline, IL cut short due to a front axle problem.

Test run from St. Louis to Newburg on October 27, 1991 according to the DVD description.

A May 14, 1992 run from St. Louis to Springfield, MO.

June 27 and 28 1992 trips from St. Louis to Coffeen, IL.

June 5 and 6 1993 trips from St. Louis to Centralia and Sesser, IL as well as footage of a Galesburg to Yates City excursion as part of the Galesburg Railroad Days Festival.

June 18-21, 1994 excursion from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA for the 1994 NRHS Convention with stops in Springfield, MO; Memphis, TN; and Birmingham, AL. The 1522 doubleheads with N&W 611 from Birmingham to Atlanta.

June 27-29, 1994 freight trains from Chattanooga, TN to St. Louis, MO with stops in Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN.

August 31 and September 1, 1994 ferry move from St. Louis, MO to Topeka, KS for Topeka Railroad Days.

This program is informative as tidbits of the 1522 are given throughout the program from start to end. This program is a must for fans of the Frisco 1522.

Additional remarks by Nikhil Murthy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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1522 Frisco Mountain of the Ozarks DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-28 20:02:31.

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In this 1997 videotape/2007 DVD, the program starts with 1522 operating at the 1990 NRHS convention which besides Goodheart Productions, other countless producers like pentrex, Mark 1, Main line motion pictures & even Greg Scholl was also there for this recently turned 30 year old event. Before we get in on the action with 1522, a brief tour of Downtown St. louis is shown, which includes the arch, The Baseball stadium for the cardinals, & of course the 1894 built Union station which has since been transformed into a hotel & shopping mall. Meanwhile, we're at the Union station yard limits on Wednesday June 13, 1990 as 1522 is joined by 1218 & 844. 1218 came from Columbus Ohio on the Independence limited, while 844 was visiting from Cheyenne Wyoming. 819 is running late from its 2 day journey at Pine Bluff Arkansas. On Saturday June 16, 1522 is operating the NRHS Excursion to Newburg & Return on an over 100 degree weather. First we see the engine making a reflection shot, followed by a map of the route, as well as climbing iron hill while heading west. On the return trip, 1522 is battling upgrade through Rolla hill. Most of the coaches on 1522's train came with 844. Amazingly enough, there isn't a single diesel helper in the consist. Just not far from the Convention Headquarters, 1522 is highballing & whistling through Valley park. With the 1990 NRHS Convention Finished on Monday June 18, 1522 doubleheads with 844 to Kirkwood where 1522 would be dropped off at the National Museum of Transportation. This one-way special was sponsored by the Smoky Hill railway club, as 844 & 1522 performs a photo runby at Webster Grove. 261 engineer Steve Sandberg recorded the photo runby as 844 & 1522 whistle for the railfans.

Let's go back to August of 1988 during 1522's innagural debut in excursion service. Here we see the restored Mountain class 4-8-2 hauling one of the freight trains over Byron hill on the Wisconsin Central. Besides Dave Goodheart, Berkshire Productions (where some of its own angles were shown in the classic series of I Love Toy Trains by TM Books & Video), & even Greg Scholl were also there for the freight moves. The date is August 13, 1988 as 1522 operated its first revenue Passenger train since 1948. At Byron hill, 1522 climbs the 2.2% grade as black smoke billows from the funnel. This scene ends the 1988 flashback.

Returning to 1990, its already October as 1522 was supposed to go to the twin cities for an excursion, but it was cancelled due to tons of Mechanical issues on the front axels & was taken to Galesburg for an Emergency repair. Pentrex was also there as this trip was also shown in the Best of 1990. First we see 1522 highballing in the early morning out of St. Louis, then it crosses over the Mississippi River at Quincy Illinois. At sunset, there is a forecast of a thunderstorm as 1522 idles in the siding. During the history segment, a pacing sequence of 1522 is included, as well as a special photo runby for the Children at Colchester after a first repair of the bearing. Next, the engine whistles by the grain elevators & ends with a nice sunset scene as 1522 crosses over the rock river at Moline Illinois.

On a different day, 1522 is having a washdown, then the locomotive retraced its 6-16-1990 route to Newburg. The date is Sunday October 27, 1991. Here it passes by sister engine 1501 that its standing silent at Rolla. On the eastbound return trip, 1522 battles through Rolla hill once again, this time it's carrying a mixed freight with mostly gondolas behind the Burlington Northern Caboose. Darkness falls at Valley Park as 1522 whistles through the bend.

