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Review of Conrails Kaleidoscope Years Vol 2 DVD Upstate New York Lehigh Valley Horseshoe Curve

Conrail's Kaleidoscope Years is a series covering the first few years of operations featuring a wide variety of motive power color schemes inherited from the former Anthracite Roads, as well as leased foreign power. The random colorful lash-ups made for an interesting and exciting time on the former northeast railroads

The second volume in this series covers railroads in the upstate region of New York on the ex-Lehigh Valley, Penn Central and Erie Lackawanna lines, including D&H trains, operations in and around the Lehigh Valley and on the former Penn Central middle division in western PA, from April of 1976 to October 1976.

Footage in this volume comes from photographers Paul Cooledge, Doug Parmele and Jonathan Reck.

Narrated with commentary by Mike Bednar

Color and sound; approximately 61 minutes runtime