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Review of Canada Off Season DVD

Nearly 9O% of "Canadian" passengers travel May through October. Train length may reach 30 cars or more, with several diners and a waiting line to occupy one of the coveted dome seats. Come January, and a lot has changed. Sometimes only one seating tor dinner. A very relaxed crew. Often, more dome seats than passengers. Gliding along a vast white carpet, muted wheels on rail enhance the ethereal beauty outside as a full moon edges above snow caked whlte birch and firs in endless procession. Meanwhile, there is drama on board: A long-time dining car steward is making his last run, and there is live folk music in the Park car observation lounge. We also see a bit of CP Rail winter freight action in the Selkirks, and even visit the MacDonaId Tunnel Control House. All part of the joy of experiencing CANADA OFF SEASON!

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