As some of you may know, we've been trying to move our server to a new company. We decided to make the change Monday, but quickly got into a whole slew of problems. The framework that runs several aspects of our website has long been obsolete. So we're basically having to go through the entire website functionaility line by line to update to newer standards.

Some features are not yet working and we wanted to let you know which ones they are. Please know that we are working around the clock to restore all functions of the website.

  1. Our user/loyalty points system is down. You will not be able to log in, or use your points. In the meantime, if you place an order, please leave your USERID or EMAIL associated with your account in the COMMENT field at checkout, and when we get the system up and running, we will make sure you're credited for your purchase. This is our #1 issue to restore.
  2. The ability to Add a Review is not functioning.
  3. The ability to be notified on an out of stock item is not yet working.

That should be it. If you experience any issues not listed above, please contact us by clicking the green "CONTACT US" tab on the right side of the screen.

Thank you very much for your time and patience. It's been a grueling week, and we have more to do, so expect some items above to start working the week of the 24th of May 2021. Please do check back here to see if any other issues have been reported and/or resolved.