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1225 Winter Steam DVD
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1225 Winter Steam DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-193 604435019394
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Owosso Michigan is the home of Pere Marquette 2-8-4 number 1225. In February 2008 we see 1225 doing a little switching in preparation for the weekend of photo freight action. There is snow on the ground as we enjoy 2 days of action with a freight that appears like the 1950's. Along the way we see a variety of different types of locations and start-ups. This is big steam railroading in the winter-time, a rare treat indeed.

The February 2019 charter featured a matched set of passenger cars for 1225, but there was no snow. Still it was cold and the passenger consist gives us different looks than the freight train that was 11 years earlier. There were several runbys that featured motor vehicles near crossings or grain elevators. There is even a nice night scene with 1225 passing the elevator at Carland, Michigan. The engine and trains look good and sound good making this a great show with rare winter action. Live audio. 77 Minutes plus bonus and previews.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-193
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Runtime:1 Hour, 17 Mins ($0.35/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435019394
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1225 Winter Steam DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-11-28 19:00:42.

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1225 winter steam follows former Pere Marquette Berkshire no.1225 out of Owosso Michigan on two different charter trains operated by the Steam Railroading Institute the first segment looks at the 1225 on a 2 day photo fright train in February 2008 which would operate on the former anne arber and new york central mainlines the 1225 puts on a show of power with snow on the ground making it a wonderful backdrop for the train the second part of the video jumps to 11 years latter with the 1225 on a photo passenger train which also would take place in february 2019 unlike the 2008 charter there was no snow for the 2019 charter but never the less the beautiful Berkshire provided lots of great moments there's also bonus footage from both the charters to finish the program this is quite a treat watching this beautiful locomotive working in the winter time with lots snow and steam making a wonderful scene for winter time this is an exciting video that is sure to be enjoy seeing the 1225 provide lots of great action and a lovely scene for the winter season

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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1225 Winter Steam DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-25 07:36:19.

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First the program starts with 1225 passing by the Carland grain elevator in January of �19, then comes a freight train in February of 2008. After the opening titles, Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) talks about 1225 while the polar express locomotive itself, makes some switching moves on Friday February 15, 2008. Ronald Burkhard recorded the entire event. First 1225 picks up a little red Ann Arbor caboose at milepost 107 in owosso, then it backs onto the special freight, uncouples the caboose, and continues to do more switching. For this event, 1225 is wearing 2 different whistles. At owosso station, 1225 is moving 2 coaches in reverse. Note the 2 vintage pick up trucks which will be used for the whole weekend. The early night photo session comes first as 1225 arrives at the depot then backs up again for the second shot. Listen carefully for the bell, and note the town�s elevated water tower in the background. Like the actual polar express storybook and 2004 Warner Bros. Film, 1225 is always the main star of the show. Darkness falls, as 1225 idles at the depot, then it moves slowly forward. Saturday morning February 16, 1225 is going backwards for the first photo runby of the day at Henderson Michigan, which is south of Oakley and north of owosso on the New York central line. The sun is barley rising as the polar express locomotive makes a first early morning runby of the day, then it backs up again for the second one. It�s cloudy at first, but later in the day, the sun will be 100% shining through the clear blue sky. A third runby is happening at the same location. Afterwards, 1225 is whistling at Epton road. Before the back up move, 1225 uses a deep toned N&W J class whistle, which was at one time was used on 611 along with its sister engines back in the 50s. Next 1225 uses her own whistle for the second runby. The camera was repositioned for a third runby at epton road as 1225 rolls through the trees, followed by the fourth runby at the same location. Moments later, 1225 whistles at King road, then comes the second runby at the same location. After that, the polar express locomotive makes a third runby. The camera was repositioned yet again for the 4th runby. Listen to that incredible whistle. Next 1225 makes a 5th runby at the same location. Some of the freight cars were once used by the wabash, C&O, Ann Arbor, Pere Marquette, and some other fallen flags. Moments later 1225 is back at Henderson, as it clangs it�s own bell and whistles for the crossing. Afterwards, 1225 passes by a grain elevator, then the camera is repositioned for another runby at the same location. Moving onto the Ann Arbor line in the afternoon, 1225 is rolling through west Riley road, with a small bridge known as baker creek bridge appearing in the foreground as the real polar express whistles closer and closer. Followed by a second one, and a third one at the same location. Next, 1225 makes a slow going away shot at the crossing, then it comes to a stop. Next, the real polar express locomotive whistles at Baldwin road. Note the sign for real estate. Afterwards, 1225 makes a second runby, then comes the third at the same location as it uses the N&W Steamboat whistle. Moments later, 1225 is back at king road, as it whistles through the trees, then makes a bend at milepost 113. Which is a reference to the sole surviving Jersey central 0-6-0 in minersville Pennsylvania. The camera repositions to the other side of the crossing as 1225 makes a back up move. Then comes the second runby. Followed by a third one. The camera was repositioned at king road, this time 1225 is on the New York central line, as it makes a back up move. Then the engine chugs through the snow. The sun is beginning to set as 1225 rolls down the line for a second runby after the camera was repositioned. The camera was back on the engineer�s side of the tracks as 1225 makes a third runby. Followed by a back up move, and 3 more runbys concluding the Saturday special. This was the longest segment in this program.

The following Sunday February 17, 1225 is whistling through the Michigan bean company grain elevator, with a different freight, and dreary weather. Next the engine makes a second runby as it uses the N&W whistle. Note the raindrops on the lens throughout the day. At Oakley, 1225 is whistling for the crossing as the weather is getting worse. The camera was repositioned for the second runby. This concludes the February 2008 freight specials.

Fast forward to present times on January 12, 2019, 1225 is pulling 6 coaches on a Pete Lerro productions special that were in the Similar colors of the Chesapeake & Ohio. Mike Armstrong Of TSG multimedia was also there as well. The first location is at Gratiot road on milepost 122.4 in the Ann Arbor line. Another look at the map is shown, as the New York central line was closed due to a derailment. All runbys were made from owosso to carland. The first runbys is the day is at west Riley road. While there is no sign of a snowflake on the ground, the weather was still cooperating. Next the camera was repositioned for the third runby. On the fourth runby, 1225 is whistling through the trees, then it crosses over the little bridge. Afterwards, a vintage truck and a yellow railroad crossing sign is shown at king road in milepost 113. First 1225 is negotiating a bend. Then the camera repositions for a second runby. On the third runby, the camera is on the opposite side of the crossing as 1225 whistles through. Note the mailbox with the word independent painted on. On the fourth runby, the cameraman is filming the locomotive from the deep cut. The fifth runby features the car facing in the opposite direction. Note the pine needle tree branches on the top of the screen. After a lunch break at owosso, 1225 makes more runbys at smith road. Moments later, the real polar express locomotive is at west Riley road. In the afternoon and until sunset, 1225 makes a ton of runbys at the Carland grain elevator. A still image of a night photo session is included at Carland.
1225 chugs very loud as rolls through smith road the following Sunday January 13 in the early morning. At South Woodbridge road, more runbys with the pick up truck is included. In the closing credits, 1225 rolls by the Carland grain elevator on the Saturday special.

The bonus segment features more scenes of 1225 during the 2 events.

Overall, Christopher Kovacs (trainmaster844) did an incredible job narrating this program. And it�s also a great addition to Railfans and normal people who love the polar express movie, the actual storybook, and of course the real polar express locomotive: 1225. Plus it�s also a nice companion to 1225 freight special in April of 2007 along with steam in Huntington from August of 1991.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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