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Review of New England Short Lines DVD

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The vibrancy of these short lines give us a picture of life in New England in the mid-1930s, after the Great Depression. These scrappy lines, some only 7 or 8 miles long, were often built to serve a specific commodity such as milk, ice, limestone, iron ore or granite, and their survival was dependent on both Yankee ingenuity and the market for these items. In the 1930s these railroads operated independently, beyond the control of the major rail systems, and did business much as they had done when they were first built in the mid-1800s. In order on the DVD:

The Belfast and Moosehead Lake

The Knox

The Lake Champlain & Moriah

The Claremont

The Montpelier & Wells River

The Barre

The Saint Johnsbury & Lake Champlain

The Suncook Valley

Photographed by Albert Hale and L. Peter Cornwall. Sound by Preston S. Johnson and Sunday River. Black and White, 38 min.