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Toy Train Christmas Memories DVD [DISCONTINUED]
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Toy Train Christmas Memories DVD [DISCONTINUED] TM Books and Video CHMEMDVD 780484634235
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By the early fifties, toy trains were as much a part of Christmas as Santa Claus and the Christmas tree. Kids fell asleep reading the Lionel catalog and dreaming about what engine, freight car, or new accessory they would get for Christmas. Memories of those happy times have lasted. And that's what this video is about - toy train Christmas memories.
It's also about Christmas layouts that capture the marvelous time when we were young, and it was Christmastime - snow falling, sparkling street lamps, red ribbons, gaily wrapped presents, and colorful holiday lights.

All aboard for a joyous Christmas ride to a magical land filled with toy trains, tiny lights, one-horse open sleighs, and a wonder of Christmas. Featured are three dazzling Christmas layouts, Dept. 56 Villages, Lionel, LGB, and MTH trains, and the original music of Jim Coffey.

A Lionel Christmas (50 minutes) Remember when you wanted a Lionel train for Christmas more than anything? Its seemed Christmas would never come. Finally, it did. You ran to the living room, heart pounding. There was the Christmas tree covered with sparkling lights and shimmering tinsel, and under the tree, gliding around an oval of three-rail track, was a Lionel train puffing smoke. Oh, the excitement!

Memories like that are what this video is about.

Popular toy train video producer Tom McComas had crated a poignant mix of heartwarming stories, great toy train action and beautiful Christmas music that will make your heart soar, train buff or not.

An irresistible video that recalls those magical morning's years ago when life seemed simple and kids played with Lionel trains. This is a video to be savored and enjoyed by the entire family, year after year. (50 minutes.)

Toy Trains & Christmas Holiday Music
Award-winning singer/songwriter Jim Coffey is featured in this musical tribute to Christmas. Jim sings while the trains run.

Total running time: 3 hours, 20 min.

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Toy Train Christmas Memories DVD [DISCONTINUED]
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2014-06-24 18:20:51.

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another good Christmas video from tm trains and Christmas just go together the best part was the layout at the start of the show great music by James Coffey my favorite song is my little choo choo train with the piano part

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Toy Train Christmas Memories DVD [DISCONTINUED]
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-15 19:51:12.

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In A Lionel Christmas Which was TMBV's very first Christmas special from 1995, there are recaps of the operators and collectors who remember their Lionel Christmas stories. Which includes Mike brillson, Phil Ambrose (who is well known for his own Lionel Christmas song, I love Christmas from 1996, and also on TM?s I love cat machines parts 1 & 2), Mark Gordon, Stanley Silva, Jack lane, Bob Gehrke, Fred severson, dick loreck, bud heckler, Nick mazzocchi, Richard Mack, Bruce Marcus, Dan chrusciel, John potter, and the producer?s wife charyl with a less than 5 year old Jeff. Plus there is a fine collection of Silent Home Movies. It's A great look at a historic trip back in time to discover why Lionel trains play a huge role in the holiday season.

In the Toy Trains & Christmas Holiday Music Segment of this 3 in 1 combo from 1999 or 2000, there are lots of songs by James Coffey, as well as Bill Kearn Singing a couple of songs like Snowy Village for example, and Concludes with Phil Ambrose Singing A Lionel Christmas.

