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Summer Steam Spectacular Vol 1 - Fabulous 4-8-4s DVD
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Summer Steam Spectacular Vol 1 - Fabulous 4-8-4s DVD Mark I Video M1SSS1
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In June and July, 1997, four famous 4-8-4s blasted down main lines from coast to coast to create the Steam Show of the Decade!

Union Pacific 844 - Full coverage of Denver - Salt Lake City run for NRHS Convention includes Royal Gorge and Tennessee Pass. Five camera crews.

Milwaukee Road 261 - Roundtrip ferry run from Minneapolis to Galesburg, Illinois for Railroad Days Festival. Includes super high-speed pacing sequences.

Southern Pacific 4449 - Roundtrip from Portland to Stampede Pass and return. Multi-camera coverage includes BNSF Columbia River line and rugged Yakima Canyon.

Chesapeake & Ohio 614 - Spectacular helicopter views of Hoboken, NJ - Port Jervis, NY round trips! Features great cab ride and ChoochCam minicam sequences

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DVD Item#:M1SSS1
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Producer:Mark I Video
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Summer Steam Spectacular Vol 1 - Fabulous 4-8-4s DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-08 19:54:43.

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In volume 1, the program starts with clips on what's coming up in this feature. The first northern of this program is 4449 on June 14, as it departs Portland Oregon union station under cloudy skies as it heads for the re-opening of the stampede pass line. While the red and orange 4-8-4 leaves Portland, a pair of diesels: a Burlington northern cascade green unit and an Amtrak genesis unit are parked on the right side of the screen. Meanwhile a map of the route is shown which initially enough this map appeared in the January 1991 issue of railfan magazine. This trip is sponsored by the northwest railway museum. At Hayden island, 4449 crosses over the swing bridge on Spokane Portland & Seattle tracks. Not only was Mark 1 video there for the 4449 excursion, but so too have machines of iron. Afterwards, some riding footage is shown from the rear coaches. Back on the ground, the 1941 lima Ohio built 4-8-4 approaches hood, which includes some pacing in and out of multiple tunnels. Then its back on the train for a short while as 4449 crosses the klickitat river at Lyle. Moments later, the daylight is seen from the overlook near horsethief lake. At maryhill, One of the snow covered mountains are seen in the background as 4449 rolls alongside the gorge itself & The river. Afterwards, the engine negotiates a bend at Roosevelt while engineer Doyle McCormick activates the rarely used air horn, then the next scene shows 4449 using its own whistle. After Turning West on the northern pacific line in Pasco & Kennewick, 4449 performs a photo runby near Gibbon. Listen for the whistle on the going away shot at Kennewick. With everyone out of the train, After a quick pacing sequence, 4449 performs a runby as McCormick tugs down on the whistle cord. After the photo runby is finished, 4449 rolls under the highway bridges through union gap as it approaches Yakima. With perfect timing, the daylight arrives at its destination in the late afternoon. On Sunday June 15, the crew was invited for a cab ride as McCormick takes the throttle of the red and orange northern as it heads for Yakima canyon. Multiple miniature cameras were mounted all over the daylight. Back on the ground, 4449 negotiates an S curve, and another S curve while going under a different camera crew. This trip marks the second or third time that 4449 operates an excursion through the Yakima canyon in Washington state. More quickies from the rear of the train is shown before the daylight performs a reflection shot from the ground and later goes through a horseshoe curve while another scene from the cab is shown before there is some pacing for a short while. West of Ellensburg, a photo runby is performed. Due to the steep climb over stampede pass, a pair of the brand new BNSF Dash 9-44CW units: 1043 & 1051 were placed as helpers. During the runby, 4449 whistles for the passengers who wanted to get a good angle of the locomotive in action as it negotiates another S curve. With everyone back onboard, 4449 whistles at a bend, then we are back onboard as the special passes by a pair of Burlington northern diesels 2705 & 2090 on a ballast train with 2900 on the rear, then it rolls by the water and crossing over a bridge. Back on the ground, 4449 whistles through the double track horseshoe curve as new concrete ties are installed West of palmer junction. These new ties can last much longer than the old fashioned wooden ties. With the 2 BNSF wide cab units removed at Tacoma, 4449 has been turned south as it glides along pugent sound, then it whistles for the crossing at the same spot. Making good progress, the daylight highballs on the double track mainline at Kalama, then we bid farewell to 4449 as it passes by a freight while arriving at Vancouver for a passenger drop off. Portland is less than 10 miles away.