On May 14, 1992 1522 operates the BN Employee Special from St Louis, to Springfield. Here we see the Mountain class 4-8-2 in the early morning sunrise out of St. Louis, then it climbs iron hill as 1522 carries 3 coaches & 8 hoppers of ballast on the rear. Again, there are no diesel helpers on the way. The weather turned for the worst as 1522 climbs Dixon hill near Rolla. Away from the hill, 1522 comes to a stop as there is some water droppings on the lens, then it's off to Springfield.

A month later on the Weekend of June 27-28 1992, 1522 is operating an excursion to Coffeen Illinois that was sponsored by NS. Here a workman throws the switch to let 1522 cross over the Merchant's bridge while going over the Mississippi river. Already in Illinois, 1522 whistles for the crossing, while one of the coaches on this special is carrying the number 844 (Reference to the UP Northern which we saw earlier). 2 boys get a good look at 1522 whistling through the crossing while being viewed from the covered bridge.

A year later on June 5-6 1993, 1522 is operating an excursion on NS once again. This time its 2 trips to Centralia Illinois. Again, the engine leaves St. Louis behind as it heads for the Merchant's bridge over the Mississippi river. Already in Illinois once again, a shot was made from the pedestrian bridge where 1522 goes under us, then it whistles for the crossing. Back in St. Louis, its day 2 of the Centralia weekend as 1522 crosses over the Merchant's bridge once again, then we are back in Illinois as 1522 rolls through the flat farmlands, followed by a shot from the bridge.

Almost a week later on June 12, 1993, 1522 is at the Hotspot of Galesburg Illinois for the railroad days weekend while operating a short excursion to Yates City & return.

A year later in June of 1994, The city of Atlanta Georgia would be marked as not only the Headquarters for that Year's NRHS convention, but also the final NRHS journey on the original NS Steam program as 611 would be gone for the second time on December 7, 1994 (the 53rd anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor). Pentrex, Mainline motion pictures, Valhalla Video, & even Herron Rail were also there for this Over 25 year old event. The nearly week long journey to the convention begins on June 18 1994 as 1522 makes a meet with the City's Light rail system, then it climbs over iron hill. Afterwards, the locomotive smokes up a storm near Sullivan Missouri. Again, there are no diesel helpers on this incredible consist. Day 2 of 1522's journey to the 1994 NRHS convention would be facing east from Springfield to Memphis. Already in Arkansas, 1522 crosses over the Missouri Pacific diamond at Jonesboro. Day 3 finds 1522 from Memphis Tennessee to Birmingham Alabama, as the coverage begins in Quinton AL, then it does some street running in the Suburbs of Birmingham as a dog barks offscreen while 1522 takes some slow orders. At last 1522 arrives at Birmingham yard. Here it'll join 611 for a doubleheader after some service on the mountain class 4-8-2. The 4th & final day of 1522's journey to the convention headquarters, finds 1522 in the lead of the doubleheader with a soon to be retired in 6 months J class northern on the N&W. Away from Birmingham, 1522, & 611 are crossing the Cooks Springs bridge while 1522 does most of the whistle show along the way, as well as on the triple track line in Anniston.

On June 27, 1994 the convention is officially in the books as 1522 is operating on a freight from Chattanooga to Birmingham with a bay window caboose on the rear as it'll pick up its own crew cars for its really long journey back to St. Louis. At Whitney AL, 1522 climbs through multiple tiny hills along the way.

The next day June 28 1994 finds 1522 at Dora AL, after picking up its crew cars for it's next layover stop in Memphis. There are still more & more countless freight cars on the rear. Afterwards, 1522 whistles through an S curve, then it creates a smoke show in the late afternoon.

On June 29, 1994, 1522 has already left Memphis, & instead of going west to Springfield, the crew has decided that in order to save time & money, a northbound shortcut was made by going through the neighboring towns of Sikeston & Cape Girardeau. Here we see 1522 highballing on its Northbound shortcut to St. Louis. Along the way, there is a wheelslip while making another smoke show.

To close out this over 50 minute program, 1522 is operating from St. Louis to Springfield & later Topeka Kansas for the August 31, & September 1, 1994 railroad days weekend. Here we see the locomotive at Sullivan cut, then we are at the crossing where 1522 would have to participant in the BN's final company calendar photo shoot before merging with the Santa Fe the following year. Already in Kansas, 1522 roars through Lasine, as well as towing a Santa Fe Dash 9-40CW number 627in the iconic red & silver warbonet livery. At sunset while the credits roll, 1522 whistles by the grain elevators in a lovely going away shot while heading for Topeka.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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