In the main 2002 title of this program, It starts with Stew McDonnell Talking about how Lionel Trains & Christmas comes together, which includes a Marx North pole express, and a 3 piece subway set. Then Jim Coffey Sings a Toy Train Christmas Memory with Plenty of trains that Lionel & MTH made over the years. Which includes, the red comet, The pioneer Zephyr, The Postwar Celebration series version of the texas special, a Santa Fe F-3, the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha in hudson form, the Prewar Blue Comet, and a New York Central Mohawk. One of the Main Layouts shown in this Video is Dennis Piotrowski of Chicago with his wife Joyce. They have A 4 car Subway set, a Santa Fe F-3, A Hudson number 3158 hauling freight, and many department 56 Buildings. The layout itself is Shaped like the Letter U which is measured at 40 by 50 feet. There are 2 levels with 11 independent loops. Besides Lionel, Joyce & Dennis have G Scale LGB trains from Europe. There are 4 for lionel & MTH, and 7 for LGB. Other trains on the big layout includes, the New York Central Empire State Express, Switzerland Electrics known as the Glacier express, German Steam locomotives, a pair of trollies, and a Limited Edition MTH I Love Toy Trains Set. Accessories include: the Original McDonald's, A Hot Air Balloon, Animated Christmas Sets, The hell gate bridge, a water tower, searchlight towers, A Bachmann Plasticville Coal tower and Plenty of Trees. Dennis Collected trains for over 40 years. Both Dennis & Joyce also has the Wilson Brothers Circus train, that was led by a 2-6-0. He also mentioned the Toy Trains & Christmas Part 3 Videotape. Look carefully for Gumby and his horse Pokey. Some vintage photos of Dennis' Childhood years are shown. On the Carnival, there is a monorail from Disney's epcot center, and a roller coaster. Plus McDonnell takes us on a tour of the entire layout. Some noteworthy figurines on the layout includes, Jimmy Dean, the Blues Brothers, W.C. fields, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, The main Mascots of Walt Disney himself: Mickey Mouse & Minnie, Dumbo the Elephant, Al Capone's Cadillac, and a car that looks like a boat. There is also a carnival with a circus, a Summer beach, and some Trouble at a burning location. The yard area is located at the back of the circus. The roundhouse is for G gauge Locomotives only. The back of the Roundhouse is at 5.5 feet, with 5 stalls. There is also some riding footage on the layout. On days when they aren't playing with the trains, Dennis 7 Joyce also played some golf, as well as one still image with Bozo the Clown. Speaking of Celebrities, A figure of Bob Hope is On the Layout. Plus Elvis Sings a song. Dennis also collects Limited Edition Automobiles by Danbury Mint & Franklin Mint. The second Layout is Bill Shaske of Warsaw Indiana. Bill Moved to Warshaw in 1977 After Growing up in Milwaukee. For Trains, Bill has a Milwaukee Road Baldwin Built Diesel Hauling Freight, The Milwaukee Road Hiawatha in Hudson form, A Standard Gauge 392E with Tinplate freight cars, a Baltimore & Ohio 0-4-0 Dockside Switcher, A Pennsylvania T1 Duplex, a trolley, a Pennsy 2-6-4 by either right of way industries, K-Line or weaver hauling freight, The prewar Blue comet, an NYC mohawk, And plenty of Accessories & Department 56 Buildings. Such as the rotary beacon, the Hell gate bridge, the gateman, a burning switch tower, a floodlight tower, a water tower, the oil drum loader, the 497 coal loader, The milk platform with the troublesome milk car, the Ice depot, and several crossings & Signal lights. The Layout is 19 feet long. The main part in the middle is 6 feet wide. For power, Bill Uses an MTH Z-4000 transformer a Lionel ZW transformer, and a Small one that powers the lights giving the layout 700 watts of voltage. Years ago Bill used to care about Plasticville buildings before getting addicted to getting department 56 buildings. Bill's Cat Buddy is very curious about the layout. Look carefully for a huge mirror located on the top level of Bill's Layout. Afterwards Jim sings My little Choo Choo Train which was later used on the Short lived Toy Train Revue Revival part 4, and on the Lots & lots of Christmas Songs for kids album By Marshall Publishing. Once Jim finishes singing the song, Deck the halls is played in Western American country/Bluegrass mode. The Third and final layout in this program is Tom Voltsggio of Glen Ellyn Illinois. His first train set from 1955 was a marx union pacific 1666 with a slopeback tender & freight cars. Tom's Present layout is located on the Ground. For track he uses Lionel's Old school Tubular Black Tie Track, and a Large Scale track for only Thomas the Tank Engine with Annie & Clarabel Around the Tree. For power, he uses a ZW transformer, and TMCC. Accessories includes the Hell Gate Bridge, a water tower, a rotary signal tower, an animated billboard, the rotary beacon, the 464 sawmill, searchlight towers, the 264 forklift loader, the ice depot, the 455 oil derrick, the 356 freight station, the 164 log loader, A radar tower, random Crossing gates, signal lights, & some Department 56 buildings. For regular Lionel Trains, Tom has a Norfolk & Western J class northern Hauling Freight, The Texas Special in TMCC & postwar celebration series mode, The Union Pacific F-3 passenger set, a Prized possessed 773 Hudson with Irvington and Madison cars, the Santa Fe F-3 and the Pennsylvania GG1. He also talks about the Coal and Log loaders. Not to Mention the Cow loading car, and the troublesome milk car. Tom is also the father of 4 Daughters. In the Closing Credits, Jim Sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Overall, this is an incredible 3 in 1 combo to enjoy for many hours filled with songs, the true spirits of Christmas, and of course Toy Trains no matter if its Lionel, Marx, American flyer, MTH, or several others.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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