From Oregon, we head east to Colorado as 844 operates a 3 day excursion from Denver to salt lake city, on the soon to be removed Tennessee pass line before the tracks between Canon city & Parkdale have since been turned into a tourist railroad. Besides the Mark 1 video crew, pentrex & Valhalla video were also there for the final run of this mainline steam special on the Tennessee pass line. The date is Saturday July 21, 1997 as 844 leaves Denver to begin day 1 of the One way journey to salt lake city for its headquarters of the 1997 NRHS convention. Behind the never retired northern are E units 949, 951, & B unit 963. Our first scene shows the special passing by some empty hoppers. Then a map of the entire route is shown. Back on the ground, 844 is approaching castle rock at milepost 708 with some mountains in the background, then it rolls slowly through toma due to the fact that it's following a coal train. Some riding footage is shown as more cars are curious to see a moving piece of history alongside interstate 25, While 844 approaches Palmer lake. At the lake some birds are flying away.As they get distracted by the loud noise of the smoking beast. West of pueblo, engineer Steve Lee tugs down on the whistle cord. Then we are back onboard as the never retired northern rolls alongside the Arkansas river as it heads for the royal gorge & Tennessee pass. Back on the ground, 844 whistles through Florence. On Sunday, July 22, 844 heads for grand junction while rolling through the gorge & also the pass. All the passengers who booked this trip, wanted to get a last chance of riding through the royal gorge & Tennessee pass before the lines were out of service. The royal gorge line was originally narrow gauge built in 1880. The suspension bridge above the gorge was opened in 1929 during the start of the great depression. To get a much close up look at the train in the gorge, a cable tram system was made to transfer passengers from the suspension bridge to the Arkansas river at the hanging bridge. On river level, 844 is still taking slow orders on the line which is now the Canon city & royal gorge tourist railroad. Then we are back onboard as the special negotiates through bends at Parkdale. Back on the ground, 844 approaches echo Colorado, then it highballs West of the previous scene. Back onboard, there are more bends to negotiate. Then it's at ground level once again as 844 rolls alongside the Arkansas river at coaldale. Moments later, the never retired northern is climbing uphill as it approaches swissville. Back onboard, 844 & The E units arrive at Salida Colorado as tons of people wanted to see a steam locomotive for the final time on Tennessee pass line. Some cows are grazing in the field as 844 passes by some rafters at Brown's canyon. Near Princeton, a bridge support from the lost Carland & Midland railroad still stands as 844 passes by. Some pacing is included at granite. In no time at all, 844 & The diesels arrive at Tennessee pass before the tracks went out of service a month later. Nowadays, the only way to get from Denver to salt lake city is on the Moffatt tunnel line. The Arkansas river is transformed into a narrow creek as some snow covered mountains are in the background while 844 approaches for the tunnel at the continental divide, then it descends the grade at eagle river as the locomotive negotiates a bend & whistling at Mitchell. From the automobile, 844 goes under a bridge at pando, then it negotiates a bend at red cliff as a car receives attention from a steam locomotive. Back onboard, the special squeezed through the rocks at belden. Moments later, 844 arrives in minturn for service As it passes by a pair of southern Pacific diesels, then it's back on the mainline as it approaches for the Moffatt tunnel line at dotsero junction where the locomotive passes by the wye. From here to Glenwood canyon, 844 rolls alongside the Colorado river. The sun is setting as 844 highballs between the signals at New castle. On Monday July 23, 844 is at the Utah desert in Thompson after spending the night in grand junction Colorado. The convention headquarters: salt lake city is the final destination of the 3 day journey. Moments later, 844 is at castle gate. Near solider summit, the special makes a meet with the eastbound Utah railway freight that has 5 units up front. Then the locomotives are West of the previous scene as it heads for the twin tunnels in the going away shot. Afterwards, 844 is Highballing near Spanish fork, as we say goodbye to the never retired northern as continues to the NRHS convention headquarters in salt lake city.

