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Americas Railroads The Steam Train Legacy 6-DVD Box Set

Americas Railroads The Steam Train Legacy 6-DVD Box Set Misc Producers 628053 011301628053
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If you like trains, you'll love this diverse and fascinating collection of railroading films.

These fun and fact-filled documentaries span the history and development of the railroad industry, from the building of the first trans-continental line to the height of steam engine operations during World War II and the eventual triumph of diesel of over steam.

Relive the thrill of riding the rails across the ever-changing American landscape and experience the challenges, the romance and the day-to-day operations of America's greatest railroads. Take a nostalgic look back at a classic way of life as we introduce you to the people and machines that built the great American Railroad.

Disc 1

Flight Of The Century
Travel from Chicago to New York aboard the most famous train in the United States - "The Twentieth Century Limited" - and marvel at the hard work and skill that made the Twentieth Century one of the most luxurious and efficient ways to travel in the 1930's.

The Steam Locomotive
The era of steam is long past, but the steam engine still inspires affection and fascination in all of us. This film takes a close look at the technology that transformed America into an industrial giant.

The Golden Spike
One of the most amazing accomplishments of the industrial age is brought to life in this fascinating film about the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads' race to build the first transcontinental railway across an untamed frontier.

The Last Of The Giants
A locomotive called "Big Boy" was the longest, heaviest steam engine of its type ever built. This is the story behind the growth of Big Boy, a growth spurred on by the increasing demands of industrial society.

Operation Fast Freight
Learn the nuts and bolts of high-speed freight transportation, as America's raw materials and consumer goods are packed, loaded and shipped aboard the Norfolk and Western Railroad.

Bonus Feature:
Railroading in the East 1897 - 1906:
Thomas Edison's Early Steam Train Motion Pictures

Disc 2

Snow on the Run
How do they keep the tracks clear at the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the dead of winter? You will find out in this Southern Pacific Railroad tribute to the workers who move millions of tons of snow every year.

Power Behind the Nation
The Norfolk and Western's army of powerful steam engines haul the vital resource of coal from the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky to the great ports and factories of America's cities.

Lifeline of a Nation
Railroads form the backbone of America's transportation system during World War II, keeping troops, supplies and essential raw materials moving with record efficiency.

The Big Train
The New York Central Railroad, founded in 1853, makes the transition from major passenger line to he highly competitive world of freight, while remaining one of the premier transportation systems of the 19th and 20th centuries.

225,000 Mile Proving Ground
The limits of railroad technology are tested and advanced aboard rolling laboratories, as the industry's research departments conduct mile after mile of rigorous cross-country tests.

Bonus Feature:
Steam Train Wrecks of the 1920's

Disc 3

Railroads and Western Expansion
In this delightful color film, enjoy period artwork and photographs, along with footage of actual trains at work, as they reveal the story of the early years of American Railroads.

Clear Signal
Experience a day in the life of the Southern Pacific Railroad - this film takes you behind the scenes of one of America's transportation giants.

The Nickel Plate Story
Travel across the Midwest aboard the Nickel Plate Road's fleet of powerful steam engines as they haul millions of tons of freight across the heartland of America.

The Milwaukee Road
Here is your chance to get an insider's look into the daily operations of The Milwaukee Road, one of the last of the great transportation giants to reach the Northwest, offering services between Chicago, St. Paul and Seattle.

End Of An Era
Take a nostalgic look back at the last steam locomotives used in the Pacific Northwest. See these majestic iron horses haul their final loads of timber along the scenic Grays Harbor Line.

Bonus Feature:
The B & O's 8,000 Mile Birthday Party.

Disc 4

The Big Trains Rolling
This classic American Association of Railroads film captures the adventure and excitement of train travel across the United States in the 1950's, highlighted by a trip aboard the Santa Fe's Super Chief. Filled with runbys of such great railroads as Western Maryland, Great Northern, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Baltimore & Ohio, Denver & Rio Grande Western, along with many more, Big Trains Rolling captures the AMerican railroad industry at its zenith.

The Railroad Story
The Railroad Story is the story of Illinois, and especially Chicago, the railroad capital of the nation. Featuring runbys of many first generation diesel locomotives pulling both freight and passenger cars, the advocacy message is very straightforward; whatever hurts the railroad hurts communities as well.

