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Review of Under the Heat Pennsylvania GG1s by Sunday River

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Opens with a brief history of Pennsy Electric engines showing the DD-1, the P-5 (boxcab) and P-5A (streamlined) and explains the circumstances that lead to the development of the GG-1. A wide variety of freight and passenger are shown, almost all on the high speed, four track raceway between Washington and New York: The Congressional, The Senator, The George Washington, The Crescent, The Silver Meteor and many others. Crossing The Great Susquehanna and the Delaware River bridges, the Port Road to Harrisburg, entering and leaving both Washington, D.C. and Penn Stations in New York. Sunnyside Yard where the famous "name" trains were stored and assembled, Wilmington Shops where the GG-1s departed. Even has the famous Tuscan Red GG-1 #4877 in action. Closes with third rail action along the Harlem River on the New York Central and dwells on the New Haven FL-9s arriving and leaving 125th Street station. All color except footage of the P-5s.