From the western states of colorado, utah, oregon, & Washington, we moved to the Midwest as 261 is making up its train to Galesburg Illinois from Minneapolis on July 23, which is The same day 844 heads for salt lake city. With the consist assembled, 261 goes under the street bridges followed by a look at the map of the route. On Tuesday July 24, 261 heads 132 miles to lacrosse Wisconsin. The action begins in diamond bluff as 261 is wearing a new whistle. Moments later, the engine rolls through maiden rock. Listen to the scanner offscreen. Afterwards, it crosses over a bridge at milepost 369.75. A service stop was made in perin alongside the Chippewa river, then it's back on the line again as 261 crosses over a bridge with some birds flying, followed by some pacing between alma & fountain city alongside us state highway 35. With pacing finished,.261 highballs through trempealeau, then it arrives at la Crosse. While arriving at the yard before a heavy lightning storm approaches, a Burlington northern local is seen in the right. On Wednesday July 25, 261 has already left la Crosse as the coverage begins at styer. Afterwards, there is some more pacing alongside the Mississippi river as 261 highballs at 60 miles per hour. With pacing finished, the engine highballs through a location alongside the road, then we are back to pacing once again as 261 makes a meet with a 3 unit freight that has a pair of Burlington northern SD40-2S up front with a BNSF dash 9-44CW. With maintenance finished, 261 passes by the wye at cassville, followed by an arrival in east Dubuque. Afterwards, there is more pacing going on as 261 picks up speed While leaving the yard shortly thereafter. Listen carefully for the radio communications. Taking a break from pacing, 261 whistles through Savanna at Randolph street, then it crosses home rails on the double track diamond as it makes a meet with another freight. This time with Burlington northern 5577 up front as well as a blue diesel that came from Mexico. With service finished, 261 is on the Barstow branch as it whistles for the crossing. Moments later, the locomotive whistles for another crossing at Rio. After getting clearance onto the mainline at milepost 162, 261 arrives at the railroad hot spot of Galesburg Illinois. For the weekend of July 28 & 29, 261 is on display near the depot as it stands beside CB&Q hudson 3006 which is standing silent on display since the 60s. Not only was 261 visiting for the weekend, but also the CB&Q Nebraska Zephyr that came from the Illinois railway museum at union under its own power. Galesburg is a busy hot spot as multiple freight trains roll through town beginning with a 2 unit gondola train that had Santa Fe 3850 up front with Burlington northern 2367 in the middle. The blue & yellow unit makes communications with the active steamer. Meanwhile, SD70M number 9771 arrives with the employee appreciation special. A mention of Frisco 1522 was heard but unfortunately the 1926 Baldwin built mountain type 4-8-2 is out of service due to some mechanical issues with the bearings. Back to 261 however, a freight passes by the steam engine with Rio Grande 5379, union Pacific SD40-2 3501, & southern Pacific 7485 carrying mixed loads. Meanwhile, F9 number 1 is on the rear of a special Metra commuter train with number 300 on the opposite end. 261 is still on display as Amtrak's southwest chief arrives that are led by A pair of genesis units. Next, 9771, 261 & 3006 are standing by together. On Sunday July 29, the Nebraska Zephyr moves under its own power as it is being prepared for a group photo with 261 & The Hudson. Listen to that early diesel horn as well as the radio communications. With the weekend long festival finished, 261 backs into the yard as Burlington northern SD70MS 9684 & 9437 arrive. Then the Zephyr moves into the siding. On Monday July 30, 261 heads for home in the twin cities. The alco built steamer whistles off as it bids farewell to the railroad hot spot. Meanwhile at alpha, a trio of BNSF Dash 9-44CWs slow for a stop on a southbound freight as it meets the 261. Listen to the scanner offscreen as 261 passes by the freight. Afterwards, 261 whistles through the grain elevators at Erie, then it curves for the Savanna line at denrock. North of Fulton, 261 is going under the state route 84 overpass, then it whistles for Savanna as it crossed the diamond. Afterwards, there is some more pacing going on. Taking a break from pacing, 261 whistles through the crossing at East Dubuque. Moments later, it whistles for the crossing at county road K in Genoa, then it highballs at Stoddard along the Mississippi before entering lacrosse Wisconsin. Once at lacrosse, 261 will take slow orders while entering the yard, & would also spend the night before arriving back in the twin cities. On Tuesday August 1, 261 highballs for home beginning with more pacing near good view. At alma, 261 makes a meet with a southbound Burlington northern freight. This 3 unit hopper train has 2 from BN on each end with an electro motive division unit in the middle. Back to the pacing sequence, 261 whistles alongside the Mississippi river. Taking a break from pacing, 261 whistles by some chasers, as well as crossing over The St. Croix river on a lift bridge. The mark 1 exclusive with 261 heading to the 1997 Galesburg railroad days weekend is finished as the locomotive makes a meet with a freight that has a northern pacific roundhouse offscreen, followed by some slow orders at.Minneapolis junction. This trip covered 750 miles in both directions.