Mainline USA
Following in the footsteps of industry standards, Big Trains Rolling and On The Track, Mainline USA is a glimpse into the American rail system in the post World War II boom. With a strong emphasis on the latest in technology, Mainline USA makes the point that the health of the modern railroad is a symbol of America's vitality.

A Great Railroad At Work
Sponsored by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, A Great Railroad at WOrk presents a behind the scenes look at a fleet-footed freight and passenger system that combined class with clockwork service. With a good mix of diesel and steam, the operation and maintenance of both passenger and freight lines comes into sharp focus as an army of sturdy railroaders work day and night to make the railroad operate.

Fast Freight
In this AAR sponsored film, we follow the classification and makeup of a 125 car diesel freight, headed up by a 6,000 horsepower set of Baltimore & Ohio ABBA covered wagons. At a speed of 60 mph, we are told that this is the fastest freight on wheels.

Bonus Extras:
Steam Locomotives In Action:
Sherman Hill On The Union Pacific
Norfolk & Western

Disc 5

This Is My Railroad
This classic film is the story of the Southern Pacific's freight and passenger services, with a strong emphasis on the men who keep the trains rolling smoothly. There are a lot of great action shots of both steam and diesel locomotives in this gem, but the real emphasis is on SP steam.

White Pass & Yukon
Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush, this narrow gauge railroad out of Skagway is an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Filmed along one of North America's most scenic railroads, this film features panoramas of mountains, glaciers, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels and trestles as the Baldwin Locomotive climbs almost 3000 feet in just 20 miles.

Narrow Gauge Train To Silverton
The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is probably the most famous of the Rocky Mountain preserved steam railroads, and runs between the two towns after which it is named, in the highly scenic San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The Silverton journeys through some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery ever traversed by rail.

Troop Train
During World War II, railroads played a major role in moving supplies to the fighting front. From India and Burma to Alaska and Europe, trains kept the men and material flowing in the fight against the Axis. Filmed in 1942, Troop Train documents the logistical effort involved in moving an armored division across the United States. Action shots abound as vehicles and troops are loaded aboard and the train pulls out toward its secret destination.

Clear Track Ahead
This classic documentary covers the development of the vast Pennsylvania railroad system, often considered the standard for railway development throughout the world. From the days of steam to the modern diesel locomotive including both passenger and freight traffic, Clear Track Ahead is a special treat for all Pennsy fans.

Bonus Extras:
Iron Horse Centennial
Steam Locomotives In Action:
The Delaware & Hudson

Disc 6

Daylight Colors
The SP 4449 is one of the most recognizable steam locomotives in North America. In Daylight Colors, we follow the 4449, resplendent in its original paint scheme, as it steams down over two days from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, California.

Coast Daylight In The Days Of Steam
In 1937, Southern Pacific inaugurated the Coast Daylight, with daily passenger service between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Produced in the late thirties, this film captures the style and elegance of what was then called "the most beautiful train in the world," the Coast Daylight.

The California Zephyr
One of the last great passenger trains spawned in this country was the California Zephyr, with daily First Class passenger service between Chicago and San Francisco. The sleek, stainless steel train, known affectionately as the Silver Lady, boasted five Vistadome cars, which offered spectacular views of the passing scenery. Inaugurated in 1949, the California Zephyr made its final trip in 1970.

Return Of The General
This film follows the return to operation of one of America, the General, celebrated for its role in what became known as "The Great Locomotive Chase" during the American Civil War.

The Freight Train
Specifically intended for a younger audience, The Freight Train follows the make up of a diesel freight using a 56 track hump yard. Once our train is made up, we head out on the main line to Chicago, at speeds up to 60 mph.

Science Rides The High Iron
In this AAR film, veteran news anchor, Chet Huntley, describes what was then cutting edge railroad technology. Science Rides the High Iron includes looks at prototype, central tracking controls systems, switching, containerization, the impact of computers and much more. This entertaining look back also includes an intriguing glimpse into what the future may hold, including air levitated trains and nuclear powered locomotives.

Railroad Man
The risks and rigors of being a railroad man are at the heart of this 28-minute film. A period piece, it laments the decline in passenger services, but looks to the future to the future with hope. With gritty documentary footage primarily from the Santa Fe and the Canadian National, the scenes of crew members aboard a Santa Fe caboose attending to the needs of a friction bearing hot box are not often repeated today.

Bonus Extras:
Steam Locomotives In Action:
East Broad Top
On The Pennsylvania

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