From the Midwest, we traveled all the way east to new jersey as 614 is being prepared in the dark on a week earlier before 4449 heads for stampede pass. The 1948 lima Ohio built greenbrier would handle 2 weekends of trips from Hoboken to port jervis. A map of the area is shown. This trip was sponsored by the United railroad historical society & iron horse enterprises. As the clock strikes 9:15, the 614 is getting ready to leave the new York city area. Throughout the chase, there is some helicopter scenes from the sky. 614 enters the east end of Bergen tunnel. Miniature cameras are installed as 614 leaves the tunnel & crosses The twin bridges side by side. A cab ride behind engineer Ross Rowland is also included, then we are back in the sky as 614 passes by a coal plant while switching tracks at Bergen junction near milepost 3.4. At milepost 3.77, 614 goes under the tracks of Amtrak's northeast corridor between Boston Massachusetts & Washington DC, then it whistles for county road. From the top of the boiler, 614 is at Harmon cove near milepost 5 as the helicopter is seen in the northeast corner of the screen. Back on the ground, the engine is crossing the HX bascule bridge over the Hackensack river near milepost 5.48. At milepost 5.88, 614 is under the NJ turnpike. Later it began to pick up some speed While approaching state route 3 at milepost 7.18.Afterwards, it whistles for a meet with the commuter train at Rutherford while crossing central ave. Back in the cab, Ross tugs down on the whistle cord as some radio communications are heard. From the helicopter, 614 goes over the bridge at Garfield near milepost 10.91. 20 minutes left into the program, the camera cuts to the cab While Ross continues to tug down on the whistle cord, then we are back in the sky as 614 crosses the Susquehanna overpass at milepost 13.9 in saddlebrook as well as going under interstate 80 & over the garden state parkway, before it goes over the route 4 bridge at fair lawn in milepost 15.39. At gravity level, 614 highballs for morlot ave in radburn. More miniature camera footage is shown as 614 whistles for Glen rock station at milepost 18. Back in the sky, 614 makes a stop in Ridgewood at milepost 20.9. Then we are back on the ground as The engine descends the grade while leaving town. Almost 15 minutes left, we are at hohokus as 614 whistles for Hollywood ave. Moments later, the engine whistles for Waldwick junction at milepost 24. Then we are back in the cab once again as Ross takes control while the camera cuts to the helicopter angles as 614 rolls through Ramsey at milepost 26.7. North of suffern at milepost 31, the special is on single track with a number of passing sidings. First comes the station at milepost 37.5 in tuxedo, followed by an S curve at tuxedo rocks with a wheel slip, and then it continues to port jervis with more scenes from the sky, & also from the cab.

With the trip finished, there is a quiz before the closing credits.

Overall, the late railfan magazine editor Jim Boyd does an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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